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Hey what’s up guys? It’s Cory here.
I’m in the stairwell of my apartment building here in central Hanoi. This is my new apartment. I moved in about 3 weeks ago. I’m going to spare you the 6-story walk up all of these stairs. There’s no elevator here, and that’s a very common thing with Villa apartments in Asia, in general. But uhmm… yeah, this is the 6th floor, rooftop apartment tour guys, let’s go! So this is a communal washing machine right here outside my door. This is my umbrella, my shoes. And this is not your traditional kind of a door, this is just a sliding door. Ta da! And we’re in my house! My brand new apartment. So before I get into it, I’m going to show you guys some cool stuff about the door here. So it does have this window that opens up, so I can get some nice air flow. This place is all about air flow. I’m going to go ahead and shut that now. What’s really cool is that there is a sliding screen door. That is cool! I love the accordian style sliding screen door. So you know, I can slide the wooden door all the way open and just have like a nice breeze coming through here. So here’s the bathroom, you can see there’s a big glass door. I’ll shut it so you can see what it looks like when it’s closed. So that’s the bathroom door. And on the inside, it’s just a normal bathroom. It’s got a nice little round sink basin here. Good faucet. There’s me, hey guys! What’s up!? Up here, there’s some storage space. And, what else? Yeah, so there’s blinds there so at night I shut that down so when I’m taking a shower no one knows what I look like naked. But here’s the view. Outside. This is the roof of someone else’s place over there. That rooftop is not connected to this building.
It’s a separate building. Anyways, really nice to have this here.
Lots of light. This is the towel rack, I have it up right now.
But usually it’s like this. But I have it up so it’s a nice, unobstructed view of outside. Some plants here. Here’s the shower. So regular shower, and then it has the hand-held shower head here. And it also has the rainfall shower head here. So I can raise this up and down, I can swing it up against the wall when I open the door. Yeah, it works nice. Nice and hot. And the Western toilet has a little bidet hose to wash your bunghole. And TP. So this is just a very standard, simple bathroom. Maybe I’ll do some stuff to it later to make it look a little bit more…. pretty, I guess. Let’s look at the kitchen!
So these are two gas burners, they are propane-powered. Below is a propane tank. I did want to say something, cause in my previous apartment tour video, which also had a very similar setup with the propane tank underneath the stove. So many people in the comments were freaking out saying “Oh my god, it’s going to blow up!” “You’re going to die!” I just want to state that this is a normal thing in Vietnam. And in a lot of countries around Southeast Asia, a lot of people, their fire is fueled by a propane tank in the house. Having a hard-line gas line coming into the house, that’s like a luxury. You don’t ever really see that. Most people will have propane powered stoves, or if they live in like a even lower income-level style situation, instead of gas, they actually use like charcoal bricks to create a fire, boil water, and stuff like that. So yeah, this is a normal thing, it’s completely safe. I just turn off the propane tank at the valve on the top of the tank, between use. So we got a lot of cabinet space here, let me turn on some lights. Oops. Yeah, OK, so there’s one light up there. And then what I really like is the lights here.
This is from the range hood. It’s a nice fan. So it has different levels, like high, medium, and low. And that’s a very nice thing to have here when I’m cooking. Nice big sink basin. This is my drying rack for now. It’s just a strainer basket. It works, but I’m going to have to get some kind of like a drying dish area here. I also probably just need to get some drying rags, or cloths I should say. And you know, properly dry my dishes after I wash them. Yeah, so here is kind of like a little pantry thing. I got bread, there’s some noodles, there’s a bag of rice. Very simple setup here right now. This is the drinking water. Clean drinking water. It gets delivered right to my door outside, and it’s only 55,000 VND. Per bottle. And 5,000 delivery fee. So basically I’m paying 60,000 VND and it’s like I don’t know, like not even $3.00 bucks, or just about $3.00 bucks for this. And it lasts a very long time. Over here, I got a hot water kettle, brand now. There is no microwave yet, but the landlord will probably put one here eventually. Which is, to me I don’t care cause I just cook everything as is, I don’t really reheat food anymore these days. This is my laptop. I have it connected to this TV. I don’t know the dimensions, but I’m going to assume it’s like a 38″ or 40″ inch TV. Brand new. This fridge is good enough for me. I don’t have much in the freezer, just coffee. But down below, I’ve got 2 things of kimchi, ssamjang, got some yogurts and whatever… eggs. Very simple stuff. I guess you could put whatever you want in here, a stereo system or something. I just use it as like an informal place to put shit. This is an AC & heater unit that works fantastic. This is a giant wardrobe. I have to do some laundry, cause right now you can see inside, there’s not many clothes left hanging. Usually there’s a lot more. But there’s my laundry basket and I got to get that going today, so I can take advantage of this beautiful sunshine and dry my clothes. I really like this. Check this out. Oops, I couldn’t open it.
