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5 best places to rent a bike near Cleveland

This video is about the top places in
Cleveland to rent a bike, whether you need one for a couple hours at the park
or even a couple weeks to ride to work. I’m gonna show you those places starting
now. Number one is Eddy’s bike shop spread
out across four different locations. I went to North Olmsted. There’s a big
showroom of bikes and all kinds of cycling gear. I tried out two rentals. The
first was a hybrid bike, a Trek, which my wife tells me is a good brand. $25 a
day. This is a good choice for riding in the metroparks, or you could go bigger
with this full suspension mountain bike. $75 a day. There are a growing number of
mountain bike trails in the Cleveland area. Number two is fan-favorite Century
Cycles with their three locations. I toured their Rocky River store. Great
selection of bikes and cycling gear for purchase and they have a lot of rental
bikes. I tried out a flat-bar fitness bike called the Giant Escape. Nice and
light. $15 an hour to rent or you could call them about a daily rate or longer
if you want. Walk ups are welcome. Number three, you’ve probably driven by these
bike stations around town already, UH bikes. You do have to download the
social bicycles app and then you can reserve your bike. You can pay as you go
or you can do longer rentals. When I returned the bike, I saw the instructions
actually tell you to stay off the sidewalks. I was getting weird looks
riding around the sidewalk in Tremont. Maybe that’s just me. check out the UH
bikes website for a map of their locations and have fun! Number four is a
bike shop that’s been around for a long time Fridrich Bicycles in Ohio City.
This is a place you can come and rent for a longer period of time. $30 a day for bike rental and here’s a tip that Jane the manager was telling
me – if you decide at the end of your rental to buy the bike, you’ll get the
credit of everything you’ve already paid. So if you rent the thing for two weeks
you might just decide to keep it at the end of that time. And just as a bonus, I
want to tell you about Ohio City Bicycle Co-op. They offer weekly and monthly bike
rentals. Just go to their website to see the days that they’re open. I know
there’s other bike shops out there so comment below if you’ve had good
experiences at other places and go rent a bike!

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