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A Song of Ice and Fire: House Targaryen (Complete)

Ruling over the continent of Westeros for
nearly 300 years, House Targaryen were the heirs of legacy dating back thousands of years
to the Age of Valyria, when mighty Dragonlords conquered nearly all of Essos, west of the
bone mountains. As a result of this ancestry and the tradition
of marrying within their own family, the children of House Targaryen often shared a number of
physical traits such as pale skin, silver-gold hair, purple eyes and a resistance to heat,
though they were not immune to fire. Some even possessed the ability to bond with
dragons or could see glimpses of the future though prophetic visions. Though the Valyrian Dragonlords and their
descendants conquered much of the known world, legends say they began as simple sheepherders
in the Valyrian peninsula, who discovered Dragons living near the chain of Volcanoes
they called the 14 flames. Over time they bonded with the creatures,
and became skilled in the magical arts, founding the Valyrian Freehold, to be ruled the 40
wealthiest and most influential families. Considered a minor house among these Aristocratic
elite, the Targaryens gained a reputation for cowardice in 126 BC, when they suddenly
sold all their property and moved their people, slaves and dragons west. However the truth was that Daenys the Dreamer,
the daughter of their patriarch, had a vision foreseeing a great tragedy that would destroy
the Valyrian Penninsula. Trusting her prophecy, Aenar Targaryen moved
his entire household to the far western island of Dragonstone and as a result were the only
ruling family to survive the Doom of Valyria which struck 12 years later in 114BC. Although the exact origin of the tragic event
is not known, it is believed the 14 flames erupted, destroying their cities and the Penninsula. Following the Doom, Essos descended into a
period of chaos and war known as the Century of Blood, with the now independent cities
of the former freehold struggling against each other for supremacy, while Dothraki horselords
ravaged central essos. Meanwhile on Dragonstone the Targaryens and
their 5 dragons survived, as did their allies in House Velaryon of Driftmark and House Celtigar
of Claw Isle, both of Valyrian ancestry, working together to become a major power in the narrow
sea, controlling trade with the threat of dragonfire. But they did not attempt to conquer the lands
of Old Valyria, instead focusing on prospering as Lords of Dragonstone. After the death of Aenar Targaryen, he was
succeeded by his son Gaemon the Glorious who, in keeping with the Valyrian tradition of
incest, married his sister Daenys the Dreamer. Gaemon was succeeded by his son Aegon who
married his sister Elaena and produced two sons. The elder brother Maegon inherited the Lordship
and ruled for a time, before it passed to his younger brother Aerys and then his 3 sons,
Aelyx, Baelon and Daemion. Daemion was then succeeded by his son Aerion,
who married Valaena Velaryon and had three children, naming them Visenya, Aegon and Rhaenys. Aerion was then succeeded by Aegon, who married
both of his sisters. Though the Targaryens brought 5 dragons from
Valyria, 4 died in the ensuing years and so Aegon took the last of them, known as Belarion
the Black Dread as his own, while his sister-wives took Vhagar and Meraxes, 2 more recently hatched
creatures born on Dragonstone. After a century of isolating themselves from
the chaos in Essos, Aegon Targaryen at last decided to intervene, joining an alliance
to stop Volantene expansion, and doing his part by burning an enemy fleet sent against
the city of Lys. With the Volantene wars over, and the Free
Cities left in relative peace, the ambitious Aegon Targaryen turned his attention west,
and began preparing for the invasion of Westeros. Despite his people’s history in Essos, it
was the western continent which called to Aegon, causing him to order to construction
of an elaborately carved table with a detailed map of Westeros more than 50 feet long and
25 feet wide. Yet while Aegon considered the entire continent
one territory for him to rule, Westeros at the time was separated into seven distinct
realms, known as the Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of Mountain and Vale, the Kingdom
of the Isles and the Rivers, the Kingdom of the Rock, the Kingdom of the Reach, and Dorne. Joined by his sister-wives Rhaenys and Visenya,
their dragons Belarion, Meraxes and Vhagar, and less than 1600 soldiers from Houses Velaryon,
Celtigar and Massey, the Targaryens began their invasion of Westeros in 2 BC, landing
at the mouth of Blackwater Rush where they built the Aegonfort. As they started expanding their territory,
Rhaenys and Visenya placed a Valyrian steel circlet inlaid with rubies upon Aegon’s
head, crowning him King of Westeros. Their first major conquest came when they
defeated the Kingdom of Isles and Rivers, killing king Harren the Black and the last
of House Hoare in the Burning of Harrenhall. The riverlands were then given to House Tully,
a noble family of ancient blood who sided with the Targaryens. Next fell the Kingdom of the Storm, when King
Argilac Durrandon was slain in a battlefield duel with Orys Baratheon, the best friend
and rumoured bastard brother of Aegon Targaryen. Made the new Lord of the Stormlands, Orys
embraced the Durrandon legacy by marrying the deceased king’s daughter Argella and
adopting their sigil as well as their words to form House Baratheon. The Targaryens then conquered both the Kingdoms
of the Rock and Reach, by defeating an army of 55000 in the Field of Fire. After the battle, King Loren of House Lannister
surrendered and was made Lord of the Westerlands while King Mern Gardener IX and his sons were
killed in the fighting, leaving Aegon to name Harlen Tyrell as Lord of the reach, the Steward
of Highgarden who surrendered the castle peacefully. Though the northmen were ready to fight for
their independence, raising an army of 30,000, King Torrhen Stark knew they could not win
and so decided to save his people by bending the knee and surrendering his crown. Though Aegon named Torrhen Stark as Lord of
Winterfell and Warden of the North, he was forever remembered as the King who knelt. Rather than send an army to fight for the
Kingdom of Mountain and Vale, Visenya flew her dragon Vhagar directly into the courtyard
of the eerie. By the time Lady Shara Arryn arrived, she
found her beloved son Ronnel sitting upon Visenya’s lap, eagerly wanting to fly on
the dragon. Understanding the implicit threat, the Vale
surrendered to the Targaryens, and after being flown around the mountain 3 times, Ronnel
Arryn was named Lord of the Vale and warden of the East. Though they conquering nearly the entire continent,
the Targaryens were unable to defeat Dorne, with the elderly Princess Meria Martell warning
Rhaenys, that “You may burn us, my lady, but you will not
bend us, break us, or make us bow. This is Dorne. You are not wanted here. Return at your peril.” Despite this setback Aegon was formally crowned
king of Westeros by the High Septon in 1 AC, afterwhich he went to the Iron Islands and
had them name their own Lord, choosing Vickon of House Greyjoy, an ancient noble family
who once ruled as kings. With six of the seven kingdoms of Westeros
under Targaryen rule, the city of King’s Landing was established around the Aegonfort,
where they built the Iron Throne, a monstrous chair forged from the melted swords of defeated
enemies. Yet it was not enough for Aegon who wanted
to complete his conquest, launching the First Dornish War in 4AC. Yet rather than defending their lands by meeting
the invaders in battle, the Dornish employed a more longterm strategy, withdrawing from
nearly every engagement, abandoning towns and castles whenever an enemy army approached. As a result the Targaryen quickly captured
Sunspear and many other holdings, leading them to declare victory and start withdrawing
troops. Yet once the main army was gone, the Dornish
immediately began their counter offensive, with Meria Martell re-emerging to take power
in Sunspear. Having quickly lost control of dorne, King
Aegon mounted his dragon Belarion the Black Dread, and flew south, burning a great number
of castles in retaliation. Yet rather than instilling fear, it only escalated
the conflict further. During a campaign to burn Starfall, skyreach
and Hellholt, Queen Rhaenys and Meraxes were brought down by scorpion fire, leaving Aegon
so enraged he went on another rampage, burning nearly every Dornish stronghold he could find. With the war dragging out several attempts
were made on the life of King Aegon, leading Queen Visenya to form the Kingsguard in 10
AC, modelling their vows after those of the night’s watch, preventing them from holding
lands, titles or being wed. The war continued on for 3 more years until
the death of the elderly Princess Meria Martell, when her son Prince Nymor sent a mysterious
letter to Aegon in King’s Landing. Although its contents remain unknown, Aegon
burned the message after reading it, and the next morning withdrew his troops from Dorne. Despite the hostilities between their people,
