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73 Questions With Liza Koshy | Vogue

– [Joe] Liza? Liza? It’s Vogue. – Oh my God, the real one? – [Joe] Liza! Liza Koshy! – It is the real one, hi. – [Joe] Here we are in
person where you’ve done your massively successful
parodies of this format. – Stop flirting, please. – [Joe] Now it’s time to do your real one. – Oh God, no pressure. – [Joe] Ok.
– Let’s do it. – [Joe] So, how does this feel? – Oh my God, a little
sweaty but very exciting. – [Joe] How long have you
been a video maker for? – A video maker, I like that title. I’ve been a video maker
for about four years now, I’m getting old. – [Joe] How many videos have you made? – Uh, way too many. Way more than I can count. – [Joe] How does it feel
having more subscribers than there are people in
the country of Belgium? – Are you serious? Wow, Belgium has great chocolate. What an honor! – [Joe] Can I give you a present? – Oh my God, you shouldn’t
have, but you did it! Thank you.
– [Joe] It’s ok. Can you describe your
channel in three words? – Three words: introvert gone wild. – [Joe] Can you describe
yourself in three words? – Uh, little brown girl. – [Joe] How would your friends
describe you in three words? – Small tinted female. – [Joe] How about Vogue in three words? – Ooh, has good taste… in people that they interview. Oh my God, speaking of taste, this is the tastiest present I have ever received. Good looking man, Jet Packinski. You know me too well. – [Joe] And what do we have
over here on your wall? – Well, I have to add
it to my shrine of Jet. I’m very religious. – [Joe] Can you tell us,
who is Jet Packinski? – Um, one of the many voices in my head, he’s one of the characters I created. – [Joe] What’s the biggest
inspiration you had in creating him? – I’m very good looking as a man. – [Joe] Can you do an
impression of Jet Packinski? – Jet. – [Joe] Was that it? – Jet. – [Joe] So, over here we have
a photo of Helga, and she also did a parody of 73 Questions? – Oh yes, my other split personality. She did 73 Questions, now it’s
my turn to do the real one. – [Joe] Ok, so how are
you doing these days? – Ah, just doing one day at a time. – [Joe] What’s your story? – Instagram or Snapchat? – [Joe] What’s the best
part about your job? Um, well I can’t get fired. – [Joe] Can you describe what
you consider to be your job? – Making content to make
people feel content. – [Joe] What’s most important to you? – Mental health, my own and of others. – [Joe] What’s something that
you want people to talk about? – Uh, their stories, um and
use their voices to be heard, and their platforms, no
matter how big or how small. – [Joe] Is Liza short for anything? – For life. I’m five feet tall. But it’s also short for Elizabeth. My real name’s Elizabeth. – [Joe] I knew it.
[Ding] – Oh, I made cookies for you. – [Joe] Why did you make cookies for me? – Um, because I’m trying
to suck up to Vogue. – [Joe] Oh.
– Check it out. – [Joe] So, uh, do you
have any tips for starting a YouTube channel? – Um, make an account,
start uploading videos, and then be yourself. It’s very cliché, but
nobody else can do it. They suck at it. – [Joe] So what are you shooting
this week for your channel? – Um, no idea, actually. I was actually writing ideas in my office. You wanna come up there and help me? – [Joe] I’d love to.
– I’ll steal your content. – Let’s do it.
– [Joe] Let’s do it, ok. Uh, what’s your weirdest habit? – Chewing gum all the time. – [Joe] What’s your biggest phobia? – Having bad breath, which is
why I chew gum all the time. – [Joe] Favorite hobby? – Photography, follow me on Instagram. Plug. – [Joe] Ah, which famous
person do you admire? – Jessica Alba and her company, Honest. Honestly, it’s amazing. – [Joe] Who was an
inspiration to you growing up? – Ooh, I’d have to say Jim Carrey and Raven-Symoné. “That’s So Raven” was my jam. – [Joe] What was the
last show you watched? – Last show that I watched
was a Broadway show, look at me being cultured. “Dear Evan Hansen,” Ben Platt is amazing. – [Joe] What’s your favorite film? – Ooh, anything with
Jim Carrey, I love him. Did I mention that? – [Joe] What’s your biggest fear? – Re-election. Check out my office, this is it. – [Joe] So this is your set-up. – Yeah.
– [Joe] I love it. Alright, so ok, so can you
film something for your channel right now? – Um, absolutely, let’s plug it. Guys, check it out, I’m
doing the real 73 Questions, not the off-brand, knockoff version. Make sure to check it out, you can see it in the link in bio. Please subscribe. – [Joe] That’s so cool.
