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3 Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar!

Hi, It’s Janett Lewis San Diego Real Estate
Broker and because it’s a sellers market right now I’m gonna give you 3 tips for selling
your property for the top dollar amount. When you have a house, and you need to get
it sold, you gotta go go go for the gold list properties. The first tip is, Remove Clutter. People want
to go into your home and actually be able to visualize them selves living there. The less
clutter you have, the less personal items you have, the more easily a potential buyer
can visualize themselves living in your home. Step # 2 is create some curb appeal. Now what
this means is you just want to make your yard look as good as it can. Clean it up, weed
it, do your best to create a nice looking inviting front area. So that when people come
and they see your home or when they’re driving by they say, “hmmmm I’d like to live in that
place.” The 3rd tip I have for you, And this one might
be the most important of all, is to be sure your agent takes excellent pictures. You want
pictures that actually represent your home well. I can’t tell you how many times on the
internet we see photos that are to dark, there cluttered, You think to yourself “What was
this agent thinking when they put this photo online?’ You definitely don’t want that effect
when your marketing your home. The better your pictures look, the more interest your
going to have. Remember so many people now are finding their home online and then actually
asking their agent to show them that home. The first thing these buyers that are online
have a peek at are the photos of your home. That’s make it or break it time. If your photos
stink, they might think your home does too. Be sure you get the best looking photos you
can possibly get and put those online. It’s very important when marketing your home to
have a great representation. Ask your agent to get your approval before they post any
photos online. That’s the 3rd tip. Now I’ll give you an extra tip just for the
fun of it. Work with a GREAT professional that’s going to market your home and represent
you in the most professional way possible. Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for more.

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