this peace lasted for the rest of Aegon’s reign, and the king even remained on good
terms with Prince Nymor’s daughter Deria Martell, visiting sunspear in 23AC alongside
his eldest son Aenys, for what was called a feast of friendship. After the death of Aegon the Conqueror in
37 AC, the Iron Throne inherited by his eldest son Aenys, son of Rhaenys, a good hearted
man seen as weak by many, lacking both the cunning of his father and ferocity of his
younger brother Maegor, son of Visenya. While young, Aenys was weak and sickly, causing
some to suggest he was not a true born son of Aegon, as Rhaenys was known to surround
herself with handsome young men she may have taken to bed. Yet those rumours largely ended when his dragon
Quicksilver hatched, and as creature grew, so did the boy. Yet even so, Aenys was never a great warrior
and so gifted his father’s valyrian steel sword Blackfyre to his brother Maegor, who
also took Baelrion the black Dread as his own. Unfortunately, the reign of Aenys Targaryen
proved short and disastrous, beginning with 4 rebellions that emerged within the first
year of his rule. In the riverlands, Red Harren, the supposed
grandson of Harren the Black captured Harrenhal and killed its Lord, while in the Vale, Jonos
Arryn rebelled against and eventually killed his brother Ronnel, taking power in the Eyrie. Trouble also came to the Iron Islands, where
a man gained a following by claiming he was the Priest-king Lodos who walked into the
sea during the reign of Aegon I and now returned from his meeting with the Drowned God, and
in Dorne, a rebel called the Vulture King raised 30,000 warriors to attack the Targaryen
Kingdom in retaliation for the destruction caused in the First Dornish War. Though the noble Lords of Dorne like Princess
Deria Martell claimed they were trying to stop the rebellion, many believed they were
doing nothing or else might even be supporting them. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, Aenys was utterly
perplexed at what was happening and sent letters to the rebels trying to discuss their grievances. But his uncertainty, indecision and fear of
violence only alienated him further from the nobility, who were then forced to deal with
these rebellions on their own, with the crown playing a supporting role rather than leading
the effort. In the Vale, Maegor worked with House Royce
to take back the Eyrie, while in the Iron Islands House Greyjoy slaughtered Lodos and
his people, leading the King to unwisely promise their Lord any boon he desired. Goren Greyjoy then asked that the faith of
the Seven be expelled from the Iron Islands, to which the king was forced to agree. In Dorne, the Marcher Lord united to defeat
the Vulture King and in the Riverlands, Harren the Red killed the Hand of the King Alyn Stokeworth,
only to die moments facing the Lord’s squire Bernarr Brune. With the rebellions defeated, Aenys Targaryen
named his brother as Hand, and together ruled well for 2 years, until yet another crisis
arose, this time within their own family as Maegor and his wife seemed unable to have
children. Though Aenys and his wife Alyssa Velaryon
had 3 sons and 3 daughters, Maegor remained childless and so took a second wife, creating
outrage amongst the nobility, faith and royal court. Refusing to give up his new bride, Maegor
was exiled from Westeros in 40AC, going to live as an honored guest in Pentos. The following year, an even greater outrage
swept across the continent, when the King married his eldest son Aegon to his eldest
daughter Rhaenys, as was the custom amongst the families of Old Valyria. Yet while the High Septon and Faith of the
Seven tolerated Aegon the conqueror and his sister-wives, they now demanded that House
Targaryen abandon this practice. Though normally indecisive, Aenys outright
refused and the marriage went on as planned. In response, the High Septon named him, King
Abomination, and led a rebellion against the crown known as the Faith Militant Uprising. Facing another rebellion, the King once again
was unable to act forcefully or make a decision, and after a failed assassination attempt,
Aenys retreated to Dragonstone, where his aunt Visenya advised him to respond with fire
and blood, but still he refused. In 42 AC, after only 5 years of rule, Aenys
grew ill and died at the age of 35, with some suggesting he was poisoned by Visenya, who
afterwards flew to Pentos and brought back her son Maegor, crowning him the new King
of Westeros and challenging anyone to come dispute the claim. Though the crown should have passed to Aegon,
the eldest son of Aenys, he and his sister-wife were besieged by rebel forces, and so the
only immediate challenge to Maegor’s authority came from the Faith Militants in King’s
Landing, as Ser Damon Morrigen Grand Captain of the Warrior’s Sons challenged him to
a Trial of Seven. Since Maegor had no warriors with him, he
fought alongside 6 volunteers in a viscious battle that left everyone dead, save the King
who was so badly injured he fell into a coma for several weeks, until he awoke determined
as ever to destroy his enemies. Among the many deeds which earned him the
name Maegor the Cruel, the King escalated the war with the Faith, burning the Sept of
Remembrance in the capital and mercilessly raining dragonfire upon them at nearly every
engagement. After personally supervising the construction
of the Red Keep to build a number of hidden passage ways within the walls and underground,
he had the builders executed, so they could never reveal what they knew. When his nephew Aegon took the dragon quicksilver
for his own, raised an army and was crowned as a rival king, they engaged in the Battle
beneath the God’s Eye. However Quicksilver was no match for Balerion
the Balck Dread, resulting in the death of Aegon and defeat of his army. Back in the capital Maegor remained childless
throughout his reign, leading him take a total of 6 wives including his neice Rhaena Targaryen,
the widow of Aegon who was forced to accept the marriage to protect her twin daughters
Aerea and Rhaella. After the death of his mother Visenya in 44AC,
Maegor grew even more short tempered and violent, so that by 48 AC, the Lords of Westeros could
no longer tolerate his oppressive rule, abandoning him to rally behind Jaehaerys Targaryen in
the Stormlands, the last living son of Aenys and Alyssa who was proclaimed the true king
of Westeros. Since both Jaehaerys and his sister Alysanne
rode dragons, they flew to the capital with their army close behind, only to find Maegor
dead, possibly from suicide, stabbing and cutting himself on the swords of his throne. With the King dead, Jaehaerys Targaryen came
to power at the age of 14, with his mother Alyssa given the regency while his greatest
supporter Lord Rogar Baratheon served as Hand of the King. Determined to unify the realm, Jaehaerys earned
the name the Conciliator, by making peace with the High Septon and granting amnesty
and pardons to those who served Maegor or the Faith Militants. Jaehaerys worked diligently to address the
concerns of nobles and small folk, proving himself shrewd and highly capable. During a tournament to celebrate the Golden
Wedding of the king’s mother Alyssa and Rogar Baratheon in 49AC, it was decided that
that the victors would be granted a place in the Kingsguard of Jaehaerys I, making it
one of the most competitive tourney’s in history. Though hundreds of knights fought in the War
for the White cloaks, only 5 champions were named, each of whom felt a special loyalty
to the King, as they earned their positions though merit rather than noble birth. After the wedding, the Small Council began
to make marriage plans for both Jaehearys and his sister Alysanne, fearing that if the
decision was left to them they would marry each other, thereby risking another Religious
rebellion, and so it was decided the Princess would marry Ser Orryn Baratheon, brother to
the hand of the king. However, when 13 year old Alysanne learned
of this betrothal, she immediately informed Jaehaerys, and so began one of the most famous
love stories in Westerosi history. Refusing to even consider marrying anyone
else, Jaehaerys and Alysanne left the red keep with their Kingsguard and went to Dragonstone,
where they were wed in a secret ceremony. Furious to learn of their actions, Alyssa
and Rogar gathered their warriors and sailed to Dragonstone to end the marriage before
it could be consummated. However Jaehearys and Alysanne refused to
comply and when soldiers were sent to physically take them, the loyal Kingsguard stood in their
way, forming a wall to protect their young king, making it clear that if they tried to
use force, Rogar Baratheon would be the first to die. Fearing the violence that might ensue, the
king’s mother convinced her husband to back down, and return to King’s Landing. Even so Rogar would not accept the marriage
and made several attempts to undermine their relationship, even sending spies to try and
seduce the king, but none of his plans succeeded, and soon even his wife turned against him,
removing him as Hand. Meanwhile on Dragonstone, the young King and
