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3D Shapes for Kids – Learn the 3D Shape Properties

Today we are going to think all about the 3D shapes and their properties Before we look at the shapes Let’s look at the words relating to the 3D shapes We use the word face to describe a flat surface We use the word face to describe a flat surface of a 3D shape will eat stuart Edge to disguise a side of the baby here We’re two features of the solid figure made Please to work for kicks or Fresh to describe the point where? be against of a solid figure mate keys a Keypad six pieces 12 Edges, and [it’s] lunacy objects that are [keeps] include safe Rubik’s Cube building blocks cuboid a cuboid has two twisters [TweLve] Aggies And it very thing objects that are cheap plink include cereal boxes back bricks [cylinder] [A] Cylinder has free fishes to make is until further speech Oh it gets better cylinders include kick your move up Cut pillow [sweep] [down] you’re here A Spear has one fish zero Edges here overseas Okay NRC’s include A ball A bubble Orange Code A Cone has two faces one Edge one for chess I’ll just color code include ice cream cold traffic cones Party hats triangular prisms A triangular Prism [has] 559 Edges and six vertices I’ll kick that our triangular present include the World change against Scorpy’s Permit Up square piece permit has five fishing [II] Edges and five for the face objects that are square feet Permit and [Click] Tell make in Egypt erase going for Paris [TetrAhedron] TetrAhedron has for fishes six Edges for for fish objects include candles and cake Hexagonal prism Has I canõt creative heart it ceases? get two Edges and [Twelve] races I’ll get include conical [sleep] to a swimming pool Now if your turn, can you remember the different properties of the fray they shift? Let’s try together Here just you can you remember how many features it has? You’re right a cube has six pieces Here’s a cuboid how many first each does it have? Great job, it has 8 vertices Here is a standard. How many vertices does it have? Excellent. It has zero for the face Here’s [the] [sphere]. How many edges does it have? Super it has zero edges Here is a cone. How many fishes does it have Fantastic it has two phases Here is a triangular prism. How many edges does it have? Green it has no narratives here was a square of each pyramid how many faces doesn’t have Well done. It has five features Here is a tetrahedron. How many four C’s does it have? [good] job [it] has four vertices [cheering] [aah] Hey, John Come praise him How many fishes does it have? You’re correct. [it] has the creases Funtastic you really know your phrasing she’s on your property you

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