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A First Look At Our New Apartment & Experiencing The Worst Typhoon in Hong Kong

Some shits about to go down They literally look Rad, I look like flashback Mary but like everything it’s like your other seeing the eclipse or something I’ve just blinded you Okay let me reopen these blinds and turn this again. I don’t know if you guys heard and probably have heard my Grandparents heard on the news. There is a huge tropical storm heading this way. It’s turned into a typhoon, Mangkhut, his name is Mangkhut. He’s on his way here It’s supposed to arrive over there sang Saturday night now, which is tonight. It’s Saturday now and We have typhoons all the time Typhoon is basically strong wind and rain and it happens a lot in Hong Kong so you get used to them But now everyone’s panicking because it’s supposed to be a really really big one and I’ve never been here for a huge one I think the last biggest one happened when I was living in Tokyo So it’s pretty interesting to see how Hong Kongers prepare. I’ve noticed two main things one. One Oh, there’s so many found so many ugh, this is what they do Some sort of demonic Ritual that you add this to your window with masking tape And honestly, I’m not a window engineer or anything or a scientist but I don’t get how that’s gonna work I think If there’s super strong wind and rain and your window is gonna break its gonna break no matter what that tapes not gonna help it Everyone’s rushing out buying masking tape I was walking around yesterday and there was a long line outside of a store and people just buying masking tape like crazy Signs are up on stores saying they’re sold out of masking tape. There’s news articles telling you where to buy your masking tape And which stores are sold out. It’s pretty crazy. I don’t get how masking tape is gonna help what it would help I think what it would help is it would make the glass not shatter into small pieces, maybe like it what holds it together So that it’s bigger But I don’t think it’s gonna keep the typhoon out if it wants to go in the only thing I think you can keep out is satan. And to me the thing that would be more annoying than picking up smaller pieces of glass is Taking off masking tape from the window. Like first of all think of placing masking tape on a window. It’s gonna make marks It’s gonna take a long time to get it off add the hot Hong Kong Sun which is going to melt the plastic of the tape even deeper and stick into the window even more and you’re gonna be spending hours and hours like Half of them were probably just gonna end up leaving it up I know what I’m gonna watch and I’m gonna see it’s still gonna be out by Christmas because no one’s gonna want to take that Down no one has time for that anyways, the masking tape thing if if you live here and you get it or if you’re an engineer and you get why that make Sense, please explain it to me in the comments because I don’t understand and maybe I’m gonna regret it maybe something is gonna happen to my window and I’ll be like I should have made the The glass unexpectedly shuttered in 4404Pa pressure. -Oh my god. -How did this happened It’s literally gonna look like a horror scene tonight or tomorrow morning whenever it happens when it’s all dark and like crazy storms and winds and rain and I look out into the darkness and I see these demonic things in people’s windows Looks like the end of the world. Another thing that looks like the end of the world is grocery stores right now Everyone is rushing to buy food and stock up. It’s only supposed to last one day maximum two So that’s another thing I don’t really in but I guess you need to prepare for the worst that make sense Especially if your family your pets you need to so we are gonna go to the grocery store We’re gonna see how that whole situation is there in a second. That’s part of today’s plan we’re also gonna be going to our New apartment just to check that everything’s closed tightly and everything is secure before we do all that I just got a delivery from Zara. So I want to show you guys all the fall fashion is coming out Really go shopping in person like seeing people and it’s to shop anymore now We’re going online. So easy order it they deliver it within a couple days. Try it on that call in your own convenience Film a YouTube video unboxing at the contact and then people can give fold their opinions on what you okay, and then you can easily just I Guess The sending back part is the bad part because if you if you don’t like it you can either send it back which is kind of a hassle to go to the The post office because the line ups are always long No, but then you could also bring it back to the store. But then that kind of defeats the purpose because you’ve got to Talk to people if you get it, right if you know what you like, you know your size. It’s a pretty good deal. So I’ve got a hoodie now. I don’t really know what works and what doesn’t work with my hair Changing out my hair has changed up a lot of colors I think look good on me or like I feel like I need bolder makeup. So my face doesn’t look washed out This is like too close to my hair color. I don’t know maybe I think layered it’s gonna be fine It’s just a simple hoodie that I can layer with colors. It’s a neutral hmm This shirt. I’m really excited for feel like it’s gonna bring out the green in my hazel eyes Another stuffs long I’m gonna set you guys up here also got this shirt Kind of looks like a paper bag. I love that book paper bag princess. Um But I thought it would look good with some shorts and some high boots It’s gotta be worn with the right outfit, but I think it’s gonna look cool. It’s gonna look cool. Trust me So this can be adjusted here this has the little Black details here again. It’s gonna go