Queen spent every available moment together, charming everyone with the happiness of their
relationship. And while Jaehaerys impressed many with his
intelligence, work ethic, and hard earned skill as warrior, so too did his wife Alysanne,
who many claimed was just sharp and talented as her husband, often sitting by his side
in meetings and offering sage council. And so when Jaehaerys turned 16 and was given
full control over the kingdom, he and his Queen began a long and prosperous reign, considered
by many to be the golden age of Targaryen rule. Ruling for 55 years, King Jaehaerys the Conciliator
was considered by many to be the best King in the history of the realm, doing much to
unify and strengthen their people. Among the many reforms enacted, his administration
created a unified code of law for the Seven Kingdoms, negotiated to reduce their debt
with Braavos, limited personal expenses, and raised taxes on the wealthy, investing this
new income into infrastructure in the capital and beyond, building the dragonpit to house
their dragons, fountains to provide clean water, drains, sewers, and a road system to
connect the 6 territories they controlled. Though a number of factors came into play
which preventer another religious rebellion over the King’s marriage to his sister,
it was partly due to Jaehaerys sending a team of seven speakers across to preach and popularize
the Doctrine of Exceptionalism, which stated that the while incest was wrong for most,
the Targaryens were an exception because they could bond with dragons. And because their blood was of Old Valyria,
they cannot be judged by the customs of Andal culture. In addressing the succession, Jaehaerys named
his niece Aerea, the eldest child of his sister Rhaena, as heir until his own children were
born. The daughter of Aenys and widow of both Aegon
and Maegor, Rhaena had a difficult life until the ascension of King Jaehaerys, and so she
retired from court politics and settled on Fair Isle where she was known as the Queen
in the West. However when her patron died and was replaced
by a son who hated her, she was forced to leave and so was given Dragonstone by her
brother, where she became known as the Queen in the West, living alongside her daughter
Aerea, while her other daughter Rhaella joined the faith and became a septa in Oldtown. In order to make their presense felt throughout
the Kingdom and learn more about their people, the king and queen went on a royal progress
in 51 AC, flying their dragons to towns and castles large and small, holding court with
both nobles and commoners. However the journey was cut short when a group
of septa’s attempted to assassinate the pregnant Queen Alysanne in Maidenpool, believing
she and her unborn child were incestuous abominations. As a result of this attack, they decided the
Queen needed a female guard who could accompany her anywhere, and so they sent for Jonquil
Darke, a fighter who distinguished herself in the War for the White Cloaks years earlier. Unfortunately, this attack was followed by
the birth of the premature birth of the king and queen’s first child Aegon, who died
after only 3 days. Yet the following year Aysanne gave birth
to their second child Daenerys, who proved healthy and strong. Over the next 3 decades, the marriage between
Jaehaerys and Alysanne was incredibly fruitful, having a total of 13 children, including Aemon
born in 55AC, Baelon in 57AC, Alyssa in 60 AC, Maegelle in 62 AC, Vaegon in 63AC, Daella
in 64 AC, Saera in 67 AC, Viserra in 71 AC , Gaemon in 73 AC, though he died after only
3 months, Valerion in 77 AC, who died after a year, and finally Gael born frail and sickly
in 80 AC. Though Jaehaerys Targaryen earned the respect
and admiration of many, their family suffered a public humiliation in 54AC, when Elissa
Farmen, the best friend and possible lover of Rhaena Targaryen, stole 3 dragon eggs from
Dragonstone. Though she was never apprehended, stories
say she sold them to the Sealord of Braavos, and used the money to build a great ship she
sailed under the name Alys Westhill, making a famous journey west across the sunset sea. This embrassment then turned to horror when
Elissa’s brother Androw who was unhappily married to Rhaena, poisoned a number of nobles
on Dragonstone before taking his own life, having grown bitter and hateful after years
of neglect and humiliation. Fortunatley some good news also came this
year, as an ally of the crown was named the new High Septon, allowing them to integrate
the Doctrine of Exceptionalism into the faiths teachings. However this victory was not enough the distract
from the other tragedies of this year, as the Queen mother Alyssa Velaryon died in child
birth, and the young princess Aerea Targaryen disappeared into the sky on the back of the
dragon Balerion the Blackdread. Having hated her time on Dragonstone, Aerea,
daughter of Rhaena, was desperate to claim a dragon and fly off to have an adventure,
and so at the age of 12 she climbed atop the largest and most viscious of their dragons,
and the creature took off into the air, disappearing without a trace. Though her mother and the King did all they
could to find her, she was gone for over a year until 56 AC, when Balerion returned to
Dragonstone with the girl on its back. Yet there was no cause for celebration, as
Aerea’s young body was horribly weak and ravaged by disease, with the girl only able
to utter “I never…” before she collapsed unconscious. Her condition and disfigurement was so severe
and unknown to them, no one was allowed near her except Grand Maester Benifer and Septon
Barth, who were both scarred for life by what they saw. Not only did her body seem to be cooking its
own flesh, but there were horrible worm like creatures crawling around under her skin which
screamed when they dipped her body in cold water. Dying after several hours of excruciating
pain, none could be sure what happened to her, though many believed Balerion took her
to his original homeland of Valyria, which was now a smoking ruin and where she must
have contracted one or several terrible diseases. The following year in 57 AC, the kings friend
and advisor Septon Barth was made Hand of the King, and in 58 AC Jaehaerys negotiated
peace between Pentos and Tyrosh while his wife Alysanne visited the North. Throughout her journey, the Queen charmed
House Stark, arranged a New Gift of land for the night’s watch, and held another of her
famous Women’s court, where ladies rich and poor, who were unlikely to get an audience
with the king, could petition the Queen directly. It was in these meetings that she heard horror
stories about the northern Lords that kept the tradition of First Night, which gave them
the right to bed their female subjects on the first night of their marriage. Enraged to hear this was still being practiced,
she brought it up with Jaehaerys and convinced him to banish the practice, even though he
was hesitant to anger the Lords of the North. In 61 Ac, Jaehaerys put down a Dornish rebellion
under the Second Vulture King, and defeated them yet again in 83 AC, by repelling an invasion
of the Stormlands with only his sons and his dragons, thereby not losing a single warrior
in the engagement. Ruling alongside his eldest sons, his heir
Aemon was married to Jocelyn Baratheon and together had a daughter Rhaenys, while Baelon
married his sister Alyssa, who gave birth to Viserys, Daemon and Aegon. However not all of the King’s children were
happy and prosperous, and in 84 AC, scandal once again struck the capital, when they learned
Saera Targaryen, one of the younger daughters, had been intimate with 3 knights of the court,
even involving her female friends in their intimacy, which left one of them pregnant. Not only did her actions spark outrage, but
also her attempted defense, as she invoked the name of Maegor the Cruel, saying that
if he could take multiple wives, she should be able to take multiple husbands. King Jaehaerys was enraged to learn of her
dishonour, and had her confined to a tower while he dealt with the Knights, exiling one
and forcing another to marry the pregnant girl, while the third man, who was the most
brazen, was killed by the king himself in a trial by combat, with Saera forced to watch
from her prison. Declaring that she was no longer his daughter,
the king sent her to become a septa in Oldtown, but she eventually escaped and sailed to Lys
where she became a prostitute. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, Saera
used her body to eventually become a woman of wealth and influence in Volantis, giving
birth to a number of bastard children by various men. Meanwhile, back in the capital, the marriage
of Jaehaerys and Alysanne suffered greatly after what happened with Saera, as the king
disinherited and disavowed her, while the queen wanted to forgive and bring her back. Though they eventually reconciled, their relationship
was never the same. As the years went on, the the King lost many
more of his loved ones, including princess Daenerys who died in 59 AC, his heir Aemon
in 92 AC, their youngest child Gael who committed suicide in 99 AC, Queen Alysanne in 100 AC
