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7 Expectations Renting An Apartment in Madrid (Part 2)

hi guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Kat if you’re new and you have made it to the second part of my video
series how to find an apartment in Madrid without going crazy okay if you haven’t
already seen the first part of this video it’s all about where to stay in
Madrid and also some underrated places that people like to overlook okay in
this video we’re going to talk about some expectations that you should be
aware of when looking for an apartment in Madrid so you can kind of prepare
yourself a little bit better about what you’re going to be getting a little
disclaimer before I start this is going to be a very broad generalization not
every single department is gonna be like this and whatever I say is just
literally my opinion and it’s not law I’m pretty sure there are people that
are going to disagree with what I say just like Jaime does on every single
one of my videos but that is false is the beautiful thing about living abroad
okay so let’s just get into the video the first expectation is the budget the
budget is very important in Madrid the financial experts saying that when you
are paying for rent or mortgage you should try to stay within one third of
your overall income so if you’re coming to Madrid as likely are one third of
$1,000 is 350 euros 350 euros in Madrid Center isn’t gonna get you diddly squat
okay you need to be flexible with your budget or you to be flexible with your
location that you’re willing to go a little bit further out of the most
popular areas most auxiliares that I know pay between 400 to 500 euros
a month and get apply it is decent room most people on top of the $1,000 stipend
that they do private lessons most private lessons you can charge fifteen
to twenty two dollars an hour so you can afford to go a little bit above this 350
budget and I also recommend that you know you go above 350 I was saying an
apartment in the middle of watching this beautiful apartment for 350 euros I
didn’t have a door I didn’t have a closet and I didn’t have a window okay
so is it really a room not really but if you want to be in the perfect location
in a beautiful apartment that is what 350 is gonna get you if
we’re lucky and they can find apartments for cheaper in good locations but it’s
not the most common thing we have really good Spanish or you know somebody okay
the second thing expectation I want to talk about is if you’re coming from an
english-speaking country unless you’re a little bit away from your most
apartments in Madrid are a little bit on the smaller side compared to what maybe
we’re used to back home but that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna find a beautiful
apartment in a great location okay my third expectations are is most part
meant to not have they did not have a dishwasher and most
of the washing machines are in the kitchen as well as some apartments do
not have living rooms many investors especially in high-traffic areas
buy apartments that are quite big and they split the apartment into seven to
ten rooms taking out the living room so all you have access to is your bedroom
the kitchen in the bathroom these cases you can pay a little bit less usually
from 400 to 600 for these types of places but you’ll probably be the
perfect location and you’ll probably have a pretty modern beautiful apartment
as well but you’ll also have ten other roommates it probably just two bathrooms
my fourth expectation I want to talk about our terraces everybody wants a
beautiful Spanish terrace I completely understand
I have a lovely one outside the center Madrid and it’s literally just so
lovely to have but you do have to realize that if your budget is on the
lower side as an auxiliar it’s not likely you’re gonna get a beautiful
terrace connected to your bedroom unless you’re willing to pay more for it
if this is one of your deal-breakers I do want to mention the majority of time
that you’re coming to Madrid is from October to June most of the time you’re
not really gonna be enjoying the terrace cuz it’s gonna be winter you
have like two months to a few months to enjoy the terrace is it really worth
paying a high premium for a terrace that you’re not gonna use that off my next
expectation I want to cover is your deal-breaker list I mentioned in my
other video about how you should be making a list about your must must must
have on your list and you need to cut that in the third for me in Madrid since
it’s such a hot city and it’s very difficult to get an apartment
I recommend that really is the most important thing on your list should be
metro proximity the location and the price the other parts of it are not
those other things just become wants instead of needs and the reality is if
your only going to be in Madrid for one year as a study
abroad or exchange or as an auxiliar you’re probably gonna be in your
apartment 30 to 40 percent of the time in 60 and 70 percent of time out
exploring getting to know people learning traveling doing all these
wonderful things that you do a study abroad the other things like oh it’s
ugly furniture are not that important and also you could buy something like
it’s your little furniture you know to stick somewhere IKEA is very near to the
city center my sixth expectation are Spanish roommates okay if you’re coming
to Madrid it and you are anything like me you’re probably coming super-excited
you want to meet Spanish people you want to speak a lot of Spanish you’re gonna
be best friends with your new Spanish roommate you’re gonna be the best of pals this
is just not the reality at all at all by seeing this does not mean you’re not
gonna have a great Spanish for me that you guys become besties but from my
experience and also looking on the auxiliar page of other people
with Spanish roommates that’s just not the reality that you’re gonna have you’ll
have to think about why is it gonna be like that it’s not gonna be like that
because they already have their friends there they have their like you’re coming
here new excited you want to explore you what a tour for them this is their home
this is everything that to me is so exciting for you is been there done not
seen that my entire life most people are not that super excited to introduce you
to all their friends and in my most cases I’ve had, most time you’re not
speaking to them in spend that often hi hola que tal? and you go to your room or
they go to their room it’s not this such a great Oh our best pals type of
experience that you’re probably hoping I hope I’m not turned down all your hopes
and dreams but most of the time spanish roommates there life continues whether
you’re there or not I’m sure also you’re not the first corner they’ve met
and most people are not that excited to have a friend just for six to seven
months before you leave back to your home country the most the Spanish people
are not gonna meet you and saying oh great a Florida and my house like let me
introduce you to all my spanish friends let me help you with your Spanish let me
just teach you everything about Spain and your let’s just be the best of
friends usually that’s just not what’s gonna happen even though we would all
hope wish and would love for that to happen it just usually doesn’t that
doesn’t just say that some people don’t have great Spanish for me that they
really get along with but usually if they’re not interested in learning
English they usually aren’t interested to getting to know you and teaching you
all about Spanish life and solving your problems for you okay my last expectation if you don’t take anything away from this video if you say like I’m
absolutely crazy you don’t wanna listen to anything else in this video but one
thing that I pray I hope that you listen is do not live with your landlady or
landlord just please don’t do it its literally horrible most of the time
when you live with the landlady or landlord
it’s you usually have not as nice experience
as if you live with people that are completely equal to you so it’s the
difference between living in someone else’s house and living in your own
house where everyone is equal and everybody is the same every time you
live with a landlord and it’s a better house everything you do they’re gonna
take a lot more personal you know break something something happens here there
it’s a lot more a lot more personal whereas life if it’s your roommate it’s
not as big of a deal also I feel like a lot of landlords like to take advantage
of foreigners and speakers because they’re only here for a
year they can charge a higher premium like if you speaker in Spanish that’s an
advantage but if you don’t then you probably are most likely gonna get taken
advantage if you live with your landlord and in my opinion it makes a lot of
sense because if you’re a Spanish person and you don’t speak English why would
you prefer to rent out of room to an English speaker who doesn’t speak
Spanish / a Spanish person there’s plenty of Spanish people looking for
apartments why would they choose you for that it’s usually because they want to
charge a higher premium okay that’s all I have for you guys today in my next
video I’m gonna be talking about once you actually have the apartment what to
actually say and what to do so you can be 100% prepared for when you are getting your New apartment so don’t forget to smash the like button and I will see you in
the next video bye


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