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$600 Korean Apartment Tour – Living In Seoul, South Korea (what will $600 USD/month rent you) ???

I will cook it deliciously this one says i will
cook deliciously in this place it has a full kitchen has all your utensils it even
comes with a rice machine that talks to you incur if you need it and you’re
lonely and you need a friend the rice cooker will even keep you company no
just kidding so today we’re gonna talk you through
and show you our apartment here in Korea yes before we show you how it is like
about heart mentally Weinke how much 650 dollars for 30 days for 30 days in
Seoul guys it’s like right near Hongdae so it’s really close to everything that
you really need and transportation as well being connected to local
transportation while you’re traveling if you don’t have a motorbike or a car is
super important now if you ride the subway the subway is a thousand one is
online per ride and then as soon as you get off
if you connect to a bus it’s only a hundred one so it’s super super cheap
take a bomb like what five minutes from Allah place
yeah only no probably about 15 minute bus ride
yeah two minute bus ride from our place and then we arrive in chin sauna it’s
really nice because they have tons of stores and restaurants all down the
street when we first started looking for apartments normally what we do is we’ll
check Facebook groups and such they either require a large sum of money as
like a down payment they require you to have proof of employment sometimes they
shop the building fee that means like garbage garbage garbage management they
try for the cause of maintenance of the building or sometimes including the
internet as well so most of the time they actually want 20 percent of your
monthly rent upfront as a down payment so what we do is we used Airbnb and we
found this apartment on Airbnb and it was within the area that we wanted it to
be all prices are included there’s no electric feed there’s no water fee
there’s no internet fee press on so twice to use hot water don’t
forget to turn off when you go out dude that’s so like some really
trustworthy country here you just leave your box outside a door so you still have to actually move your
arms every 30 seconds it turns pauses and then continues that it does that for
two minutes and the main reason it does that is to tell you to switch spots so
if you’re in the upper right hand corner and you switch the upper left-hand
corner and you switch to the bottom left-hand corner and then you switch to
the bottom right-hand corner every 30 seconds it turns off the battery this
thing last 180 days conditioned betray you later no you should plug it in in
charge oh you shot it in one charge less 180 days and then you have one two three
four five five different modes you have whitening plane sensitive polish and
massage that personal use clean and polish I love it
using it for over a month and I can’t get it off you had a security system
with a camera and a passcode sliding glass doors and an elevator
the building is five floors it’s clean twice a week and it also has a really
really nice view from the rooftop so the rooftop the entire section of the city
where we’re at is surrounded by mountains so from the rooftop you can
see the beautiful mountains and all the churches that are lit up throughout the
city it’s really really nice this is great if you can’t remember anything
like Tom so when you forget your key thank you take off the shoes here so
it’s quite a small apartment but we don’t need much most the time when we’re
traveling it becomes quite difficult for us to work because we don’t have two
tables so one of us has always got a hurt back from working on the table or
working on the ground or working on a bed or a countertop so it’s quite
difficult but here we specifically pick this apartment one because it was quite
affordable compared to the rest of souls oh yeah sorry
okay because it’s quite affordable compared to the rest of Seoul but also
because it has two working stations one that’s here and one desk here okay with
two nice chairs so it’s really really convenient for us actually pause real
quick sorry actually this one is the section that originally is the dressing
table from the ownness yeah and we turned it into a leaders
desk and I think it’s a oh no she said I thought
doing know why so you have a small bathroom connected to the living area
which is right here it’s very simple very very simple very simple very small
ah and then again like I said you have a washing machine you have a full kitchen
all of utensils and it’s very well lit so you have really really big smoke
glass windows so nobody can really see in your apartment and you still get the
natural sunlight that’s amazing rice cooker that speaks that is my
favorite thing cuckoo and yeah you have a washing
machine right here and gas stove and things that I love about this place is
that when we come to the kitchen there’s no here say you can have whatever in the
fridge yes please come to fire there’s a bottle of muscle delicious that Jimmy
liked so you know microwave which is actually very uncommon in Asia to have a
microwave and a toaster I mean maybe it’s common in Seoul or Korea but in the
rest of Asia it’s very uncommon to have a microwave in your home and they said
what’s it called a toaster and a hot water kettle and then connected and
separated by this closet area you have the bedroom so it’s really nice it’s
quite a small bedroom but it’s you don’t need much a small bed but we both can
fit in so perfect it’s a really nice apartment so again if you are interested
in renting the same apartment or just checking it out for the price and if
it’s available just check the description box below and we really hope
this information is helpful to you because it is quite difficult to find an
apartment for short-term stays at a reasonable price here in Seoul
yeah really yeah we highly suggest you using the map on Airbnb and finding the
location of where your Airbnb is gonna be and then you can look up on Google
Maps and find whether it’s going to be close to an MRT station close to a
subway station or a bus station that makes it really easy and convenient for
you and really affordable so this is a beautiful really nice local area so we
have to take a bus to the subway and then the subway connects to the entire
country but you get all these little local shops
your cold noodle shops little eateries like these like we’re outside of home we
are inside them one Sunday morning but that’s local shops local restaurants or
what I really love one they’re cheap everything is like 60 all right cause
pause the memo guys you see that five thousand seven thousand six thousand is
something that it’s like four or five dollars basically yeah and everything’s
super affordable and you get this really authentic feel like this is somebody’s
house like they have all things of a boil here on the side like 17 different
fans in this place 17 different men oh but this is how me and I used to go out
and eat the first mapping the first year in careers know the places that like
literally don’t even look like a restaurant looks like you’re walking
some of these hollows that’s one it’s like the place where you have to feel
the water by yourself so that’s a great they say that if you run out of the
water in this you have to kill yourself yes the glass everything is like what
does I call health won’t sell itself so it’s yeah so Sophie’s here get a bottle
of water jump your car your battery goes hahaha you just come
back and get a new battery change your oil all at the same it’s really good I like it it kind of
tastes like a gravy like instead of it being like a sauce like a pasta sauce
yeah it takes more like a like a pork or beef gravy Iko moil became Cheetah Girl okay it’s
just soup to get it together with this continued style I’m Sami da nice little
grocery stores and things like that all within walking distance from here so
it’s really nice to be in the local neighborhood and to have such a nice
place with all the amenities that we need and the internet the Internet is
incredible do you feel me you feel the Internet
I have something to add here so I recommend you check the metro map to say
watching me say metro map I would suggest you stay around the Green Line
which is like normally a lot of Hospital in Seoul live within the Green Line so
the Green Line is line number two and green light got the Hongik University a
lot of people know it as home there and that place is like great for party great
for shopping great for like mingling with oh it’s yeah it’s so busy to hang
out at you even though is touristy but because it’s right nearby the University
so that’s why it’s not super expensive that not only Home Week University
another station on the Green Line that I would highly recommend you to stay
around is singe shin chon and shin Chon is actually the station nearby our
apartment it requires her to take a bus to Shin
Chon station which is not so far and then from Shenzhen we can go to anywhere
easily Shin Chon is another hot spot as well that is like a university nearby
which is a top-three University of South Korea it’s nearby so that’s why around
Shan Shan is also she and the next one that I would
recommend you to stay is the city hall area now City Hall area is more of the
area that you can get easily to day Sean kitchen which is like a really nice
steaming park and the city hall area is more easily accessible to a lot of
historical place I would say another place is me in Rome the reason why Menno
is another great spot is that if you are girls love shopping Ming dong is a
really good spot and window is on line number four which is the blue line and
window is closed to eat Taiwan which is another area to hang out with national
area international area a lot of ambassadors are there it’s more like
foreigners area foreigner party area yeah foreigners party area and also it’s
pretty close to Namsan tower that is another icon of Seoul so you can stay at
nearby Ming dong or you can say nearby Seoul station that is like a major
transportation hub so it depends on your purpose of traveling in South Korea so
you can pick and a very good like spot like emotion good location based on the
map based on the metro map up so so we’d like to jump in and take a quick second
thing today’s sponsor dental duty so this thing is a complete game-changer
the toothbrush you saw earlier is something that we never thought we would
actually enjoy using I never thought I would actually be one to have an
electric toothbrush but me and taw having the option to only carry around
this little case with two heads and be able to share the same toothbrush is a
great option for us to cut down on size so if you guys like what you see you can
check the description box below and it’ll take you to an amazon link where
you can order it basically anywhere throughout the world for $25 there’s a
discount code below as well so if you put that code in at checkout you can get
a little bit off your purchase it’s so interesting seeing so like first
thing in the morning the city the city no I’m saying like when we got off the
bus like this the city is so quiet in the morning because they’re so lively
all night like the city is so alive all night with people I partying and
drinking having a good time in the morning