Anyways, so when the door fully opens not with that table in the way, I can pull this down and it makes just getting stuff a lot more easier. As well as putting up laundry that’s done, and just hanging it up. Bringing it back up. It’s good to go. I’ve never had any kind of a wardrobe closet that had that. Over here, along the corner and the wall, there’s some more storage space right here. I don’t know what I’m going to use it for. Maybe some books or something. But they have these little flower hooks and so I just use it to hang my little jackets. I put my tripod here. Down here, in this little storage-looking thing, it’s not storage actually. It’s like a valve control for the pond itself. So you open that and it drains all the water in the pond and then you can clean it and stuff. So this is my place guys, check it out. This is a Studio apartment and it was listed for $300 USD per month. And I just can’t believe that I scored this place. It’s very clean, it’s well designed. You know, it’s perfect for me. I live by myself, I’m not married, I don’t have children. So for me, this is great! I also really like the storage units stuff that they have going on here. So this opens up, you can put stuff inside. In here is some stuff, down here I have charcoal for the grill outside. A whole bunch of charcoal. Even the stairs, well, not this one, but just this one only. There’s like a storage space in there. So that’s really convenient to hide away just a bunch of excess stuff. And check out this back patio area guys. Especially today, you guys are lucky that this is sunny while I’m filming this. It’s been cloudy for weeks! It’s the first time I’ve seen sun like this in a very long time. Feels like forever. Yeah, so what’s really cool is, you can see, I have the window open. This is a very large window that opens, very nice. And then up here, there’s a closed window, but I have this one open with the screen down just to show you guys what it looks like. So I have that, it creates a really nice cross breeze. And then here’s the door going outside. And there’s a cool feature here as well. It’s another sliding screen door. So cool! I love that. Let’s take one more look at my apartment from the top of the stairs. $300 USD a month guys… All utilities included except electricity and the drinking water up on top there. Let’s go outside. Ok, so right here, here’s some valves and stuff. And this is a filter for the pond itself here. I don’t know why it’s not hooked up. But the landlord is an architect, and he’s going to do some more remodeling with this. He’s going to drain it out, he told me, and then he’s going to I guess change the design elements in the center of it. And I don’t know what else he’s going to do but yeah. So it’s very green right now, it looks like it’s just stale, stinky water. But it’s not. There’s no odor or anything. There’s actually 3 fish that live in here. One is a really tiny, like Beta-looking fish. And then the other 2 are like medium-sized goldfish. Like maybe 5 or 6 inches in length. But they like to hide at the bottom of the water. And the water’s not very deep. It’s like maybe 6 inches or 7 inches deep. I know it looks kind of weird right now, but I promise you it’s not bad at all. Yeah, and once the landlord actually drains out the water and puts in new fish, and fixes whatever elements he wants in here, I’m going to see if he can add more fish and get some of the bacteria you can buy, and you can put it in the water. And it kills mosquitoes and it doesn’t harm the fish or the plants. Or anything else, like birds or whatever. But it just kills the mosquito larvae. Yeah, so this is my place guys, what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below! There’s some design elements here. That one doesn’t operate. It’s kind of like a waterfall thing that shoots out. Over here, this one does work. Let me turn it on for you. The switch is on the inside of the door here. There it is. So it’s another garden kind of feature. But for me, it’s really not peaceful sounding. Like I don’t feel relaxed or anything. I just feel annoyed, like someone’s peeing in my pond. And they aren’t stopping, it just continually sounds like pee. So yeah, that’s annoying to me.
So I just keep it off. Let’s go take a look out here on the back deck. It came with this grill here. You can see it’s a little messy right now. I can do some BBQ there. I’ve cooked on there a few times already. It’s got this really large kimchi-looking pot. Maybe I could like flip it up and fill it with something, and maybe plant a tree or do some kind of cool design element here for the back. This is just like the landlord’s work mess, I guess. I’m going to figure out how to organize this stuff. It’s got a little shovel and stuff. Here’s the netting to clean the water, get the leaves and whatever out. Fresh water hose. And then over here was a tree, but the tree was completely dead and was totally dried out and rotted out. So I just pulled it down, borrowed a saw, cut it up, and now it’s over here under the stairs. I’m just keeping it there so it’s dry and then I can use it as like firewood or something, in the evenings. There’s this little faucet/spigot thing, but it doesn’t work. Here’s some patio furniture. This is really cool cause it’s heavy, heavy stone. It’s not going to fly away any time soon. And nice heavy metal chairs, a little bit rusty. But yeah, just really chill. I love this corner with all the palm plants there. Creates a nice little shady corner. There’s this umbrella thing right here, it doesn’t have any kind of canopy to prevent from rain. But in the summers, or when it’s a little more warm outside to just be hanging out all the time, I’m going to open that up and drape some lights on it. Create some kind of cool outdoor chill spot in the evenings. I