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7+ Vocabulary for Talking about a House or Apartment

Hi. I’m Jessica Beck from IELTS energy. Uh, in yesterday’s video I talked about how
to score highly in vocabulary on the speaking exam. So, today I thought I would, um, help you
out with that, give you some vocabulary to describe a house or apartment. Now, you have a very high chance of getting
questions like this in speaking part one, describing the house or apartment you grew
up in, or the one you live in now, or in speaking part one, or in part two, describing a house
or apartment, uh, that you want in the future. So, please take notes on today’s video, uh,
you can definitely use this vocabulary on the exam to impress the examiner. Now, how do we impress the examiner? The examiner needs to hear interesting, idiomatic
language. Native speaker like language, um, in order
to give you a seven or higher. Um, in preparation for this video, I did some
online searches for different lists that you guys can find, and to be honest, these lists
are so boring. I mean, the stuff you get, uh, from websites
and the textbooks, this is only stuff that’ll get you a six, okay? So, I came up with my own list. (Laughs.) Um, all right. So, here’s some ideas when you’re describing
a house or apartment. Um, I’m just glancing to the side at my notes
so I don’t forget anything today to tell you. Um, one thing you can say is that in your,
uh, the place you live in now, or in the future, you could say I want to create an adjective
environment. Okay? Now, those adjectives, that’s where you impress
the examiner. You could say I want to create, um, a super
warm environment. Now, that’s just like a comfy, cozy environment. So, warm, comfy, cozy. Snug. That is also a, a great adjective just to
describe the sense of feeling at home somewhere. Feeling comfortable somewhere. All right? That’s what I try to do in, in my home as
well. So, create an adjective environment. Um, you could also describe the structure
inside by saying, um, two things. The, the opposite things here. You could describe it as being choppy. Now, that’s when there are, like, lots of
walls and rooms, okay? It’s not open. The opposite of an open space is a choppy
space. And again, I didn’t see that anywhere in any
of these lists that you guys can find online. So, I don’t like a choppy place. I want a flowing, open space. So, that means that, like, when you walk in
the door, you can see the kitchen. You can see the hallway. It’s open, okay? It’s flowing. Um, I like that adjective to describe space,
a flowing space. Um, and this is how you bring in the details
and examples, the specific details and examples. Um, you, you, you describe it with an adjective,
a flowing space or a comfy space, super cozy, and then you say you know what I mean, like,
blah blah blah. And then you go into the details and examples. So, let me give you some ideas there. Um, you can see behind me, this mirror. Uh, this is an, uh, an, an authentic Balinese
mirror that I bought from an antique shop. I love this mirror. This adds warmth and style to my apartment
that I love. Um, so authentic and then Balinese mirror,
dark wood, dark cherry wood is even a further detail. Um, you can also talk about creating a green
space for yourself because this, uh, is, is spiritually and mentally beneficial to see
greenery inside your space. Um, you can do this having, uh, hanging plants
or floor plants or, um, a little herb garden, for example, which also smells nice. Um, uh, so, if you’re describing furniture,
like this mirror behind me, I also have a refurbished, refurbished means redone, okay? I have a refurbished secondhand antique Victorian
desk. There’s so many details in that, (laughs),
description. Um, and that vocabulary is fantastic. You guys need to be taking notes on these
ideas. Um, one last detail that I like to include
about a home, and again, guys, this doesn’t have to be true for you, okay? U can just take these ideas and use them yourself,
even if they’re true or not. Um, it’s just great vocabulary and it’s impressive
and authentic native speaker stuff. Okay. The last idea for you guys to include in your
answers is saying, um, I want or I had or I have, um, massive windows, so the sun pours
in. It’s, it’s, you know, the point here is, uh,
using impressive native speaker vocabulary, but you’re also trying to create an image
in the examiner’s head, and, uh, having that goal in mind when you’re talking will help
you come up with specific interesting details which brings out the specific interesting
vocabulary. All right? So, work on that, guys. Creating an image with your words when you
are describing a house or apartment in the past, in the present, or the future. So, please take notes on all the vocabulary
today and please try and use it in your own answers to impress the examiner. For more advice, tips, tricks, and strategies
and a guaranteed score increase, check out our online course available now with information
like this, not available at any other course or website, um, our course is called Three
Keys IELTS available now at ielts.allearsenglish.com. All right. Thanks for watching, and have a wonderful


Mollie Tai

May 5, 2016, 10:58 am Reply

My apartment has a lot of flowing , open spaces . It doesn't look choppy . It creates a super cozy / comfy / snug environment . It has authentic Chinese style mirrors on the walls in the bathrooms and bedrooms .
It provides some green space on the roof where we plant herbs just like in a garden . As you can see , there is plenty of refurbished antique in the living room . Besides , the sun pours in to our massive windows which gives us enough light in the early morning .

jass sidhu

May 5, 2016, 11:42 am Reply

vry good mam

Fozy Shahid

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plz give us detail on other main topic

Fozy Shahid

May 5, 2016, 8:40 pm Reply

the topic of home is very good

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Thank you! Jessica ,this is really impressive wordlist which all Ielts takers need)))

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lai nguyen

Oct 10, 2016, 3:34 am Reply

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You make learning English so much fun!!!

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Sanaz Shirinbar

Sep 9, 2017, 8:10 am Reply

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Amin Taheri

Feb 2, 2018, 9:00 pm Reply

In the first place, I must point out your movie is awesome. Honestly speaking, I cannot find the word to describe how it can exert a profound influence over the facilitation of describing a house or apartment.
Never in my entire life, Had I had a such wonderful teacher like you.
I was wonder if I could ask you on which apps you are.
Thanks for everything.
This is Amin from Tehran, The capital city of Iran and also the most populated city of Iran.

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Your videos are excellent and helped me improve a lot. Thank you.

Rajwinder singh Randiala

Jul 7, 2018, 9:33 am Reply

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