and the new heir Balon in 101AC. After losing both the sons he groomed to be
king, Jaehaerys called a great council where the Lords of Westeros gathered to determine
a new heir. While a great many candidates were presented,
they ultimately went with Viserys, eldest son of Baelon, the 4th born child of the king,
thereby passing over Rhaenys daughter of Aemon the 3rd born child as well as her children,
thereby establishing that the crown cannot pass to a woman or through a female line. After 55 years of rule, Jaehaerys the Conciliator
died in 103 AC, leaving his grandson Viserys a wealthy, peaceful and prosperous realm,
at the very height of its power. Presiding over a wealthy and thriving realm,
with an army of dragons at their command, House Targaryen reached the end of their golden
age, beginning a slow decline towards their eventual fall. Yet while Viserys I was not as wise, cunning
or skilled at arms as Jaehaerys I, he was an amiable and good natured ruler well loved
by the people, who relied on his advisors to govern while he concerned himself chiefly
with keeping the hard won peace left to him by his grand-father. Unfortunately, he ultimately failed in this
task and left the realm torn in two, on the brink of worst civil war in their history. However conflict stemmed not from his policies
or administration, but from the issue of succession which arose after he married his cousin Aemma
Arryn who produced 2 sons which both died in their infancy and girl named Rhaenyra who
survived and grew into a beautiful, fearsome and proud Targaryen princess. After the death of his wife in child birth,
Viserys feared his lack of a son might lead the people to rally behind his wild and volatile
brother Daemon as heir. Believing he was unfit for the throne, Viserys
decided to name his only living child, Rhaenyra as heir to the Seven Kingdoms in 105 AC, with
a great many Lords and Knights swearing their allegiance. Yet the notion of naming a daughter was controversial
and set the stage for future conflict, as the council of 101 AC, which chose Viserys
over his aunt and cousins, stated that a woman cannot inherit the crown if an eligible male
is available, in this case the king’s younger brother “The Rogue Prince”, Daemon Targaryen. However because of Daemon’s brash nature,
he had little support among the nobility and so the true conflict came from the events
of the 106 AC, when Viserys took a second wife, marrying Alicent Hightower, who in their
years together gave him 3 sons and a daughter, naming them Aegon, Helaena, Aemond and Daeron. The eldest child Aegon then married Helaena
and produced Jaehaera, Jaehaerys and Maelor. With a number of male sons and grandsons now
available some started to push for a new heir to be named, but Viserys refused, continuing
to train his beloved daughter Rhaenyra to rule, marrying her to Laenor Velaryon, with
whom she had 3 children of her own, in Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey. Though the king was clear on the succession,
his wife Queen Alicent refused to accept it, and constantly pushed for her Aegon to be
the heir. Helping her case, was the controversy surrounding
Rhaenyra’s children, as they all had brown hair and looked nothing like their supposed
father Laenor, who was rumoured to be gay, instead believed to the bastard children of
the Champion Ser Lucas Strong. With the tales about Rhaenyra spreading many
flocked to Queen Alicent and her Green Faction, but they were fiercly opposed by Rhaenyra
and her Black faction, who had allies of their own, supported by one of the richest and most
powerful families in House Velaryon as well as the Rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen, a veteran
fighter who reigned shortly as King of the Stepstones while living in exile from the
Westeros. A dragonrider and experienced commander with
many loyal soldiers at his call, Daemon Targaryen married his neice Princess Rhaenyra after
the death of both their spouses, resulting in the birth of Aegon, Viserys and Visenya. The King hated seeing his family divided and
often tried to reconcile them, but the division only grew worse with even the children getting
involved, when Aemond Targaryen took the dragon Vhagar without permission leading to a confrontation
with Rhaenyra’s sons where Lucerys slashed out his eye with a knife. Even the dragons were divided, snapping and
hissing at each other after sensing the animosity of their riders. In the year 129 AC, Viserys I died in his
sleep, having in many ways been an excellent king, as he left the realm wealthy and prosperous. Yet no matter how many time he reiterated
that Rhaenyra was his heir, his inability to prevent factionalism meant the issue of
succession was never resolved. And so immediately following his death, the
Greens of Queen Alicent Hightower made the first move, as they lived in King’s Landing,
while Rhaenyra lived on Dragonstone. For seven days, the Greens kept the death
of the viserys secret so they could remove and replace their enemies at court, until
finally the Kingsguard Ser Criston Cole crowned Aegon II as king of the Seven Kingdoms, justifying
their actions by claiming that the council of 101 AC stated a woman could not inherit
over a man, regardless of what the deceased ruler wanted. Over on Dragonstone, Rhaenyra was pregnant
with her 6th child when she heard that her father was dead, and younger brother usurped
the throne. Sent into a terrible fury, she went into early
labor and lost the child, only further enraging her against Aegon, Alicent and their supporters. Gathering her allies she was crowed the true
Queen of the seven kingdoms, and the two factions went to war. Yet this was no simple military conflict,
as both sides possessed a great many dragons which would devastate the land and people
of the continent. Over the course of 2 years, Westeros descended
into a chaotic frenzy of death and violence, with such notable events like the Pact of
Ice and Fire which created an alliance between the Blacks and House Stark, the Dance of Shipbreakers
Bay where the first battle between dragonriders resulted in the death Jacaerys and Arrax,
the retribution of Blood and Cheese, two low born killers who murdered young Jaehaerys
in front of his mother Helaena, the Rise of the Dragonseeds, where anyone with traces
of Valyrian blood could attempt to tame a dragon and join the Black Faction, the Raids
of the Red Kraken who terrorized the Western Coast, the Storming of the Dragonpit and riot
of Kings Landing which left many dragons and people dead, and the deaths of both Rhaenyra
and Aegon II, leaving King’s Landing temporarily without a Targaryen ruler, leading to the
rise of 3 petty kings who were soon deposed. After the assassination of Aegon II at the
hands of his own advisors who wanted to prevent Cregan Stark from massacring everyone in retaliation
for the death of his Queen, Rhaenyra’s eldest living son Aegon III was crowned king of Westeros. Furious that the Northmen were denied battle,
Cregan Stark took charge of King’s Landing in what was called the Hour of the Wolf, executing
those responsible for the assassination and stabilizing the city, before he returned home
to Winterfell with a new wife and the friendship of the Iron Throne. Yet Aegon III was only 11 at the time of his
coronation and so a council of regents ruled in his name, but these men and women were
largely ambitious nobles primarily concerned with plotting against each other for power. The King himself was a good natured but quiet
and sullen, deeply traumatized by the Dance of the Dragons, where he lost so many members
of his family including his mother who was burned alive by dragonfire while he watched. As a result Aegon had almost no influence
in the administration of the realm, rarely saying or doing anything beyond what he was
told. In the few instances where the boy did try
to speak up or offer suggestions, his power hungry regents ignored and dismissed him,
even taking Gaemon Palehair, Aegons only friend, and whipping him whenever the King misbehaved. To help heal the realm after the civil war,
Aegon III was married to his cousin Jaehaera Targaryen, last living child of Aegon II,
but she was simple girl who displayed little emotion and killed herself two years after
their marriage, though some suspect she was murdered by the Hand of the King Lord Unwin
Peake, as part of a plot to wed the king to his daughter Myrielle. Given his level of influence in the capital,
Unwin Peake ensured Aegon spent a lot of time with his daughter, even while the other Lords
of the realm sent the young women of their houses to win his favour in the Maiden’s
Day ball. The King however had no interest in any of
it, and was so detached from what was happening around him he most likely would have chosen
Myrielle simply because she was always near him and it was what the Hand wanted. Yet at the last moment the King was rescued
from the situation through the interference of the only people in the entire world he
trusted, and that was his half sisters Baella and Rhaena, the daughters of Daemon Targaryen
and his first wife Leana Velaryon. The two young dragonriders brought with them