really like this textured wall feature. It’s subtle, but it’s really nice. And then at night, when the lights turn on and shine on it, it creates a nice shadow. Yeah, this is my place. Oh, let me show you guys, a little bit more here. So there are some bushes here. Right now there’s no leaves on them. But I can kind of see some baby leaves popping in here. So once it gets a little bit warmer, the leaves will pop back up. It’ll fill in this empty-looking spot. And that way, you know, the neighbors across the way won’t be able to fully see me in my apartment when I’m walking around naked. But let’s look over the edge, this is on the 6th floor. This is it guys, I’m in central Hanoi. The Hanoi train station, the main train station, is just down the street. It’s behind that big white building. It’s right there. I could walk there in like 5 minutes or less. Very convenient! I really like this neighbor’s place across the way. I love the trees. It’s just so much green. Ok, now let’s go check out one of my favorite places in my entire apartment setup. And it is the roof area on top of where I sleep. Let’s go check it out. It does have this kind of steep wooden staircase.
You can just hold the railing and you’re good to go. And this is it guys, up here, this is a little bit dirty looking. It’s because it actually is dirty. But it’s mainly like storage, the landlord put a bunch of old stuff here. These are old filters for the pond, I don’t know what he’s keeping them, they’re used. There’s some pieces of stone here. Maybe I could use it for a project or something. Just really rusted out chairs, there’s this severely rusted bike. Does anyone know what model this bike is?
Is this a Schwinn? I don’t know. Anyways, it’s extremely old. Maybe I can use it as some kind of like design element up here. Maybe wrap it with some vines or something? I don’t know. Here’s water tanks for the building. Here’s an unused satellite dish. There’s some scrap wood from I guess when they built the deck. Let’s take a look at the view. So this is the same viewpoint from out the bathroom window. So we’re actually on top of the bathroom right now. You can see this is a very swanky-looking building right here. So I really like coming up here. I’m going to be doing a lot of stuff to make it look a lot nicer. So you can see it’s like black, it’s dirty from water sitting and stuff. But this area, just right here, I want to put some kind of like raised wooden platform thing so that way if it rains, the water just goes between the slats, and the top just remains clean and can dry out. That way, we can walk around up here barefoot and chill and stuff. And make use of this space, I think it’s a really cool space. All of this stuff was all just right there. I just pulled it forward and created this little mini chill spot. I haven’t even wiped the table yet, as you can see, it’s really dirty. This is a stove for burning paper and wood, you see a lot of this throughout Vietnam. People are burning ghost money and stuff here, but you can burn whatever. So I might use it for like a fireplace up here, just kind of keep warm, use all that wood from that dead tree I cut down. So this is central Hanoi guys, like I’m a 15 minute walk from Hoan Kiem lake. Hoan Kiem lake is in this, it’s in that direction. And then actually, that tall building right there, at the base of it is Hoa Lo prison. It’s where Senator John McCain was prisoner of war for 5 and a half years. Right at the bottom of that tall building. It’s like right there. I can’t believe I’m that close to that prison. So there’s a lot of other cool stuff, the Red River is that direction, maybe a 5 minute bike ride down that way. 5 minute motorcycle ride, I should clarify. That center right there is kind of like an Arts center. They do theater, musicals, and other kind of events and stuff there. So that’s kind of cool to be right there. And, oh yeah! So these 2 white stacks here, they’re actually chimneys. And so the lower floors, like the 4th floor and 5th floor, they have their own fireplace. And so these are connected to those fireplaces. I haven’t seen any smoke coming out of them yet, so I guess people just don’t use their fireplace here. I don’t know. You can see this potted plants here. These were scattered all over down there and up on this roof area. And so I just brought them all right here and I made a row. Just kind of create like a cool barrier, so that way you don’t accidentally walk off into the pond and die. You would definitely hurt yourself. I can’t believe, guys, like this is where I live. This is my, essentially, back yard. And it’s so nice. And I have this roof top view. And it’s just so nice up here, like this is so chill. Central Hanoi. $300 a month! So you’ve seen what this place looks like in the daytime, especially on a nice sunny day. It’s very beautiful, very gorgeous. Now let’s take a look at it when it’s at night time. So here we have it guys, just a standard night here in central Hanoi. I’m using my cellphone to create a light here. Let’s go downstairs. Here it is guys, this is my apartment at night time. It’s got the nice shadows that I was talking about earlier. You can see on the wall here. From the light. And there’s one light down there, in the water. And that’s what the place looks like from the outside. So you can see the bed, and the lighting and stuff. Alright guys, I really hope you enjoyed this apartment tour video. $300 a month. This is my rooftop apartment here in central Hanoi. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and thank you for all your support. Ask any questions or comments down below, I’ll answer everything as well as I can. To the best of my knowledge. And I’ll see you guys in the next video, bye!