good with layering stuff like a chunky turtleneck And I just love the deep brown colors that come out on the fall. So I just wanted to get some Neutral bits that I can layer with things and I’m gonna have fun with that Zara stuff is on point. This is like the second Package, I’ve got lately and you’ll see what I wear later a lot of its gonna be from Zara’s Oh, I love their t-shirts. Like I mentioned in a previous video Jenny from blackpink was wearing one of them the other day That’s how I know. It’s really cool. I actually I Love Yeah, I have a confession. I really really love blackpink if you don’t have a blackpink is for some reason they are a Korean kpop band and Their music and their amazing dancing all that aside If you want to really fall in love with them go to their YouTube channel Check out their reality series the blackpink house and you will become obsessed instantly like I couldn’t stop watching it So my favorites are Jenny. I love Jenny style. I love her whole look and I love Lisa’s personality I’m obsessed with these two So I started following a lot of blackpink accounts that post their fashion My last video a lot of you were asking me where I got that Pastel sweater from and in one of the black pink. I feel like I need to darken my camera Okay there I am in one of the black pink episodes. Jenny was wearing this sweater when she was cooking And it had fruit all over it and I was like, oh my god is so cute So I found it in one of those accounts Showing their fashion and it was from a brand called Unif so I went on their website and that’s how I found this pastel but long story short is Unif and yeah, so if you want some fashion inspiration, look at those black pink closet accounts because I just love stuff that those Oh Well, you guys might be wondering about my workout too You’re probably not but as you saw this morning because of course I documented it. I’m doing cardio again it’s been about a year and Yeah it’s been about a month and a half since I had my surgery and I slowly started doing cardio again I’m not lifting heavy weights or doing abs or anything heavy because of course I can’t do that yet, but I started walking home from I started walking I Started Walking slowly then faster Than on an incline and then I started running and now I’m even skipping a little bit Just a light jog like a thirty minutes maximum feels good to sweat again two seconds of dancing like a kpop star Has me out of breath. I don’t know how they do it and They look so good while doing it Lisa’s dancing is cool. I don’t we don’t know exactly when it’s coming. So it’s supposed to hit out like at night tonight So we’ve got to get everything done. Look how beautiful it looks It’s so deceiving. It’s very very soon it will all happening What’s the scariest typhoon you’ve ever experienced living here so scary one These things are so high, so the mountains….. So it blocks the water? But I guess like they’re evacuating ty. Oh I heard so if you live lower and closer to see it’s a bit scarier Question number two. What? Do you think about my hair now? Is it growing on you? Um… It looks better now, because the roots are coming out Yeah, I got some little sprouts Sprouts kept happening. So you like it Yeah -Really? -Edgy -Edgy? So you take that way you back what you said about it not looking good and I shouldn’t cut it No, I still like the old long hair But you like this too… I like long hair better Do you love me? Do you want to make Russian…. Chinese quarter Malfoy babies with me? Oh it’s true! Look at this, this is another change. Usually Hong Kong is covered in advertisements here. There’s huge billboards. It’s usually Apple Whatever in this vicinity all the ads are gone Wow! Never seen Hong Kong with no ads ok, so we are on the way We’re on the way to our new apartment right now a lot of you guys Asked when removing if we’re even moving or going to Canada or what’s going on with that and yes we are It’s still under renovation. It’s been taking a while. We’re hoping to move in November But yeah, so maybe I’ll show you guys a little sneak peek today depending on what it looks like Myself card in the elevator and I dropped you guys on the Krogan At lunch How would you feel You know about doing the on-site a video Yeah, like okay you don’t to be on camera if you’re not comfortable but like they can ask us questions or we talk about Like so they can get to know you presses value or a relationship So lame just think They’ll ask you questions Let me know if you guys want to see that and ask me questions below that you want to know about him or about us or relationship and Try to make it happy. So I want you guys to get to know him a little bit because uh If people call me an embryo I’m gonna get 1 million views. We’re not like how many like I get like 6000 maximum Okay, this video against 10,000 likes to make sure you thumbs it up then I’ll bow son is going to do the awesome 8k with me and leave below your questions All right, so mission one was eat lunch mission two, we have to break into our apartment mailbox So when the people doing the renovations came we gave them all the keys and somewhere along the way the keys are We can’t find them basically in the mail key is missing and we’re getting calls from management to pay our bills but the bills are inside this mailbox and We don’t have a key to get them out. I brought tools. I’ve got this Chopsticks a Straw cleaning thing How long we didn’t check our mail so welcome to our apartment Is the first look oh good I Dunno how this is gonna be finished by November So yeah That’s what it looks like right now being knocked down pretty much all of the walls and rebuilt them and we’ve changed the layout completely and I’m a little bit terrified that it’s not gonna be ready in two months This is