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After Incarceration, a Changed Man Finds Freedom in His Off Grid Tiny House

Hi I’m artisan Josh and this is Little
Red 66 massive square feet and 100% off-grid self-sustaining and eco
friendly fun. The tiny home movement as a whole
embraced me. I actually was not involved in the movement. When I first started I
went with what I knew. I built myself what I knew. When I was 9 I went to
juvenile for the very first time. I was supposed to be in a 30-day program. It’s
just supposed to be there 30 days, didn’t happen that way. I wound up being there
for 18 months. Nobody came to pick me up. I spent the rest of my juvenile life in
and out of group homes, foster care, institutions, and it was rough. I got
stuck on a cycle. I spent a lot of time doing the wrong thing in order to gain.
Once you get behind bars it’s very hard to not stay there. When you take an
individual and you put them into an environment with the downtrodden of
society, it doesn’t make them better. It doesn’t rehabilitate them and it
surely doesn’t correct that. It teaches you how to be worse. You have to actually
want to be better. The hand was formed and it was might and it was around my
neck since I was 9 years old. I got off probation in October of last year. It’s
my first time not being supervised since I was 9. I didn’t have to report to
anybody. I didn’t have a master. It was always the material gain. The material
goal. I need this to be successful. I need this car and need this couch, but
you really don’t. When I realized that you really don’t, it made a difference in
my life. I completely disavowed myself from the routines, the structure, and I said,
“I’m not going to follow your rules anymore, I’m done.” I took nothing at all
and I turned it into something and when I turned it into something
it was like an explosion. It gives me a sense of, not only sense of freedom, which
is always good for a man in my position but it gives me a sense of wonder every
morning. This is Little Red. She is a 100% eco-friendly and self-sustaining
structure. She was originally built on a 1962 Apache pop-up camper frame, stripped
her all the way down to the frame refurbished and reinforced the frame and
built her brand new from the ground up. All the exterior framing and electronics,
all the systems inside are brand new. All the interiors, all hand-finished,
refinished wood. With the unit this size I don’t have to worry about DLA, HOA or
Do2 restrictions. I’m only 11 11 long five and a half wide. It is designated a
utility trailer. I have 12 ply tires, that’s 6,000 pounds
worth of tire, on a five thousand pound frame. The entire unit weighs less than
three thousand pounds. I went for overkill because number one: I didn’t
want anything to come apart while I was on the road but number two: I wanted to
be as low maintenance as possible. I have a personal investment into this at
$9,100. On the outside I have LED lighting as well as a three camera
security system. The DHOL was a sponsor project for me. The door actually
took me two and a half weeks to do. She’s completely steel-reinforced. She has a
steel plate backing. She’s electronic and magnetic so you’re better off sawing
through the wall than really trying to go through the door. My handle gave me a
little bit of pleasure because I actually poured this when I was 9. I was
a young man and an entrepreneur sculptor. It’s been around with me for a long time
so I use it as a feature point on the house. I also have a high gain HDTV
antenna for the television inside but it’s attached to the side of the house.
It turns the entire house into an antenna. I can get anywhere between 70 to
150 channels. On the back I have the shower system and a sound system which just popped up works great. I’ve only had to fill it up
one time in the last six and a half months so it’s very efficient. On this
side she’s Plain Jane I guess the biggest
feature would be the, the window which I personally hand etched. That took me actually
three tries to get that right. The solar system is quite unique. I did it all
myself. It’s actually 520 watts of solar up top charging a 420 amp battery bank. Now that we’re inside I want to show you
a little bit about the features that are inside. First of all is the
monitor for the three camera security system, fridge-rota freezer combo, gotta
have a fridge or freezer so thermoelectric two point one cubic foot
down. In front of the refrigerator is the wet chill and the wet shelf is one
of the most important things. I found in a tiny house,
moving in and out of tiny house a lot, one of your biggest problems is dirt, the
second is water, so a wet shelf is always a great thing to have. Anything I don’t
know where it goes it goes into net. Come back from the grocery store you got all
those bags, stuff them up top. Got dirty laundry, don’t feel like doing the
laundry today, you know stuff the clothes up top.
No worries, great thing to have. Dual pane windows – I do have solar on them so keep them highly efficient. I actually got all my windows reclaimed
except for obviously the h1 shortwave radio. This is my game changer. There are
a lot of ham operators out there. I have found more primitive spots with the
shortwave radio than I have on any app and if you get in trouble and get stuck
out in the middle of nowhere it’s a great thing to have to let people know,
“hey, I’m stuck.” The other must-have in my tiny house is
obviously velcro all that stuff that you’d normally lose or that normally
jiggles around or normally gets lost inside of your couch cushions I can
stick em on my wall. Up top ceramic heater. In about five minutes
this heater has this 66 square foot so hot you’ll sweat out of it. It’s all R34
all the way around in the insulation so it stays comfy. I’ve had it in New York
in the winter and I’ve had it in Arizona in the summer. A lot of storage that I don’t
use. I actually think I have too much stuff. I keep all my dry goods in a
cabinet here and I keep all my cleaning / extra stuff in here. My closet is a simple being. It’s very easily rolled up. My white tux
which of course everybody always has a fitted white tux, right? Yeah, compost toilet. It is a phenomenal invention. If you’re in a tiny house no smell no waste
no worries about throwing anything out or getting rid of anything. You don’t
have to go to Aubrey Park to dump it. If you’re going tiny, go compost. So now we
get to the fun part. Now we get to the entertainment volume. The sink is actually
an instant hot water on demand. I’ve drawn the 40 gallon tank up front and
I have yet to run out of water. My house I have a GE water filtration system on
this sink too so that you get your hot water, your cold water, and then you can
get your clean water. By far the best idea I have ever had putting a washer
and dryer in here. Do you know how much money it costs to wash and dry a load of
clothes on the road? It’s ridiculous. At least seven bucks! My kitchen
storage underneath there. I have a three burner coleman propane stove and the
NuWave induction cooktop. It’s enough to cook Christmas dinner on which is kind
of the tell, isn’t it? You know if you can cook Christmas dinner you’re good. Up
top my spice rack / a jar rack. I can once a year and I usually eat for
about five or six months after. Underneath here that’s the bed storage
area and it’s my battery bank and all my electronics. This is everything that
controls everything in the house. Underneath here is a goody. Underneath
here is my fire safe. I also have an electronic safe in the back and, last but
not least, my ceiling of ceilings. I’ve wanted somewhere to be able to put all
of my memories from my time on the road. This is my personality in a nutshell
that makes me smile every time I look at it which to me is the most important
thing. I build these. I’m a fully tooled contractor. I travel to the customer. I
build on your site. While I’m there building I stay there, gives you the
added advantage of actually having your builder on-site for the entire time to
build. The Little Red as she stands is fifteen thousand five hundred dollars
completely off grid outfitted to your taste. The interior I can do
however you desire but the structure, the electronics, and the systems are
tried-and-true. Let my presence bring compassion and understanding whenever I
see you at traffic. If my silence speaks allow it to express a thousand words if
need be and when they are heard let them say and mean something to you. I am
curious of who you are enough to get on a highway and I don’t normally travel
but maybe that highway that person you maybe can lead me to the happiness that
I just can’t seem to find. Whenever this touches your hands may it send out my
sincerest thoughts of you and your well-being. How are you? I hope that you
were being you and they are being them. Our words are so powerful and more so
those who can put them in action so let my words if they may speak be the
substance to warm your embrace to my actions. I’m not a self salesman. I can’t
sell myself. I’m not desperate. I am a potential man.
Beware the action of a potential man for it leads to honesty. I’m not looking for
a come-up. I am looking for happiness. Your energy sends strength and
intelligence both of which I find myself attracted to. I would not put myself out
there for anything that I thought was weak. Now my life has a direction. For I
refuse to walk aimlessly around without a direction or destination. My destiny is
not solitude, yet my life is not peace. My present condition does not display Who I
Am. My actions and how I face my condition does, nor does my condition
measure my value. What I have to offer and receive constitutes real value. The
most important thing you need to know about me is that no matter what, I will
never quit, beg, give up, or lie down so don’t let my situation shield me from
you. In our subconscious mind we visualize that one person who is there
no matter what, but then our conscious mind erases them as if they don’t exist.
I do exist. Subconsciously and consciously too. The
question is do I exist for you? I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. If you
did be sure to LIKE, comment & subscribe. Follow me on Instagram @artisan_josh, appreciate it. Peace out, guys! Have a great week!



