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7 Fashion Hacks EVERY Student Must Know! *life-changing*

throughout the school year I always feel
challenged to come up with outfit ideas because wearing the same hoodies
and leggings combination gets pretty boring! I feel like it’s been forever
since I shared a fashion hack video with you guys I know these are probably some
of your favorite videos to watch and I’m so sorry I haven’t been as consistent
as I’d like. welcome to my bedroom it is finally complete I can’t wait to show
you my epic room transformation it’s no longer baby blue if you want to see
what’s been going on in my life and more behind the scenes I got my second
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and close I’m going to stop blabbing now and let’s get it started with this video
just watch me break if for the first fashion hack I wanted
to talk about the tank top I know we all have tank tops in our wardrobe but
sometimes they can get a little bit boring to wear so here it is the tank
top warm upside down and as you can see don’t have to worry about tucking in any
of the straps on the top to tuck in any of that excess fabric underneath
like it I know to talk Saturdays can get a little bit pricey just because they’re
on trend but you honestly already have one in your wardrobe already and there
you have it a DIY to top from a tank top without having to do any sewing lately
I’ve been really into vintage clothing so I’ve been really loving shopping at
their stores but often or not the clothing that I find usually doesn’t
really fit me perfectly and there’s always just you know that one size so
what I love to take our safety pins safety pins are a girl’s best friend
especially if clothes don’t always fit you perfectly so this skirt right now is
hitting pretty low at my hips by one a little bit higher up here so what I can
do is take my safety pin fold about an inch of fabric to the side and then just
secure it on the inside so that this waistline is smaller I’ve been obsessed
with flip dresses and slip skirts these look so pretty paired with a graphic tee
I think it gives it such a cool edge for this outfit I really wanted to wear a
monochromatic color so I’m going with this almost bright flamingo pink now uh-oh the second way you could wear
your tank top is by layering it over a t-shirt like this if you’re more of a
modest girl and you want to be more covered up for the dress code I would
just layer this right on top what I like to do is to wear a tank top that is a
darker color than my t-shirt so there’s more of a contrast here when I was at school I was so incredibly
shy I never won up to anyone and usually I use fashion as a way to express myself
so I like wearing statement pieces similar to this my next back-to-school
essential is the utility jumpsuit I’ve been obsessed with this like workwear
look so a way to hack your jumpsuit is by wearing a sweater over top that way
you can create this like high-waisted pant look if you’re drunk sir has a
collar like mine you can pull it out and just fold it over your sweater for a
more collegiate look and then for the bottom waist area I would just tuck it
underneath just so I can see that upper fun what I like about wearing weird or
funky fashion is it’s a conversation starter people can come up to you chat
with you and it’s just so much easier and less awkward another tip is to wear the straps
cross in the front that way you have a different like halter look and I usually
just do that by pulling the shocks over my head and flipping it now that the
straps are on crisscross this is what you should be left with you can tuck in
your tank top into jeans typically when I think of a cardigan I
think of wearing it draped over a dress not like a shirt so with this clothing
hack I’m going to button the cardigan all the way up here’s the finished look as you can see
I button the buttons all the way up and just weren’t more like a v-neck sweater
I really like the bun detail and the fact that it’s pretty fitted I’ve seen a
lot of girls wear untucked like this with one of the buttons at the bottom of
it if you’re in high school or college you’re likely to have a pullover hoodie
or sweatshirt like this with your school logo on it is so hot today it’s about
like 100 degrees here in San Francisco I don’t know why I picked the hottest day
out of the year to film my fall fashions so now we’re going to throw on top this
wool coat so it’s nice and structured and then as you can see right here it’s
looking a little bit frumpy to tuck it in like a little front tuck just so you
can see your Jean button from my trusty ever laying sneakers
these ones are super comfortable finishes off the athleisure look oh those were a lot of fashion hacks let
me know in the comments down below which fashion hack was your favorite be sure
to get a big thumbs up for this video if you enjoyed it because I am sweating it
as hot follow me on instagram at fashion by alley for more daily up inspiration I
love you guys and I’ll see you next week bye



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Getting dressed for school is a STRUGGLE! Here's 7 fashion hacks to add to your arsenal to ace your back to school style! Which hack was your favorite?

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one of my favorite videos I've seen today ❤️

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