Cory May

Feb 2, 2018, 8:16 am Reply

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING —> About the door lock, mosquitoes, or the shower.

**Door Lock: There is a lock on my door, it might not be visible in the video, which is why everyone is commenting that I have no lock. Trust me, I wouldn't live in a place with no lock. Also, the 1st floor is locked by a key as well. The landlord and his entire family live on the floors below me. The 1st floor is their family kitchen and TV room. If anyone tries to even come into the 1st floor, they'll be chilling with my landlord and his parents.
**Mosquitoes & The Pond: Don't worry, there are 6 medium sized goldfish and 10 golden algae eaters to help eat mosquito larvae in the water. And I've fixed the tip of the water spout to spray out like an umbrella, so it's quiet and still aerates the water. I've found I have ZERO mosquitoes here, surprisingly. I leave my windows open all day for the cross breeze, but shut it at night to keep out moths.
**Shower: My bathroom is what's known as a "wet bathroom" here in Asia. It's the most common type of bathroom in all of Asia. I grew up using wet bathrooms in Japan, and also used them when I was in Korea. Every Asian country I've been to (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore) have all had wet bathrooms. I prefer wet bathrooms over western/American style ones, because whenever I need to clean the bathroom I can easily just hose everything down.
In this apartment, when I shower, the only thing that gets wet is the general area where I'm standing. The toilet, toilet paper, sink counter, and mirror are all completely dry while I shower.