a sweet and beautiful 6 year old girl named Daenera of House Velaryon, presenting her
to Aegon who readily agreed to the match, thereby foiling the plot of the House Peake. In 134 AC, Lord Alyn Velaryon returned from
a trip overseas with a present for Aegon, bringing forth the kings younger brother Viserys,
who everyone thought was killed in the Dance of the Dragons, but had actually been taken
to Lys. Aegon was thrilled to have his brother back
and also accepted several members of House Rogare into the court, as Viserys was now
married to Larra Rogare, the daughter of a wealthy banking family. Despite some things getting better for the
young ruler, many more challenges awaited him, as his friend Gaemon Palehair soon died
of poisoning in an attempted assassination of the king. Matters then grew worse when word reached
the capital that House Rogare had fallen from grace in Lys, leading their enemies in Westeros
to start arresting them, even going after the wife of Prince Viserys. Outraged to learn that his councillors and
regents were plotting against his own family, King Aegon’s days of passivity and indifference
were gone, and he retreated into Maegor’s Holdfast alongside his wife, brother, sister
in law and a Lyseni champion known as Sandoq the Shadow. For 18 days they were held in a secret siege,
refusing to give up Larra Rogare, and making it clear that any man who tried to storm the
tower would die. When an attempt to use violence was made,
Sandoq the Shadow massacred Ser Amaury peake and a dozen guardsmen. As time went on some started to see that the
King would not be moved, and further investigation revealed that the Rogares were being falsely
accused of treason by a group of conspirators that included the Lord Confessor George Graceford
and the kingsguard Mervyn Flowers. With the siege ended, new regents were named
for the final year of the King’s Minority, and once again Aegon seemed to retreat into
the background. However when at last his nameday arrived in
the year 136 AC, Aegon immediately took action, no longer willing to tolerate all those who
disregarded and marginalized his wishes. And so the reign of Aegon the Broken King
began, when he stormed into a meeting of the Small council alongside his brother, and dismissed
all his regents and the Hand of the King, cancelling any and all plans underway. Ruling for 26 years, King Aegon III presided
over a dull and dreary court, unable to move past the traumas of his youth while facing
the bitter challenge of reconciling the realm after the terrible civil war. Though the King was good hearted, and did
his best to bring about peace and plenty, he remained quiet and brooding all his life,
struggling to forge friendships or make alliances. Given his mistrust for noble lords and court
advisors, Aegon relied on his brother Viserys for council, eventually making him Hand of
the King. Together, the brothers put down the short
lived rebellions which arose in the aftermath of the Dance of the Dragons, including some
led by men claiming to be Daeron Targaryen, the youngest son of Viserys I and half brother
of the king. They made this claim because the boy’s body
was never identified after supposedly dying in the war. But these rebels were soon proven to be imposters
and their followers were defeated. Uncomfortable with intimacy or being touched,
it took Aegon many years to warm to his wife Daenera Velaryon, but eventually they grew
closer and had a fruitful marriage, producing 5 children starting with the heir and prince
of Dragonstone Daeron Targaryen, then followed by his siblings Rhaena, Elaena, Baelor and
Daena. Though Aegon largely succeeded in bringing
stability and peace to the seven kingdoms, his reign was remembered as a failure, due
in part to the fate of the Dragons, which went extinct in the years after the war, with
so many of them killed in the fighting, and the few that remained producing eggs which
did not hatch or else birthed small, sickly and misshapen creatures which did not survive
long. The King, who lost his own dragon Stormcloud
during in the Dance, was no longer interested in them, but knew he must try to hatch more
eggs for the sake of his House, and so made many attempts to bring them back into the
world, even sending for mages from essos to perform magic rituals. But all these attempts ended in failure, and
so Aegon III became known as the Dragonbane. Following the death of the king from consumption
at the age of 36 in 157 AC, his son and heir Daeron I sat the throne. Yet where his father was quiet and thoughtful,
Daeron was boisterous and proud, coming into his crown at the age of 14, but acting so
confident and mature, he took power immediately, and no regency was needed. Choosing to keep his uncle Viserys as Hand
of the King, Daeron was a warrior at heart, determined to complete the conquest of his
ancestor Aegon I, by invading Dorne and at last bringing them into the seven kingdoms. When his councillors objected to the idea,
noting that the Targaryens no longer had dragons, the king replied, “You have a dragon. He stands before you.” Proving a cunning strategist and fearless
warrior, Daeron led his army in a great invasion of the southern realm, and while estimates
claim the Targaryen army lost roughly 10,000 men, they succeeded in defeating the nobles
of Dorne, with even House Martell surrendering in 158 AC. Documenting the campaign in a book titled
the Conquest of Dorne, Daeron’s monumental victory brought him fame and prestige, leading
many to name the Young Dragon. However, the celebration proved premature
as it was not just the nobility of Dorne which valued their independence, but also the common
people, and so when the Lords of the realm surrendered, their subjects took up the cause,
forming militias and rebel groups that launched a devastating guerrilla war against the invaders. Estimates claim the Royal army lost 50,000
more men during their occupation of Dorne, leaving Daeron to return in 160 AC in the
hopes of ending the rebellion. But just one year later, the king was lured
into a trap under the guise of peace talks and was assassinated by Dornish forces, while
his cousin Aemon the Dragonknight was taken prisoner. With their armies devastated, and House Martell
once again ruling from sunspear, the invasion ended in a colossal failure, yet still many
Lords of Westeros wished to continue the war, as they sought vengeance for their loved ones
who perished in the fighting. However their warrior King Daeron I was dead
at the age of 18 having fathered no children, and so was succeeded by his religious brother
Baelor the Blessed, a man so committed to the Faith of the Seven, he refused to consummate
his marriage to his sister Daena Targaryen. Wishing to bring about peace, Baelor decided
to humble himself before the southerners, walking barefoot and in rags to sunspear where
he returned the hostages taken during the war. His obvious sincerity won respect from the
Prince of Dorne, and so Baelor succeeded in negotiating a peace treaty, signing a marriage
pact, and even ensured the release of his cousin Aemon from captivity. Yet when Baelor arrived to retrieve the Dragonknight,
House Wyl made him walk through a pit of vipers to free him, resulting in a great many snake
bites which nearly claimed his life. Once returned to King’s Landing, Baelor
showed little interest in the administration of the realm, leaving the task to his small
council and Hand of the King Viserys Targaryen, who once again retained his position. Yet while he cared nothing for the mechanism
of government, he delighted in emptying the treasury by starting construction on the Great
Sept and through his charitable actions, providing food and resources to the people of King’s
Landing, thereby winning him the love of the small folk. Yet he also gained a great many enemies, when
he made prostitution illegal and expelled sex workers from the city. His own marriage to Daena was dissolved by
the High Septon, and in order to preserve the innocence of his sisters, he locked all
three of them away in the Maidenvault, so they might not tempt or be tempted by the
outside world. As the years went on, he led efforts to burn
books of ill repute and appointed an illiterate stonemason as High Septon. When that man died of fever, the King replaced
him with an eight year old boy rumoured to perform miracles. In the year 171 AC, after fasting for 40 days,
Baelor I collapsed and died, with many believing he fell due to starvation, while others believe
he was poisoned by his uncle Viserys, in order to prevent the King from enacting a plan to
convert the entire continent to the faith of the seven, which would result in war with
the North and Iron Islands. Having died without children, Baelor was succeeded
by his uncle, who became King Viserys II at the age of 49, bringing with him decades of
experience in the government, having served as Hand under the last 3 rulers. And while Viserys ruled only briefly, he reformed
their code of law, established a new royal mint, increased trade with foreign lands and
kept the realm at peace. Though many claim he had the potential to
be another Jaehaerys Targaryen, he died in 172 AC, only a year into his reign, possibly
