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24 HOURS inside my Closet GAME MASTER Challenge (Missing $10,000 and clues)

– Hey zamfam, we just
started a 24 hour challenge overnight in our closet
and we have this container which has a timer on it and ten thousand dollars inside. In order to get the ten thousand dollars we actually have to complete it. Here’s how we got here. Okay, hey zamfam we just arrived at our cabin after driving overnight. You guys saw in my last video we got tricked by the quadrant and ended up giving all the devices that we had found to them because we thought that
they were the game master. – [Matt] Sleeping bag down there. – Yeah, I’m going to bring this stuff because if we are here for 24 hours I want to have activities. – [Matt} Fine We received a message from the game master but we weren’t sure if we could trust it because last time it was from the quadrant. – Let’s get some snacks. Both of us are doing
this 24 hour challenge, Matt, we’re not going to be able to leave. Let’s bring some bars. Just a little bit of candy. – [Matt] Get some chocolate too. – Yeah. – [Matt] I don’t know why. – You guys also saw
that Matt was hypnotized and taken by someone called the hypnotist. We have solved clues and
riddles to wake him up. I want to keep him near me the whole time because I just don’t know what happened. I don’t know exactly
what it is that’s making you do that, Matt, but we
just got to keep you safe. We want to get more things but we just want to be safe, so we need to get in
there as fast as we can. Okay, come on, let’s get in here for the twenty-four hour challenge. Matt, look! My backpack! – [Matt] What? – You guys saw I left my backpack when we went to go and find Matt. I left it in that room but maybe the gamemaster brought it here. He somehow got it back. Matt, are you ready to spend the next twenty-four hours in this closet? – [Matt] If it keeps us
safe from the quadrant, then, yes. – Yeah and RZ twin. – Did you hear that, Matt? – [Matt] Where’s that coming from? – It sounds like it is coming from here. – Matt! – [Matt] What is it? – It’s a container that
says ten thousand dollars – [Matt] Like a mystery box? – There’s a timer on it It’s started! It must have started when we shut the door for the closet for the twenty four hour challenge. – [Matt] How much time do we have left? – It says twenty three hours, fifty eight minutes and thirty three seconds. – [Matt] What? It’s the
twenty four hour challenge – Exactly. We can’t open this until we complete the challenge. – It says ‘The ten thousand
dollars will be yours you need to stay in here
and stay safe for the next twenty four hours’. [Matt] I just hope it’s not a trap like the quadrant or the RZ twin. – You guys know that this is a secret, hidden underground tunnel. I think we need to stay
on this so nobody comes up, right Matt? – [Matt] It’s basically
where everything started. – This is where we first found out about the gamemaster was in here. – [Matt] But, we can leave to like use the bathroom and stuff, right? – Yeah, I mean it’s not locked. At least one of us needs
to be in here at all times. – [Matt] Well, if we’re
trying to stay safe we should probably lock it from the inside though – Well, the good thing is the bathroom is right next door to here, so if we have to go, we can go quickly but I think someone needs to stay
in here at all times. – [Matt] At least to stay on top of that. – I don’t really think
so, I think we’re okay. I mean, the gamemaster
said this is the safest place so… So, lock it Matt. [Rebecca] That way no one can come in. – [Matt] Okay. – So, I think between
having that door locked and us standing on top of this, nobody can get in. We’re going to be totally fine. – [Matt] Well, what do we do first? – I mean, there’s so many
activities we can do! This is a big closet,
we have so many clothes! You know what though, I think we need luck from the zamfam so smash the thumbs up button right now if you
think we’re actually going to complete this twenty four hour challenge and comment below what you think we should do first in here. There’s a lot of space
in here for activities. Okay, so it’s been a little over an hour. An hour and yep, a little over an hour, and I’ve just been on my laptop like just hanging out, but I think it’s time that we facetime Daniel, Matt. – [Matt] Oh yeah, let
him know what’s going on. – Exactly. So, Daniel
actually stayed in Los Angeles while Matt and I came up here because we weren’t sure if it was safe, we didn’t know if it was quadrant member tricking us, and so we wanted someone that could get us out in case it was a trap, right? – [Matt] Exactly. – Okay, so let’s see what
he is up to right now. – [Matt] Do you tell
Daniel where we’re at? – Yeah, I think we need to let him know – [Matt] Can we trust him? – I trust him, Matt, do you? – [Matt] I don’t know. – Zamfam, you guys saw that he helped me solve clues and find
Matt when he was missing and get you out of the hypnosis. Plus, we asked him to pretend to join RZ twin and he went along