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Mouse Vision

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Bleeding heart douchebags. This man is a criminal he's probably lying about most of what he says

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Dude, please tell me you are writing your thoughts and words onto paper and a book. Beautiful words.


Aug 8, 2019, 3:31 pm Reply

They tryna mask his real voice?

King Théoden

Aug 8, 2019, 3:53 pm Reply

"I wasnt a crook on the outside. I had to get to prison to become one." – Andy Dufresne

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Truck much less that little shack


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soo many negative comments , trsut me , once you get detained , your life is a gonner, the system can put anything in you ,and no this story is not that positive….The highest two minoritys in the US..are black and Hispanics…and he mentioned something real it's cycle to keep you there…

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Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

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Great story of the indomitable human spirit.
Be good, do good, live good, it is all about good people.

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Brawny Just

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Esther Cutts

Aug 8, 2019, 1:58 pm Reply

Hi Josh – Thank you so much for sharing your story. You're an inspiration! You've made yourself a new and different life, with determination, courage, persistence and patience, after so many difficulties which is truly admirable. I wish you happiness, peace, Joy, and serenity as your continue your journey through life. Well done, and never give up.You're truly a self made man.You're burnishing your soul, and shining a bright and beautiful light into the world. With respect, and many blessings to you from Australia Josh.


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I had an uncle talk like that. He wasn't all there and years later passed away. I often wondered if he must have been abused when he was an infant by being shaken. He exhibited the same voice tone and nobody else in the family had it. This was in 1983 Poland. My mother was told that when he was a small boy he fell on his head. Ps. I come from a rough background.

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