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75 Princewood Road – Linden Woods Home For Sale – Jesse Peters Team – RE/MAX Executives

– Hey, friends. I’m Jess.
– And I’m Addi. And we’re your Social Savvy®
Realtors at RE/MAX Executives. And usually when we’re showcasing you one of our latest listings,
we start with the home. But today, we’re starting
with the neighborhood. – That’s right. We already know the house is awesome. So where are we? We’re in the heart of Linden
Woods fantastic neighborhood for so many likes and people, Jess. – Absolutely, what I love about this area especially being a parent is
there’s two K to nine schools, one for English track, one
for French immersion track. Plus there’s a community club in the area that it’s got a Splashpad,
it’s got hockey rinks, soccer fields, tennis
courts and so much more. And if you like an active
living, you have pets, there are loads of trails. But what do you love about the area? – I’m obsessed with where
we are at 75 Princewood, you’re walking distance to Joey Kennison, one of my favorites, so you can walk home after a long night. You’re close to Tim Hortons,
movie theaters, any kind of hospitality you want, you
have it here in the Woods. – There it is. So, you know the rule. If you don’t love the neighborhood, you’re not gonna love the home. So we’ve given you the reasons
to love the neighborhood. Now, go fall in love with 75 Princewood. (upbeat music) So, what do you think so far? I just love the open concept through here. Vaulted ceilings, over 1500 square feet on this main floor alone. Now, think about it. This huge kitchen with great
island for daily living, hosting parties, setting
up your little portable bar when you’re entertaining, eat-in kitchen. This house is meant for entertaining. And now nestled in on this bungalow are three more bedrooms on the main floor. So why don’t you go take a look? (upbeat music) Now, we aren’t done yet. This home, yes this home, comes with a fully finished basement. Now, why don’t you go see where Addy is and he’ll tell you more about it. (upbeat music) – Have you always wanted
your own home theater setup? I know I sure have. And take note of the big
couch we have down here. It just really gives a sense of how large this space truly is. Now imagine hosting family, the kids are playing mini sticks, you’re watching the
Jets in the Stanley Cup, hopefully one day, this space honestly,
you guys, it’s so large. And you gotta see what
else it has to offer. (upbeat music) So you saw the massive fourth bedroom. Perfect for guests, teenagers or in-laws. But what you didn’t see is
the three-piece bath down here that’s perfect for their own space. And I mean, hey, I’m not a
crafter but I do work from home. So home office, craft
space, whatever you want, you got this room to utilize it. So, you’re gonna spend
your winters down here. Where are you gonna spend your summers? – Talk about backyard living. Covered barbecue area, a
little hot tub paradise. This backyard has been
designed for max and relax. And how would you add to it? And look at the amount of
sunshine you got back here. Plus, a little storage shed action. And a little bit of an apple tree. How do you like them apples? – I know, right. – I love what they have
here at 75 Princewood from the location to
the house to the yard. What’s there not to love? – You just got space everywhere you turn. And if you wanna learn
more, where do you gotta go? Boom!
– Boom! – There’s the site. Check out all the details
’cause chances are you’ve fallen in love with this home. Now you wanna show your
friends and your family and you wanna look at
it a little bit closer. We have an amazing VR
tour that will allow you to warp right through and check it all out from the convenience of wherever you are. So thanks for checking out 75 Princewood in the heart of Linden Woods. This house is a gem. You know it is, we know it is and Stay Social®! – That’s right. – See ya.
– See ya later. (upbeat music)

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