from illness, though some have suggested he was poisoned to death by his son and heir,
King Aegon IV, also known as Aegon the Unworthy, believed to be the worst ruler in their history. Uninterested in the governing of his realm,
Aegon spent his time indulging in women, wine and food, becoming famed for his gluttony
and dishonourable behaviour. Married to his slender and pious sister Nearys,
Aegon was a cruel and callous husband, who made no attempt to hide his infidelity, fathering
many bastard children on woman all across the continent. A man of extreme emotions, he was ruthless
towards his enemies, and overly generous with his friends, emptying the treasury to pay
for extravagant gifts and parties, even giving away a dragon egg to Lord Butterwell, after
impregnating all 3 of his maiden daughters. Having served in the War against Dorne, Aegon
IV had a deep hatred for the southern realm, and planned 2 separate invasions. But his incompetence and poor planning led
both expeditions to fail before they even reached Dorne. In addition to the numerous terrible decisions
made by the King, his legacy of pain and violence sprang primarily from the numerous children
he had, of which only 2, Daeron and Daenerys were legitimate, while the others were bastards,
including a number born noble ladies who served as his mistresses, with their offspring coming
to be known as the Great Bastards. Having terrorized his wife for years, the
king’s brother Aemon the Dragonknight was a constant thorn in his side, chastising him
for his abusive behaviour. In their youth Aemon and Naerys were close
and wanted to be with each other, but they were torn apart when she was forced to wed
Aegon. Yet his love for Naerys never lessened, and
so Aemon defended her honor whenever he could, even fighting a duel to the death with a man
who accused the Queen of infidelity. Aegon in turn hated both his brother and wife,
and did not mourn when Nearys died in childbirth and Aemon lost his life defending the king
from an assassination attempt. Despite living a life of greed and excess,
it was the final days of Aegon IV’s reign which caused the most damage to the realm,
as he decreed from his deathbed, that all his bastard children be legitimized, thereby
sowing the seeds of civil war, as there would inevitably be a confrontation over the succession. After his death in 184 AC, Daeron II inherited
the throne, the first born son of Aegon IV and his lawful wife Naerys. Yet while Daeron proved a wise, intelligent
and progressive ruler, he was also a man of peace, more comfortable around maesters and
scholars then warriors. As a result Daeron II focused his efforts
on forming a marriage alliance with Dorne in order to peacefully bring them into the
realm. Having already married a Dornish woman, he
arranged for his sister Daenerys to marry the Prince of Dorne Maron Martell, and at
last the Seven Kingdoms were united. But many in Westeros were outraged, having
no interest in peace and instead wanting retribution against the south for all those who died in
last Dornish War. Furthermore, controversy surrounded the rule
of Daeron II, as some rumors suggested Naerys was unfaithful to Aegon IV, and so the legitimacy
of the king was uncertain. All this and more led many to the banner or
Daeron’s bastard half brother Daemon Waters, now known as Daemon Blackfyre, the son of
Aegon IV and Daena the Defiant Targaryen. A charming, charismatic, honourable and valiant
warrior, Daemon was beloved by friends and respected by enemies, earning his knighthood
at the age of 12 after achieving victory in a squire’s tourney, impressing his father
so much he was gifted the Valyrian Steel sword Blackfyre, said to be the weapon of the king. Seen by many as the chosen heir, he was called
the King who bore the Sword and gained many supporters, with the most fervent being his
half brother Aegor Rivers, another of the Great Bastards, who had a deep personal hatred
for their sibling Brynden Rivers, who sided with King Daeron. By 196 AC, the conflict at last erupted into
the First Blackfyre Rebellion, culminating at the Battle of the Redgrass Field, where
Daemon Blackfyre famously defeated Ser Gwayne Corbray after an hour long duel. Due to the King’s sense of honor, he could
not allow such a worthy foe to pass away, and so ordered that his opponent be taken
off the battlefield and his wounds treated. However this act of chivalry proved his downfall,
as it gave time for the archer company of Brynden Rivers, to rain fire arrows upon them,
killing Daemon Blackfyre as well as his eldest sons Aegon and Aemon. Rallying the remnants of the Blackfyre army,
Aegor Rivers, also known as Bittersteel stabbed Brynden Rivers through the eye before leading
a retreat to seek refuge in Essos. Though over 10 thousands men died in the Battle,
Daeron was victorious, but Aegor Rivers refused to admit defeat and so during his years in
exile, he settled House Blackfyre in Tyrosh and founded the Golden Company, a mercenary
group which earned a reputation for having thousands of well-trained, disciplined soldiers
who never broke a contract. Despite the challenges of fighting civil war
and the aftermath of reconciling a divided continent, Daeron the Good was able to bring
forth many years of peace and plenty, ensuring the succession with his children Baelor, Aerys,
Rhaegel and Maekar. Unfortunately his son and heir Baelor Breakspear
was killed participating in a trial by seven, fighting on behalf of Ser Duncan the Tall,
a man who would later become a famous knight and mentor of Daeron’s youngest grandson
Aegon Targaryen. And so when Daeron II died during the great
spring sickness of 209 AC, alongside his grandsons Valaar and Matarys, his second son Aerys I
inherited the crown. Ruling for 12 years, Aerys I was a bookish
and scholarly monarch, who spent his time studying ancient scrolls, leaving the realm
to be governed by his uncle Brynden Rivers, named Hand of the King. Even his wife Aelinor Penrose was of no interest
to him, with some claiming they never consummated the marriage. Believing that perhaps he simply disliked
her, his advisors urged him to put aside the marriage and choose another wife, but he refused,
staying true to the woman he continued to ignore. In the year 212 AC, violence erupted, when
Lord Dagon Greyjoy started raiding the western coast, while in the Riverlands, House Peake
conspired with Daemon Blackfyre II to gather support for the Second Blackfyre Rebellion,
but their efforts were thwarted by the hedge knight Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire
Egg, also known as Aegon Targaryen, nephew to the king. For reasons not yet known, Aegor Rivers and
his warriors did not join the Second Blackyre Rebellion, instead focusing their attention
on preparing Daemon’s younger brother Haegon for the crown. Several years later in 219 AC, Bittersteel
felt the time was right and launched the Third Blackfyre Rebellion, invading Westeros with
the Golden Company. Though the king was not a warrior, his brother
Prince Maekar and nephews Aerion Brightflame and Aegon Targaryen led their forces alongside
the Hand of the King Brynden Rivers, who once again fought a duel with his hated half brother. Though the fighting was savage, in the end
the Loyalist forces were victorious, resulting in the death of Haegon Blackfyre who was dishonourably
killed after surrendering and the arrest of Aegor Rivers, who was dragged before the King
in the capital. Both Bloodraven and Brightflame advocated
for his execution, but Aerys chose to be merciful and exiled him to the Night’s Watch. Yet the Golden Company remained free and loyal
to Bittersteel and so they attacked the ship carrying their leader to the Wall, and brought
him back to Tyrosh where he crowned Haegon’s son Daemon Blackfyre III as the true king
of Westeros. Since King Aerys had no children of his own,
his brother Rhaegel was named heir until his death in 215 AC, when he choked on lamprey
pie. Rhaegel’s son Aelor was next in line but
he died in an accident involving his sister-wife Aelora, who was so distraught by the loss
she went mad and later killed herself. And so when the king died of illness in 221
AC, the throne passed to his youngest brother Maekar, a strong willed warrior who kept Bloodraven
as Hand of the King. Married to Dyanna Dayne, the couple had 4
sons, yet even so the succession proved problematic, with the eldest child Aerion Brightflame so
mad he died drinking wildfire, while Daeron the Drunken died of the pox, contracted from
a prostitute. Their third son Aemon, was both wise and good
hearted but he became a Maester and thus renounced his inheritance, leaving only Aegon Targaryen,
the 4th son of a 4th son, known as the boy Egg who squired for Ser Duncan the Tall. Despite being a warrior, Maekar ruled for
12 years in relative peace, until House Peake rebelled in 233 AC. Having supported House Blackfyre, they were
stripped of lands and incomes, leading them to take up arms in Peake Uprising which ended
with the Storming of Starpike. Ever the warrior, Maekar led the royal forces
