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Affordable Housing in Fort Worth

Fort Worth home values are rising. Apartment rental prices remain steady. For some of our neighbors in Fort Worth, that
makes it hard to find a decent, affordable place to live. Who needs affordable housing? Teachers, firefighters, college graduates
working their first job… Seniors, persons with disabilities, skilled
workers supporting a family. These Fort Worth residents need affordable
housing, so they have enough left over for food, clothing, transportation and other necessities. So what is affordable housing? The United States government considers housing
affordable, if it costs no more than 30 percent of your income. In other words, someone making minimum wage
would be able to pay about $377 a month for an affordable, one-bedroom apartment. But in Fort Worth, the fair market rate for
a one-bedroom apartment is $850 a month and rising. To help bridge the gap, the City of Fort Worth
Neighborhood Services Department manages a variety of federal grant-based programs that
help residents afford good housing. There are a number of programs: 202, 811,
Housing Choice, HOME, RAD, LMSA, LIHTC. Some of them help the elderly… or those
with disabilities. Others provide rent subsidies or vouchers
to tenants. There are grants for homeowner emergency repairs,
renewal projects, loan guarantees and financial education. Some programs give tax credits to builders…
for new construction or renovation of older units. What does affordable housing look like? All of these programs help beautify and strengthen
Fort Worth neighborhoods. And yes, this is what affordable housing looks
like today… Quality construction, clean and attractive…
with an emphasis on energy efficient appliances and windows…and ideally, close to major
highways, bus stops and retail centers…. Many homes and complexes you drive past every
day offer a number of units to neighbors who qualify for affordable housing. But there’s still a shortage. That’s why the City of Fort Worth is working
to provide more, safe affordable housing in a broad range of neighborhoods… homes that
don’t separate low-income residents from others, but welcome them into the neighborhood
and expand opportunities to be close to good jobs, good schools and become more self-sufficient. For more information about affordable housing
programs in Fort Worth, visit fortworthtexas.gov/neighborhoods

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Charles Tumlinson

Sep 9, 2018, 5:34 pm Reply

As a person with Disabilitys. I have applied and tried to do as asked and that I qualify. But never am I shown a place. I have needed affordable housing for 10 years. As it is now I got a nice apartment great rent. Several new owners My rent has doubled. Forger clothing. Dr copay, transportation, Now rents are only to be paid on line. ??? Now I have to buy a computer that is good. My life is in a downward spiral and I always get. Sorry out of money or waiting list of 3 years then sorry My application goes to the bottom women with children come first.OK. But I am in need as well. Most months it is depending On The Wonderful Meals On Wheels Program that have kept me from starvation. Please Help.

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