Lifetime Travelmates

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Lifetime Travelmates

Oct 10, 2019, 4:03 am Reply

I like how you tilt the image. Is that with a gimbal or in editing?

Nyonyo Reservoir

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Second comment, I guess.
I will comment about the video later on, after I fully watched the vid.


Oct 10, 2019, 4:08 am Reply

So hard to find furnished apartments for rent by the month in Seoul in a good area. Amazing price for Hongdae!! I put 100k down to live in that area haha

Divert Living

Oct 10, 2019, 4:18 am Reply

Guys, we hope you enjoyed our apartment tour in Korea. Don't forget to check the description box for full details !:)
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I just bought the toothbrush and I'm super excited! I've wanted to switch back to an electric toothbrush for years but there are no outlets in my bathroom (when old buildings were built in Israel they were convinced it was dangerous to have an outlet anywhere near water) so the 180 days on a single charge sold me. Your coupon code covered the cost of international shipping too! Thanks!

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Hey guys, it seems Tah is able to understand Korean language as well as to speak a little bit, which is quite interesting. She may be able to read as well, which my daughter who is 10years old even cannot yet.
One thing I realised after I had left Korea is we can order foods anytime you feel hungry even after midnight using your mobile app or phone and it will get delivered very quickly, which none of country has.
Hope you guys enjoy my home country where I’m also missing.

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