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8th Day shop and cafe

Co-operative Vegan
Health Ethical
Organic Community What is special about the products at Eighth
Day is they are 100% vegetarian, mostly from independent suppliers and you can be sure
of the quality of the products because of that. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years. This is
obviously the place to go in Manchester, probably for the whole North West of England as well.
It’s definitely the one that covers the whole area.
I know there are other shops in town now but it’s definitely the best one.
I like the people here as well, I like to go to shops where you can chat to the people
you are buying stuff off. It’s full of really nice foods. There is tons of things I’d like
to eat in here. There are loads of new things here when I come in. I like the cafe downstairs.
I like coming here. I think it is a really great shop. The people who work here are fab. We all get
on like a little family. So it is really a lot of fun working here. I’ve been working at Eighth Day for about three
years. I’ve been a member for two to two and a half years. It’s fantastic working at Eighth
Day Cafe. We are all friends but at the same time we all have a shared vision about our
business as a whole. And that makes it a very unique place to work.

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Ken Freeman

Apr 4, 2015, 1:54 pm Reply

i remember when this was some sort of porta cabin in the 90s .. come a long way @[email protected]

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