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251 Wexford Street – Charleswood Home For Sale -Jesse Peters Team – RE/MAX Executives

– Hi there friends, it’s Jesse with the Jesse Peters
Team at RE/MAX Executives. And does your soul gravitate
towards connecting with nature? I know mine does some days, and I need it probably more than I think. And that’s what excites me about our next Social Savvy® listing that I’m bringing to you right in the heart of Charleswood. ♪ Aah! ♪ You’ve got your own forest paradise right here at 251 Wexford. Can you imagine the lifestyle
that you can have here? Think about it, the getaway,
the kids’ tree houses, the huge yard to play
catch, to set up a garden, maybe even put a pool. That’s living cottage life
right in your own backyard, and that’s what makes this area so unique, because there’s so many lots like this, but there aren’t so many lots
and homes like this available. So, why don’t you go on in and fall in love with our
next Social Savvy® listing. (relaxed electronic music) Come on in! Welcome to the heart of the home. This open kitchen, dining area, oh, we just love these things don’t we? Why do we love it? ‘Cause it’s easy to interact with the people that we love the most, and as you’re through
the kitchen, take note of loads of counter space
overlooking the front yard, and I think there’s a
park in the distance. There’s so much more to
explore with this home. Why don’t you begin? (relaxed electronic music) That is a huge master bedroom. Now why don’t you go see the other space where you can kick back
at the end of the night or even more of a formal living area. (relaxed electronic music) come here, I gotta point
something out to you. Now, if you have pets, you got kids, you’re hauling lots of groceries, you want a big mud room, and this is it. Think about it, loads of space
to put the groceries down, plenty of space for a bench to do the old little Mister
Rogers’ Neighborhood. It’s a beautiful day, I tell you. Now, go check out the
fully finished basement. (relaxed electronic music) ♪ Sometimes you wanna go where
everybody knows your name. ♪ And wouldn’t it be amazing
if it’s in your own basement so you don’t have to travel far? This fully finished rec
room has so much to offer, and who doesn’t wanna be
their version of Sam Malone? (relaxed electronic music) Surprise! Listen, very little off the top, please. Fresh fade. You know what I’m talking about? If you do, chances are you could be styling and profiling right down here in your very own salon. Or perhaps a massage therapist, maybe a little Reiki room. Oh my gosh, I am giving you ideas that make this home even more awesome. And you know what? There’s a little more to explore. Why don’t I go meet you in the front yard? (relaxed electronic music) And last but not least, the front yard. Check this out! It’s huge, 75 feet wide with a deep lot. This is why people love calling the neighborhood of Charleswood theirs, because you can’t really find anything like this in the neighborhood. We’ve got parks, we’ve got schools, we’ve got coffee shops,
and one of my favorites, you are just a minute’s walk
away from Assiniboine Park. So, if you wanna call
251 Wexford your home, where do you gotta go? Do it with me. Boom, there’s the site. Check it all out. This site is designed for
you to experience it all from the comfort of wherever you are. So there you have it, thank you so much for checking out our latest
Social Savvy® listing right here at 251 Wexford. We hope you are enjoying your day. Thank you so much for
your time and attention. And you know the drill, say it with me, Stay Social®! See ya. (chill beats)

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