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A Pro Chef Makes Mozzarella Cheese In A Tiny Apartment | Good Chef, Bad Kitchen | Refinery29

Hi I’m Chef Angie, and today we’re gonna be making a caprese style salad with fresh made mozzarella and peaches. But before we start, click below to subscribe. I’m usually in the West Village at my restaurant, Don Angie. The kitchen there is a little different. So can somebody tell me whose kitchen this is? Hi Chef! My name’s Liza and this is Malka. Say hi, Malka. A few things you need to know before you get started, the stove works like 40 percent of the time. As far as tools go, I really only brought the food processor into this apartment. So good luck. Alright, well my challenge today is going to be making fresh mozzarella without a thermometer, without proper measuring tools, without cheese cloth, and with a stove top that may or may not work. Wish me luck. So first off, I’m going to sterilize this pot. Okay. Okay, I couldn’t really find a lid down here, so. Oh, this should work. So citric acid and rennet basically are what cause the milk to coagulate, and the curds to separate from the whey. I did not find any measuring spoons. So I’m just going to use like a regular teaspoon here. I need three-quarters of a teaspoon of citric acid and I add that to half a cup of cool water. I add an eighth teaspoon of liquid rennet to two tablespoons of cool water. This is really taking a minute here. Okay, so our pot is finally boiling. I’m going to add the diluted citric acid mixture and immediately add in the milk. So ideally you want to use raw milk from a farmer’s market for something like this. This milk says it’s pasteurized and homogenized, but it doesn’t say that it’s ultra-pasteurized so I think it should work. Usually, in the restaurant, I would have this on a very low flame but the flame here in general is just kind of a low flame. One of the most important things about cheese making is having patience, which is something that I always have to work on. This milk is visibly starting to curdle. It’s probably around 90/95 degrees. Cut the heat, and I’m going to add in the rennet. Stir it really well in sort of an up and down motion. It looks like the rennet has really worked its magic here. It’s kind of this gross coagulated mass. Which is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m going to cut these curds up into smaller pieces and then I’m gonna heat it up again. Today is my lucky day. Bring it up to about 110 degrees here. I think we’re about there so I’m gonna cut the heat. I haven’t found any cheese cloth in this kitchen. But I found something that I think will work as long as it’s clean. I’m just going to separate the curds from the whey. Right, this is going to take a while, so. This is so gross. I feel like I’m milking a cow or something. The curds are officially separated from the whey. We’re just going to kind of let this stuff chill out for a little bit while we move on to the peaches. Yes. So since I don’t have a grill handy, I’m trying to emulate that carmelized char flavor by making do with the sauté pan. I really want to flip these over but I’m just gonna let them sit there and brown and get some color. Oh, we have some browning here. Perfect. Really probably shouldn’t be using your hands so much. I just cook with my hands so much that I don’t really feel heat sensation that much anymore. Ideally, you want to do this with like a set of tongs. Okay, so now that I have seared the peaches I’m going to macerate them. Amaretto is actually made from peach pits. I’m also going to use a little lemon juice to brighten it up, some fresh basil, salt, pepper and olive oil. I’m going to pour off like a cup and a half of this whey, reheat these curds and melt them and stretch them. I don’t have a thermometer on hand but I’ve done this enough to kind of have an idea of how hot I need this liquid to be. One of the most important things about cheese making is having patience. Okay, so I think our whey is around 180 degrees and I’m going to add in the curds kind of gently. Try to move them all to the same side of the pot. Our end goal is to make it into one solid ball of mozzarella. I don’t agree when people say mozzarella making is easy because I feel like there’s a lot of variables and you have to be really careful throughout the entire process. These curds are separating quite a bit. They don’t want to come together. I think it’s because I eyeballed the rennet and the citric acid, and I might have put a little bit too much in there. So we’re going to try this one more time with hot water. Okay, I think we have success here. It’s starting to do what it’s supposed to do, which is sticking to itself instead of separating. I’m going to start folding the edges under, and now I’m going to push it through my thumb and index finger. Cinch the end. I particularly really enjoy the act of stretching the mozzarella. It’s like a really tactile, fun experience for me. It tastes really good. Fresh mozzarella is so delicious because it’s warm, and it’s creamy, and it’s I don’t know, it’s perfect. You just have to try it yourself. Then I’m going to finish the dish with my crushed amaretti cookies. This particular type of cookie is one of my favorites that my grandfather makes. So it’s kind of like a nostalgic thing for me. How’s it going in here? So your stove cooperated with me today. Oh my God. And I was able to make some fresh mozzarella. That’s crazy. So do you want to try it? Yes. Okay. Oh my God. I can’t believe you made this in here. This is amazing. Yeah, maybe I’ll give this a shot next week. Even if there’s limitations in your kitchen, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be adventurous with what you try and cook. You can still do a lot with a little. Thanks so much for watching. To see more videos like this, click here. And to subscribe, click here. Bye.



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My mom's kitchen is way smaller..

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I really love this channelll ❤️ please keep going! Thank you soooo much

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Woah there I’m so early, love this video and love the food!

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Tiny kitchen isn't an issue! Is it?

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Why did you keep turning the stove off????

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Why do so many people talk with vocal fry?


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My god. This looks amazing, she is so talented

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Hi good video, is there anything to do with whey water? After the mozzarella is made? Thank you

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That salad looks so good I might want to try that myself!

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I wanna try fresh mozzarella so bad now but i dont wanna make it myself lmao


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In Italy Caprese is only mozzarella and tomato

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Whoever thinks that kitchen is tiny is seriously Privileged. Lame

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Great fun to watch — I live in Japan in a tiny flat with only a cooktop (a good one though!) and a microwave/element oven… I totally agree with your comments regarding working with what you've got and still making great things! Thanks Angie!

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The Chef is too good !

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So Little Miss Muffett was eating mozzarella cheese!!! Ahhhhhh!

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As is always the case with videos in this series, I love the cooking and the personalities!

As is the case with a few of the other videos in this series, I feel like, in order to stay true to the Tiny Apartment concept, things get a tad too contrived. “Will this water ever boil?! Certainly let’s not use the electric kettle that’s sitting right next to the stove in more than half of the shots!”

Just my two cents. Delightful video, nonetheless. Please keep ‘em comin’!

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You guys need to make more "Good chef, bad kitchen" vids. Love it so much but not enough episodes to watch!!!!!!

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so talented and beautiful. thank you chef angie!

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