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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Source Property Deals Fast

Hello and welcome to today’s video which is
where we’re going to be looking at four sure fire ways you can use to find property deals
fast. This is a quick start property investing guide. First of all, I’ll just say on this video,
if you’re rich on time, if you’ve got enough time to go out there and find property deals,
you can find some fantastic investments. You can negotiate some great deals with motivated
sellers. But if you’re short on time, then these are going to be some very quick and
easy tips that you can use to really just leverage the time that you do have, while
still finding those very best potential property deals and sourcing those very best opportunities. The
first one is looking at auctions. Now this is a very easy way to buy properties in your
local area or you target kind of town or city. Auctions will happen regularly, usually around
every eight weeks or so there’ll be a local auction in most areas. Sometimes maybe even
six weeks if it’s a more popular area. Auctions give you a wide variety of property deals
as well, everything from development properties through to ready-to-go tenanted opportunities
all the way through to more speculative kind of land type sites as well. Auctions kind
of run the full spectrum as it were of potential opportunities but from a time perspective,
you then can just open the auction catalog, see what properties, areas, price ranges,
work for you and really just shortcut your time taken to potentially find some deals. Now, a quick caveat to that, auctions don’t
always means a bargain. There are some properties that sell at auctions that aren’t always the
best. Maybe there’s a problem with the title or with the property or the location or the
neighbors, that types of thing. So, still need to run your own due diligence on any
auction listing but it can be a quick start way to find property deals in your local area. Number two is looking at working with a property
sourcer or property investment company. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you don’t
have to spend hours and hours on RightMove and Zoopla, trying to find those kind of diamond
in the rough or those best opportunities in that area. Very often, in most areas around
the UK, you’ll have a property investment company or property sourcer and the local
organization might be a one man band, might be a small company or might be a large kind
of investment company but they should all have opportunities in that area. Again, that will change depending on the company
or the individuals you speak to but it might be a but to let, it might be a HMO, it might
be a development opportunity. Lots of different strategies you can use but by working with
a property sourcer, you short cut all that time really because very often they’ll have
deals that are ready to go now and you can look at an opportunity and see if it’s right
for you so you can see straightaway if the location’s right, the price range, the yield,
the potential of what that property can be or what you can do with it. That just really
kick start that potential portfolio growth for you. You can save all that time, speak to a property
sourcer or a couple of companies, see what opportunities they have and if it’s a fit
for you, very often it can work. You can always wrap those sourcing fees into the deal so
property sourcers, investment companies, usually charge a fee but that fee should be a part
of that whole investment so if it works because of the price range, the purchasing cost, the
fees for the deal, all of that wrapped into one and it’s still the right investment or
the right opportunity for you, then it’s well worth looking at and will help you get started
with your property portfolio much quicker. Number three is looking at a more recent structure
within UK property and that’s crowdfunding. This is a great opportunity for people to
get started with property investments in the UK with a smaller investment pot. Instead
of going out there and again, sourcing your own property deals or spending time trying
to flick through the right opportunities, what you’ll find is with crowdsourcing companies,
they will condense those opportunities into one platform in a structure you can invest
with with very little startup capital. Some companies even start from about ten pound.
We can give you introductions to those companies as well. I put some links in below this video
for some of the deals we have as a property sourcer, some of the companies that we work
with like crowdfunding. Other croudfunding companies work from I think
it’s about a thousand pound or so and upwards to get started and everything in between.
Those types of opportunities can be great to give you diversity over your property portfolio
but really help you speed up that property investment cycle because you can go to a crowdsourcing
portal, see what opportunities you have on their site and invest in it and very often
they’re ready to go within a couple of weeks, rather than waiting a couple of months for
the normal purchase cycle of a property and then also the additional time frame to try
and find those opportunities, crowdfunding is a great way to kick start your portfolio
building or growth with very low investment cost as well. It’s quite low to get started,
which is potentially great for a lot of investors that ordinarily might not be able to look
at property investing as an opportunity. Crowdfunding, I’d say is another opportunity to kind of
get started and quite quickly with your property portfolio. Finally, number four, the quickest way to
kind of get started with growing a portfolio will be with working with receivers or repossessed
type property stock. Property, like any industry, like any asset is geared by supply and demand.
If you have a property which is being sold by a receiver, by a mortgage company, they
have to sell that property. They don’t want to kind of keep hold of it over the long term
if the client is defaulted and they’ve taken back that property and then they’re selling
it, that property will be sold within a set time frame. Whether it’s by an auction company
or directly via the receiver or via an estate agent, there’s usually a defined time frame
in which that company wants to sell a property. Because of supply and demand, if you’re looking
at properties that fit that criteria, not only can you buy them quickly because they
need to sell quickly but also you can buy them at a good price because they have a very
motivated reason to sell that property and they can make very good opportunities to add
to your property portfolio. Now there are some down sides to repossessions.
In the UK, that can be classed as gazumping iS the terminology used where you might get
an offer agree on a property, let’s just say you’re buying it by an estate agent so a more
traditional route rather than via an auction or directly with a receiver where you would
usually transact that property, exchange much quicker but an auction sale, if you were to
buy a property let’s say today, you may have 4-6 weeks before you even exchange on that
deal, which gives times for another buyer potentially to come in and buy that property
from underneath you. You could have spent time and cost and stuff on that deal so it’s
not perfect. There are some risks with repossessed type properties but from a speed point of
view, they’re very good because the agent wants to sell it quickly, the mortgage company
or the receiver wants to see it quickly, then for you as a buyer, you can buy it quickly
as well. Hopefully that helps just as a quick roundup,
a couple of different opportunities there to get involved in property quite quickly
are auctions, property sourcers, crowdfunding, or repossessions. Hopefully helps you get
started quickly with growing your property portfolio. Any questions, again, for the video,
please ask in the comments below. Always happy to help and take care. I look forward to catching
you in next video. All the best. Thank you for watching this video. If you
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