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5345 S Harper Avenue Unit 104 | Studio Apartment A1 | Hyde Park Property Management

Hello! I am at 5345 South Harper 104. This is a Studio apartment and you can see here that this is the entryway with an intercom and right off the bat we have a walk-in closet which is awesome to have in a studio apartment and you have the built-in shelving You can see that you can actually walk around in here a ton of space and then if you go over here, here is the bathroom updated bathroom good lighting cabinet new tiles with the vintage flooring and check out this flooring in the bedroom / living room area. It is new hardwood flooring and just look at how much space we have here I’m going to back up a little bit so we can see that built-in storage area that could be anything from a bookshelf to storage for clothes, if you need more storage It is up to you! You have so much room here This kitchen over here too White cabinetry New appliances New Lighting You can see that this would be a perfect place to have a dining room table and you can put your bedroom and bed over here and look at all those outlets too plenty of options Again, this is a studio at 5345 S Harper 104

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