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ACOMODEO – the world of serviced apartments (English, extended version)

Meet Sarah! She will soon be working abroad
on a project for a company. Working abroad sounds great but living in a hotel for
several weeks can be tedious. Hotel rooms are often way too small
and do not offer much space or comfort. And what if she wants to cook something other than water? So Sarah has the idea to look for a private apartment but finding the right one turns out to be a hassle. Payments options are limited and there is no cleaning available. Isn’t there a better solution that is also compliant with the travel policy of her company? Introducing: ACOMODEO the world of serviced apartments A serviced apartment is the perfect mix between a hotel and a rented flat. It offers more comfort than a regular hotel and it is often up to 60% cheaper depending on the length of stay. Plus longer stays are no problem. On our platform Sarah finds pre-checked professional apartments. And regular cleaning of the apartment is included in the price. Professional invoicing and payment options are also guaranteed. Thanks to ACOMODEO Sarah can
book her serviced apartment as easiliy as a hotel room. No matter the duration of her stay! There are more than 100,000 serviced apartments worldwide and we bring them all together on one single platform. The core is our unique software ecosystem. It benefits everyone! Professional operators can offer their apartments and business travellers can find and compare the right apartment for their trip. For companies and travel managers we provide an enterprise tool to handle their travel and booking requirements. That way every business traveller
can find the perfect apartment. ACOMODEO
the world of serviced apartments

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