making me feel a little bit stressed out looking at this right now but let’s hope for the best got my liquid nitro from Starbucks now, we’re ready to Got human snacks, but dog snacks It’s like typhoon is coming Yep, I Can we crazy like typhoon is coming or is it like typhoon is coming? Like winter is coming I’m just editing a video. I’m actually so behind because I didn’t have any time to edit in Canada So I’m trying to pump videos out now as quickly as possible But now I am taking a little break to eat some dinner and I got my favorite spicy noodles here it’s from a place called Nam Kay and It’s basically every now and then I crave this so bad But it’s a these flat rice noodles in this numbing spicy Sichuan soup base with different like Tofu, and vegetables and stuff on it and some veggies So I’m gonna eat this up This is my go-to food now when I crave like junk food or like fast food I want this is so delicious The wind is crazy strong now But It’s not too much happened last night. I wouldn’t really know I took a sleeping pill I’ve had insomnia for like a little while now. So yesterday we went about sleeping pills, finally But yeah, I had a good sleep Not too much of the storm. The main part of the storm is gonna happen today at 12:00. It’s currently 8:30 and there’s a signal 9:00 right now. So the winds are really strong I think the highest they’ve ever had is at 10:00, but this is supposed to be the worst storm yet any Hong Kong? Right now it’s really windy really rainy. You can’t see outside the window. It just looks white. I Know a lot of people have been evacuated that lives close to water You can even hear because the wind is so strong even though the windows and doors are all closed It still moves the inside windows and doors just from the draft coming in underneath between the cracks which is pretty crazy So are planned today, I’m just watching YouTube now and drinking coffee Until they wake up and our plan today is just opinion obviously everything’s closed Whoa Oh my goodness because here the noise She came in scary the building moving so much Having an issue with windows broken. It keeps annoying It’s gonna pull it right off the hinge, but we’ve tied everything to try and keep it closed It’s already broken through cables. Have you ever seen anything like this? It literally feels like we’re on a bow right now in heavy waves The water is actually strong enough that it’s leaking through the windows here With the ceiling. This is my How did it come off This so weird and then there’s like dirt flying in there like water or something inside We should make the X with the masking tape Good morning guys, so all light-hearted jokes aside about the masking tape on the windows The typhoon swept through here and did quite a bit of damage yesterday it’s the next day now, and I’m just looking at the mess it made and everyone’s cleaning up and there’s a lot of news being put out their videos whatnot, but some buildings under construction fell down flooding a lot of damage has been done and a lot of people and animals are in need of help and I hate to put this out there because I hate to ask you guys for things or push my beliefs on you, but because This channel and so many of you were invested in the dog shelter I help out on I’ve posted two videos on it now and a lot of you guys Donated and invested your heart turn Hard-earned money and also of your time sharing posts into that I wanted to tell you guys that they’re in a bit of trouble right now. I shared it on my social media So maybe most of you guys know about it, especially if you’re following their social media, but basically the area has all been flooded There’s a lot of damage done. All the food has been soaked with water and is not edible what they need right now is Donations more than ever because it’s gonna take a lot to clean up everything the food. They need money to buy all new food towels, so I will leave all their info below if you’re interested in helping them out in any way whether it be your time if You live near there and you can walk there or donations or sharing stuff about them. I’ll keep you guys updated No, Annabelle I should say it’s doing an amazing job keeping the Instagram updated so you can follow there if you are interested in knowing what happens in the future and Yeah, just a kind reminder. I know there’s a lot happening not only in Hong Kong, but at the typhoon also Swept through the Philippines. I know there’s a lot of flooding going on in America right now There’s a lot of natural disasters human disasters a ton of things going on so just be kind through it you can donate if you can share posts about causes you believe in or Donate your time. It’s all pretty calm. Now. The typhoon is a level. It was a level 3 this morning I’m not sure what it’s at this point but everybody’s just outside cleaning up dealing with the damages done to their homes and Helping out where they can right now but always calm it’s pretty sunny cloudy and as much as I try to keep my humor and keep things light and Relatively entertaining for you guys things started to get pretty scary, especially with the building swaying it made you feel really sick I know that’s okay because I know also in Japan buildings are built to sustain like shaking and high winds. They have a Leveling out thing if it didn’t actually sway, that would be bad. That would make it topple down so swaying is definitely a good thing, but I think approximately 600 trees have fallen down. So now the mess is mostly cleaning up the trees and the roads and the flooding But yeah, so I’m going to leave this video here. Thank you so much for watching I hope you guys all stayed safe and dry and continue to do so And I will see you in my next video You

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