– How was that? – [Joe] What’s something
you wish YouTubers would stop saying? – Link in bio, please subscribe. – [Joe] Liza, where are you from? – Houston, Texas baby. Just like Beyonce, but like
the off-brand version of her. – [Joe] What do you
miss most about Houston? – Ooh, the food. BBQ, honey. But also my family. But also fajitas. Speaking of Houston, I
have to show you a mural. Check it out. – [Joe] Ok, what’s on your mural? – On this wall is a big map
from Houston to Hollywood. – [Joe] That’s so cool. – That’s right, it’s my career path. Very similar to Beyonce. We have a lot common. – [Joe] What brings you
the most joy in life? – Oh man, the joy of others. – [Joe] How many languages do you speak? – Ah, deux. – [Joe] You speak French? – No. – [Joe] So it’s just English? – [Spanish Translation]
Yes, and a bit of Spanish. – [Joe] If you were a DJ,
what would your name be? – Uh, DJ Booth. – [Joe] When have you
felt genuinely starstruck? – By President Barack Obama. – [Joe] You interviewed President Obama? – Yeah I did, how did that happen? – [Joe] What is he like in person? – Um, even better looking. – [Joe] Which YouTuber inspires you? – Ooh, I would have to say the
one I’m dating, David Dobrik. – [Joe] What’s something you
could tell me about David? – He has great taste in women. – [Joe] Do you have any siblings? – Two of them. My mom made me two sisters,
but I’m the youngest. – [Joe] What’s the best part
about being the youngest? – Ooh, I would have to
say the hand-me-downs. Oh, and I like to think
that my parents kept trying until they had the best one. – [Joe] This is a really,
really cool apartment. – Thank you. – [Joe] What’s up with those plants? – Ooh, I am a gardener. I have a big green thumb. And I can take care of
these plants really easily because they’re all fake. – [Joe] Nice.
– Hollywood. – [Joe] How do you start
your day every morning? – Um, every morning I
start off with an alarm, unfortunately. – [Joe] What’s your favorite
letter in the alphabet. – Favorite letter? B, because you can B anything. – [Joe] What’s your biggest pet peeve? – Um, biggest pet peeve? Humble brags. Shut up. – [Joe] What’s your biggest
achievement to date? – Biggest achievement? Um, this! Definitely this. – [Joe] What’s the best song of all time? – Ooh, right now it has to
be J Balvin, “Mi Gente.” Such a good song. – [Joe] What’s the best
dance move of all time? – This is the dance
move I do to that song, a little bit of this. – [Joe] What are you doing? – It’s like twerking,
but for your shoulders. – [Joe] How many kids do you want? – Uh, to watch this video? As many as we can guys, come on. – [Joe] What’s the best
thing you’ve ever worn? – Ooh, best thing I’ve ever worn? Something, oh oh oh I wore a
dress to the VMAs, it was an amazing dress by Sergio Hudson. Plug. – [Joe] What’s your biggest splurge? -Biggest splurge? Only on food. Always food. – [Joe] Who’s the most
stylish person alive? – Ooh, Jet Packinski. Look at that good looking wall. But also, Anna Wintour. – [Joe] Oh, nice one.
– Suck up. – [Joe] Is there a message
that you’d like to pass on? – Oh yeah, Anna, did you see the cookies? – [Joe] Alright, I gotta
wrap this interview up. – Oh no. – [Joe] In a world without
YouTube, what would you imagine yourself doing with your life? – Ooh, I would probably be in school. Guys, stay in school,
otherwise this happens. – [Joe] Who’s your favorite rapper? – Uh, it’s a tie between Chance the Rapper and candy wrappers. – [Joe] If you could change
one law, what would it be? – Uh, what’s the law that allows
you to become a president? – [Joe] What three
things are most important to you in a person? – Ooh, uh humble, integrity,
honesty, and humor. – [Joe] Was that three?
– That was four. – [Joe] Ok, what would you
give five stars in this world? – You! For doing this entire
interview without any editing cuts. – [Joe] That’s so nice. Can I ask you one more question? – Oh man, can I actually
ask you to ask me something? – [Joe] Unconventional, but sure. – Ok, that was, okay – “Can I show you a magic trick?” – [Joe] Uh, can you show me a magic trick? – Yes, ok, here we go. Ready? Alakabooty.
– [Joe] Oh! – Pretty impressive, right? I’ve been working on it. – [Joe] All right, that’s
incredible, and this was an incredible real 73
Question interview that we just did. – That’s it?
– [Joe] That’s it. – We did it.
– [Joe] We did it! – Link in bio.
– [Joe] Alright. – Please subscribe.
– [Joe] Bye, Liza, take care. See you.
– Bye!



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