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3029 Dillon Street Home Tour with Andrew Undem

(light electronic music) – Hello, this is Andrew Undem
with the SURE Sales Group and today we’re sharing a success story of 3029 Dillon Street. A few months ago we listed 3031 Dillon, listed the home, brought
the buyer, smooth deal, sold, settled, done. The neighbors called us,
we just listed their home, and in the first week we
have a full price offer. In today’s downtown city market, if you’re not doing the right
things at the right time in the right sequence,
you’re gonna be leaving money on the table. If you know anyone who’s
thinking about buying a home or selling a home, or renting a home, or moving in general, we’d
love to apply for the job to serve you. Contact me, Andrew Undem, or
anyone at the SURE Sales Group, we’d be delighted to apply for the job.

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SURE Sales Group

Aug 8, 2019, 3:55 pm Reply

Andrew Undem presents

3029 Dillon Street for sale in Baltimore, Maryland.

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