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5 Key Players You Should Have On Your Home Buying Team

Hello, my name is Paula Roper Bacchas and I am a
real estate agent here in Jamaica where is is my clients to buy sell rent lease
residential and commercial properties island wide and it would be my pleasure
to assist you today so I will be listing the five key players that you should
have on your team you can put in additional persons on this team but
these are the five core persons I believe should be on any home buying
team so number one is a trusted real estate agent / consultant okay so
you need to do your research you need to look at reviews you need to look at
recommendations from past clients and just look at their whole demeanor what
you can find out about them on social media or get recommendations from family and
friends who you trust to advise you properly so chief among these you should
look for somebody who is knowledgeable someone who knows the market someone who
can assist you with the information that you are seeking so do your research
research research research and try to find someone who best suits your needs
number two before you start anything else you need to get pre-qualified for
your mortgage should you be using a mortgage you need to talk to all the
different mortgage providers in an around your area look at what they are
offering you look at their rates their interest rates and make the best
decision for you this comes to where you do a lot of research research research
research research is the name of the game so you have to find the best
mortgage provider for you that will give you what you’re looking for at the best
rate just for full disclosure I want you to know that I am a Scotia Bank mortgage
referral partner and I assist my clients they don’t have
to go through Scotia Bank but I always let them know what Scotia Bank has to
offer so currently Scotia bank has one of the lowest interest rates on the
market which is six point nine percent they offer they offer you to come in and
you get pre-qualified same day all you need to do is bring your necessary
documents and you can get your pre-qualification letter on that day no
need to wait before you can know what you qualify to get from them for
your mortgage you can get that same day and as of right now August 2019 they
offer that six point nine percent interest rates if you qualify so number
three is to get a Valuer if you’re going through to go through a mortgage
provider you’re definitely going to need a valuer for that property when you do
find it and you’re looking for you’re looking to go through the process of
purchasing if you go through an institution buying through a mortgage they will
give you a list of valuers who they they will accept evaluation from or they will
arrange for the valuation to be done at your cost so you need to talk to your
mortgage provider and ask them which one of these areas they fall under if
they are going to give you a list to choose from or if they are going to
arrange for the valuation to be done and then you pay the valuer number four you
need a trusted land surveyor to survey the property to make sure that
everything is okay there’s no encroachments there’s no breaches
everything is okay with the property and your mortgage will be your mortgage will
be approved so you do need a trusted land surveyor to join your team as
and number five and final you need a trusted attorney at law to assist you
through the process of purchasing your property so how are you going to find
this attorney you are going to need to do research research research I know I
must sound like a broken record but a lot of real estate has to do with
research because you need to be well informed
and you need to find persons who are also well informed to assist you along
your way example a trusted real estate consultant as myself so I can assist you
I can give you recommendations to attorneys at law that do conveyancing or
real estate law so that they can better assist you areas that you need to look
at when thinking about an attorney you need to definitely look at their
availability to deal with your sale and you also have to look at their
responsiveness so if you send them an email will they respond in a timely
manner do they have time to assist you answer your questions all of these must
be taken into consideration so I can always assist you I can talk to you and
let you know about the mortgage providers that I work closely with chief
among them being Scotia bank I can also talk to you about valuers who I have
dealt with & I deal with on a daily basis I refer my clients to who give them good
responses and who do their work in a timely manner
I can also refer you to a trusted land surveyor to do your survey for you so I
hope you found this video informative feel free to also reach out to me
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