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$500 Korean Apartment Tour | Daegu, Korea

Hi guys! and welcome to this Daegu Korean
apartment tour! So, as most of you may know, I don’t live
in Daegu. I actually live in Seoul, and I live in a
basement apartment. It’s kind of sad but it is home, and I will
link it up here. But, I’m currently in Daegu visiting a friend
and I’m staying at this wonderful AirBnb in the perfect area and I actually looked up
information on it and found a lot of units in this building are for sale, and I can tell
you about how much the rent will be. It depends on which side of the building you’re
on, which floor, but you can do a kind of guesstimation and this is a really popular
layout of apartment all over Korea so if you find that you really really love this layout,
you can find it in all other cities, usually. So yeah, let’s take a little look around! So when you enter you have the usual area
for shoes, and this whole wall is storage. And you have a nice little mirror to check
yourself before you go out. Next we go in…and this is the living room
area. So this is the living room couch, and it actually
folds out to become a bed which is really nice as you can see from the little tab down
there. This can be a bed if you have a guest its
fine by itself but folded out it would be almost like a queen sized bed. And there’s this really nice mirror that is
actually from Ikea as are a lot of things in this apartment. and over here is you control unit so you have
your lights, very modern, you have your AC, and you actually have a monitor and you can
call people from outside just outside of your apartment which is pretty cool. Then of course there is this view. You are looking out over this park which has
just been waking up its quite early in the morning. And you get a nice view of the mountains. The street noise isn’t that bad actually,
its quite nice. Now this, is a very confusing thing to me. This is a TV. It is just set to the “art setting” currently
but this is a television!How weird! So as you guys saw for the kitchen, this pulls
out. You can actually push it completely flat in,
but because of the stools its a little bit out. You have just your normal kitchen. With storage, a microwave, you have your sink,
and this is actually your laundry machine. There isn’t usually a dishwasher in Korean
apartments so they put the laundry machine here. And then you have your two electric stove
tops. I really love the tile its so fun and its
the same in the bathroom. I really like it. Unfortunately one thing you aren’t really
going to find in Korean apartments is an oven. So if you love to cook in an oven like I do,
you will need to purchase one they’re more like toaster ovens. So don’t come in expecting an oven because
nope. As for the fridge, its actually hidden. Looks like just another cabinet but you open
it and you get this nice big old fridge and freezer! Not bad! And next up, let’s see the loft! Come on up! So welcome to the loft area. Just for reference, I’m 5’4″ so 163cm, and
it is a bit difficult to do things up here if you’re just going to come up here to sleep,
its fine, but if you want to get changed up here or something you do have to be quite
crouched down. But it gives you that whole free living room
downstairs which is really nice. This is a queen sized bed and it is just the
mattress, straight on the ground. But its very comfortable. And all I have up here is my bed side table,
and then we have a lot of storage in here. The stairs are a little precarious, yes, but
again you should probably only be coming up here to go to sleep and the rest of the time
is spent downstairs. Now for the bathroom! So this is actually quite a modern bathroom. Sorry its a little echo-y. Most Korean apartments you have – it’s called
a “wet room” so you have your shower completely open and you can get everything wet, I actually
quite like mine, but this one because it is a modern apartment the shower has a door!
which is very exciting. Really big – this big. You have a separate shower head and you have
this huge one, you’ve got your nice little area for your shampoo and you can close the
door. Here is your sink again with that tile that
I really like. Next you have all of this storage, typical
medicine cabinet. You have your toilet, and this one is the
fancy – its got a bidet, its got whatever, its got heat, all that stuff. Quite nice. Okay so that was the tour. It’s a small but quaint place, really good
for one, or two people. Two people if you’re close. And here is all the rent information: In Korea
in case you don’t know, you have to pay a security deposit. In America, its usually your first and last
month of rent. But in Korea, its totally different. It’s actually a huge chunk of money, in cash,
in one go but the thing is, you do get it back. The security deposit is going to scare you
but just know that you will get it back. So for this building, the prices I’ve seen
listed are almost always 6,000,000won. which is about $6,000USD. currently it is this much
conversion. Then the monthly rent is going to be 550,000won. So around $550USD or this much. that is just your monthly rent it should include
water actually for this building, as it does for mine in Seoul. Some buildings are all on the same water plan
or gas plan so you just pay that within your rent which is kind of nice. Then you pay something called gwanribi which
is a payment for all the other extra things in the building. So the building I live in in Seoul has nothing,
its literally just the building but this building has a lobby, what seems like a night guard
or security guard, I didnt see him but theres definitely a desk there. You have a nice little mail room, elevators. So you have to pay for that and the gwanribi
is 60,000won a month, so you technically, if you add that into your rent, you’re paying
610,000won which again is this much. So that would be your rent, and I did a video
about how much I spend in a month which I’ll put up here as well, but usually your bills
are not going to be that high. As far as electric, gas, or even wifi, its
incredibly cheap compared to America. So your bills aren’t going to be super huge
unless maybe during the summer when youre using the AC a lot or during the winter when
you’re using the heater. But really its going to be affordable. So yeah I hope that you enjoyed this video
and if you ever come to Daegu let me know and I will send you a link to this AirBnb,
its really nice and the guy was really easy to talk to. And again, its in a really great area, its
right downtown but its a little removed you have this wonderful view of the mountains
its just great. I would happily live here, I love Daegu. I hope that this was helpful, I love this
layout of apartment I really wish that I had it but I’m happy paying my $400 a month 🙂 I
will leave you here, I have to go explore Daegu its my last day. I’m going up to Seoul tonight, so I will catch
you guys in the next video and thanks as always for watching! Bye~~


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Jul 7, 2019, 10:32 pm Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 2:40 pm Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 8:00 pm Reply

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حياتنا في النمسا

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Jul 7, 2019, 12:29 pm Reply

More security deposit, less monthly fee. It is usually negotiable with the owner. Actually $6,000 is a kind of warranty. If the tenant don't pay the montly rent, the security deposit is cut down.
And the usual contract is 2 years and it's about $10,000 or more in Seoul.

It's a custom, so… I don't know the exact reason.

Randy Yu

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