What did you enjoy most about my new apartment? Have you ever had a rooftop apartment? What about a tiny apartment? Tell me all the details in the comments below! ^^

If you'd like to translate my English subtitles to a different language, you can contribute your translations here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCAQLIhgbZGo1GgyONrKHuWw

Thanks everyone, and I will see you all in the next video!

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Merlene Taylor

Aug 8, 2019, 3:24 pm Reply

Awesome small space. Looks perfect for one person. But would rather have a lap pool, instead of a pond.

Blessing Sempai

Aug 8, 2019, 5:27 pm Reply

That’s legit so good for the price

Tina Cortes

Aug 8, 2019, 1:09 pm Reply

Beautiful apartment. Thank you for showing your place. In San Antonio, Texas we have lots of mosquitoes to deal with.??✌

Angela Stewart

Aug 8, 2019, 11:32 pm Reply

Nice . Be really nice if there was no pond just a full deck . 300. Month . I never in my life had a unit that cheap . Think of all the money you can save .

g a

Aug 8, 2019, 3:08 am Reply

"They burn ghost money." I read a novel, and know what you are referring to. I like the tradition.

Christine Loggie

Aug 8, 2019, 3:30 pm Reply

Tiny Paradise

Empress Dubai

Aug 8, 2019, 5:40 pm Reply

Absolutely love the apartment. At $300 you seriously got lucky !!!

Alana Ward

Aug 8, 2019, 6:10 pm Reply

Wow…I like it. Its done so tastefully. NOTHING shabby about that ! Sweet nice…contemporary. I LOVE IT!!! YAY HANOI ! BE HAPPY. BE CONTENT. YOU SCORED MY FRIEND !

Murlocs Stole My Candy

Aug 8, 2019, 11:12 pm Reply

I love it and great price for it and you get work out just going up and down the steps lol.

RMdeservesThe World

Aug 8, 2019, 3:46 pm Reply


Benjamin Reynolds

Aug 8, 2019, 8:27 pm Reply

I love that apartment. I would love the fish pond.


Aug 8, 2019, 2:49 pm Reply

If you trim off the dead branches on the shrubs in the back down to just to where you see the new leaves, it should come back and be full and green. The dead stuff takes nutrients, water and sunlight from the new baby leaves.

Christopher Northern

Aug 8, 2019, 6:54 pm Reply

Beautiful and very well designed!

Ruth Dunn

Aug 8, 2019, 10:02 pm Reply

Very nice

maxine Ayala

Aug 8, 2019, 6:15 am Reply

So beautiful can't believe it's $300 but I didn't see any lock on your front door how do you lock your door

Crystal Lee

Aug 8, 2019, 11:22 am Reply


olaotan famosaya

Aug 8, 2019, 3:29 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 6:52 pm Reply


Rosebud Adkins

Aug 8, 2019, 5:42 am Reply


Linda Sheperd

Aug 8, 2019, 10:54 am Reply

Your apartment is great! You can't beat it for the price and it has so many wonderful features!

Moddie Seven

Aug 8, 2019, 2:43 am Reply

Vietnam has really changed………..

Big Bertha

Aug 8, 2019, 4:19 am Reply

Is the washroom built on an incline so that water drains or do you have to mop the floor when you shower?

Kat B

Aug 8, 2019, 7:21 am Reply

This place is amazing, I would die for an outdoor space like that!


Aug 8, 2019, 3:25 pm Reply

Wow! Just Wow! I'm so jealous! You really did score. I love it. Can't wait to see your updates. New Sub. Xo

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