to victory but died in the fighting, leaving the throne to his youngest son Aegon V, known
as the Unlikely, a man with a unique history unlike any other member of House Targaryen,
beginning his adventures at the age of 9 when he attended the Tourney of Ashford Meadow
in 209 AC and there deceived Ser Duncan the Tall into believing he was a common boy, in
order to serve as the knight’s squire. However the ruse was soon revealed when Ser
Duncan defended the honor of Tansell Too Tall who was being harassed by Aegon’s elder
brother Aerion Brightflame. The confrontation then led to a trial by seven,
where each man gathered 6 allies to join him in battle. Though Aerion’s father Maekar and brother
Daeron fought for him, the heir to the throne Baelor Breakspear saw the injustice of the
situation and joined Ser Duncan the Tall, helping him achieve victory. Unfortunately Prince Baelor died from the
wounds he suffered at the hands of his brother Maekar, but even so Ser Duncan was allowed
to keep Aegon as his squire, on the condition he continued to shave his head and hide his
true identity. By serving under a hedge knight, Aegon travelled
across the continent and lived amongst the small folk of the realm, coming to understand
the poverty and challenges they endured. In time, he became an expert warrior and a
king, but never forgot the lessons of his youth, and spent his reign fighting for the
rights of the common people. Yet these efforts which made him beloved by
the poor, led to anger and hatred from the nobility, who felt he threatened their authority. Yet if any truly wished to do him harm, they
would need to go through Ser Duncan the Tall, who was made Lord commander of the kingsguard,
remaining a close friend and advisor to the ruler for the rest of their lives. Becoming king at the age of 33, Aegon’s
reign showed much promise, yet it unfortunately began with a scandal, as his first action
was to banish the former Hand of the King Brynden Rivers to the Night’s Watch. Due to the death of so many heirs under Maekar
I, a great council was called to determine the next king which ultimately chose Aegon
the Unlikely. However one of the claimants who asked for
an audience was Aenys Blackfyre, the last living son of Daemon Blackfyre, who wanted
to take a peaceful approach to claiming the Iron throne. Though he was promised safe passage, Bloodraven
broke his word and had the man killed, much to the relief of many noble lords. Yet this action also meant that the Iron Throne
could not be trusted, and so the new king Aegon V had no choice but to exile his great
uncle. Three years later in 236 AC Aegor Rivers made
his last attempt to invade Westeros, landing on Masseys Hook with Daemon Blackfyre III
and the Golden Company. However the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion ended
quickly with their defeat at the Battle of Wendwater Bridge, where Ser Duncan the Tall
slew Daemon Blackfyre in single combat, though Bittersteel once again survived and retreated
across the Narrow Sea. Aegor Rivers then died a few years later,
fighting in the Disputed Lands, but even on his deathbed refused to give up, ordering
that the Golden Company boil the flesh from his skull, dip in gold and carry it as their
banner when they finally take the Iron Throne. Back in the capital, despite proving himself
a good man and valiant warrior, Aegon faced heavy backlash from the nobility who opposed
his many reforms. Having married Betha Blackwood who gave him
5 children, Aegon decided to marry their sons and daughter to important families throughout
the realm, thereby winning him key allies his fight for the common people. Yet all his plans were ruined when his children
refused to cooperate and in the end his problems only grew worse. His eldest son Duncan the Small abandoned
his betrothal to House Baratheon and even renounced his position as heir to the throne,
in order to marry the common girl Jenny of Oldstones, an act so insulting it led the
Stormlands into a rebellion. Aegon’s second son Jaehaerys and daughter
Shaera, inspired by their elder brother’s courage, left behind their arranged marriages
to Houses Tully and Tyrell, so they might wed each other in secret ceremony. Even the youngest son Daeron disobeyed his
father’s wishes, forsaking his betrothal to House Redwyne to remain unwed for the rest
of his life as he preferred the companionship of a man. Only the youngest child Rhaelle did as she
was told, marrying into House Baratheon to help bring peace after the rebellion. After 26 years of rule, Aegon the V travelled
to Summerhall in 259AC alongside his family and friends, hoping to perform a ritual which
might hatch dragon eggs , but instead created a fire do devastating it destroyed the castle
and killed the King, Prince Duncan the Small, Ser Duncan the Tall, and many others. Fortunately some few survived, possibly due
to the heroics of the Lord Commander, including Rhaella Targaryen, granddaughter of the king
and her son Rhaegar, born that very day. With the King dead, his son and heir Jaehaerys
II inherited the throne, and while he was physically weak and sickly, he ruled well
and was thought to be a good leader. Having married his sister Shaera, they had
a son named Aerys and a daughter Rhaella, wedding them to each other because of a prophecy
proclaimed by a woods witch, who said the Prince who was promised would be born of their
line. Though Jaehaerys II reigned for only 3 years,
he faced a potential invasion in 260 AC, when a group of pirates and merchants allied with
Maelys the Monstrous Blackfyre, leader of the Golden Company. Basing themselves on the stepstones, the Hand
of the King Ormund Baratheon led a pre-emptive strike, leading to the 5th Blackfyre Rebellion,
which saw a young Baristan Selmy cut a bloody path through the enemy to slay Maelys in single
combat, thereby ending the male line of House Blackfyre. Dying of a sudden illness in 262 AC, the throne
passed to the king’s only son Aerys II, a young man who showed promise in his early
days, naming his friend Tywin Lannister as Hand of the King and together bringing about
12 years of peace and prosperity for the Seven Kingdoms. Yet as time passed it became clear Aerys was
a fool always making grand plans he was unable to complete. These failures were then amplified by the
respect everyone had for Tywin Lannister, leading him to resent the Hand, treating him
with cruelty and disdain, until he felt no choice but to resign from his position. With his mental health already starting to
decline, Aerys went through terrible bouts of depression when his wife had a number of
stillbirths and miscarriages. As his insanity grew, he became obsessed with
Wildfire and burning his enemies alive, befriending pyromancers and filling his court with men
of the Alchemist’s guild. Unfortunately his sister-wife suffered more
than anyone, and was regularly raped, beaten and emotionally abused. Yet inspite of the Mad King’s many mistakes,
it was his son Rhaegar who lit the spark which doomed their House, when he became Champion
at the Tourney of Harrenhal, only to name Lord Robert Baratheon’s betrothed Lyanna
Stark as the Queen of Love and Beauty, ignoring his own wife Elia Martell, thereby publically
insulting House Baratheon, Stark and Martell in a single action. Rhaegar and Lyanna later disappear together,
leaving most to believe she was kidnapped and being raped in the south. Outraged by her disappearance, Lyanna’s
brother Brandon Stark, rode to King’s Landing demanding justice, but instead the Mad King
ordered that both he and his father be tortured and killed. In response Houses Baratheon, Stark, Arryn
and later Tully rose in rebellion, culminating in the Battle of the Trident, where Robert
Baratheon slew Rhaegar Targaryen in single combat. With rebel victory all but assured, House
Lannister sacked King’s Landing, killing King Aerys, Elia Martell and her children
Rhaenys and Aegon, allowing for Robert Baratheon to take the Iron throne, claiming legitimacy
through his Grandmother Rhaelle Targaryen. Meanwhile the Mad King’s wife Rhaella was
on Dragonstone where she died giving birth to their daughter Daenerys, who was taken
to Essos by the loyalilst Ser Willem Darry, alongside her brother Viserys, the boy would
spent the rest of his life trying to gather support to reclaim the Throne of their father. Though the Beggar King died without accomplishment,
in a confrontation with the Dothraki, by 300 AC, his sister Daenerys, the last known Targaryen,
hatched 3 dragons, and began a campaign of conquest in slaver’s bay, becoming Queen
of Meereen, all the while waiting for the day she would take her army and dragons to
Westeros. Yet as she waged war in the east, another
possible Targaryen emerged with a young man claiming to be Aegon, son of Rhaegar, who
was smuggled away as a baby and therefore survived sack of king’s landing. A good hearted warrior with the loyalty of
the golden company, Aegon invaded the Stormlands during the reign of Tommen Baratheon, the
boy king engulfed in a terrible civil war. Yet there are some who say Aegon is actually
a Blackfyre descended from the female line, who was told he was a Targaryen to give him legitimacy.



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Caleb Larue

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This is how many times Season 8 should be redone.


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Lobotomy’s And Monopolies

Aug 8, 2019, 3:42 am Reply

Oh you do this? Okay I wont be watching anymore, I'll just wait for the complete thingy to come out


Aug 8, 2019, 3:48 am Reply

It's almost midnight here so I'm heading to sleep. Cant wait to watch this tomorrow buddy!

Denis Wood

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Aug 8, 2019, 3:51 am Reply

???? a whole hour dammnnnn

Mike Hunt

Aug 8, 2019, 3:57 am Reply

Well I guess this is the 3rd time I'll be watching this series then!

thank octo

Aug 8, 2019, 4:04 am Reply

time to jack off

Doug C

Aug 8, 2019, 4:45 am Reply

Finally woopwoop

Jamaican Tory

Aug 8, 2019, 4:57 am Reply

The latter part of this video is going to need some serious revision when Fire and Blood Volume 2 comes out

Jarick Rieffer

Aug 8, 2019, 5:56 am Reply

I always love these full videos


Aug 8, 2019, 2:22 pm Reply

I love these man. By the time I've watched all the single episodes as they drop they finish and I'm ready to watch the full series in a single go to catch anything I missed. Keep up the amazing work!

jersey guy

Aug 8, 2019, 3:02 pm Reply

Any extensive lore of House Dayne or more of the Valaryion freehold

jersey guy

Aug 8, 2019, 3:04 pm Reply

Sad thing is that I know all of this inside and out but I'm gonna watch this again anyway

books from Windblown

Aug 8, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

After all those years of Targaryen rule of westeros only to end in the hands of their incompetent mad ruler and his son who did a major mistake that would ruin everyone's lives.

Jam Ajna Soares

Aug 8, 2019, 6:45 pm Reply


Now this is diversity of personalities.

forest blerta

Aug 8, 2019, 6:58 pm Reply

thanks for the video, must have taken a long time to gather all the info…brilliant!

Vivek Maharaj

Aug 8, 2019, 3:40 am Reply

They did Daenerys dirty

I Say random things

Aug 8, 2019, 10:51 am Reply

Soooo can you do more starwars.

Sivan Levi

Aug 8, 2019, 12:34 pm Reply

The longest CivilizationEx video ever!!!


Aug 8, 2019, 2:26 pm Reply

The rebellion didn't start directly from Aerys burning Rickard Stark. It was started shortly after when Aerys demanded Jon Arryn to execute Ned and Robert. This resulted in Jon Arryn raising his banners and starting the Rebellion.

Qμεεπ Cαnαŗƴ

Aug 8, 2019, 4:49 pm Reply

So in the books, up to the current period of time, that Aegon dude is a different person from Jon Snow? So technically there are 3 Targaryen claimers? How will this resolve exactly? Will Daenerys meet with this Aegon or will she meet with Jon Snow like in the series?

Either way…..#QueenCersei2020


Aug 8, 2019, 4:53 pm Reply

For some reason this video has been demonetized and youtube won't tell me why. If any of you see something in this video which might be the cause please let me know as I can't seem to figure it out.

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