with our plan completely. Let me know if you trust Daniel and why, or if you don’t trust Daniel why you don’t trust him. I think they can also help us know if Daniel is telling the truth. Hey, Daniel! – Hey Rebecca, how are you guys? Are you guys safe? – We’re in a closet right now, spending twenty four hours. What about you? What are you doing right now? – So, what I am trying to do is I am hacking into the quadrant’s network right now, trying to find the devices that we thought we gave
back to the gamemaster. It looks like they have taken over a bunch of his escape room tunnels. – Okay, well, good luck. I hope that you can find the devices. We will just be staying in here so call back if you find out anything new. – Talk soon. – Okay, bye. I am like really bummed that we got all of those devices, we found all of them that the gamemaster hid for us and we ended up just giving them
all away to the quadrant. If you guys have a plan or any ideas on what we can do to get back the devices. Let us know in the comment section. You know what, I have some crafts. Some DIY crafts stuff. Maybe we can just like put a board out and come up with ideas. – [Matt] Yeah. – Okay, hold on. Should be up. Yep. Matt, isn’t this mirror kind of creepy? – [Matt] Yep, why do we
have a mirror in the closet? – I mean I do it so I know what I look like when I put my outfit on. – [Matt] I mean, can we flip it? Have you ever looked in the mirror at 3am? – Matt, don’t even joke about that. No, I don’t want to do that. You know, we have the
ghost app on our phone. – [Matt] No Bec, stop! – We could try that? – [Matt] We’re in a small space here. – True You know the best thing too, Matt, is that no one knows we’re in here except the gamemaster and Daniel. What I am doing on my social media so no one can see us.
I am posting old posts. – [Matt] So like pictures
you’ve already used? – Exactly, so like nobody
knows that we’re doing this. Just in case. So, a lot has happened in
the last couple of days. Right now, there’s things
that we know are true and not true. April 30th is supposed to be the date of E2. But we got a ton
of comments from you guys saying that the date
is actually April 27th and RZ twin was just tricking Daniel. – [Matt] Ohhh! – You guys remember we went over the four people that were at the dollhouse. They said they had another target. The next target. And we didn’t know who it was. RZ twin has already gone to Kurts. We talked to Ro. We didn’t get a hold of Lizzy or Carter but it turns out you guys told us that you think that Carter is the next youtuber target. – [Matt] His skill set
is like building things. What if, they can’t find
the gamemaster right now and they try and get
Carter to put together the device. – A lot of last to leave challenges and he builds things on his pool. Also, Matt, now you know
you were hypnotized. – [Matt] I can’t believe it. – Now, we just need to figure out what makes you hypnotized and we know there’s a hypnotist
working with the quadrant. She had a different mask. – [Matt] I think we’ve seen
it a few other times, too. – Yeah, we saw it at the
quadrant’s headquarters when she was about to interrogate the gamemaster. I feel like I’ve seen it in like, an earlier video, maybe in an escape room. If you guys can remember what video you saw that mask in, maybe screen shot me or like time code it, where it was. But now, the bigger thing is we need to make a plan and figure out how to get back the devices. If you guys have any plans, let us know in the comment section. We’re going to be reading a ton of them and we’re going to be shouting out the plans that we actually use. Alright, we’ve got containers. I’m just going to use this. And, I think I’m going to make some fluffy, glitter slime. When was the last time
you guys made slime? Let me know. What is a week ago? A month ago? Yesterday? Or are you making it while
you watch this video? – [Matt] Activator is which again? – Eye contact solution. Matt, you’ve worn contacts before. – [Matt] Yeah, I wore
them a long, long time. – Yeah, you hate them though, right? – [Matt] I don’t like them, yeah. – We buy this for slime, not really for contacts. I’ve never worn contacts,
I would be afraid to put anything in my
eye. That would just ugh. Do any of you guys wear contacts? Is it weird to put it in yourself? That must be. Oh, purple glitter. I’m just going to add all the glitter. I am only going to make slime once in this video so I might as well just go all out. Also, you guys, let me know where you want me to do my next twenty four hour challenge. – [Matt] We really didn’t
get to pick this one. – That is true. We didn’t get to pick this but it’s actually not bad. – [Matt] If you were
stuck with slime hands for the rest of this
twenty four hour challenge, I’m going to laugh so hard. – Oh my gosh, twenty four
hours with your hands in slime. – ♪ It’s so sad, it’s fine. ♪ – ♪ You know want to try it. ♪ Okay, so I actually now kind of have to use the restroom. Do you think it’s safe to go out there? – [Matt] It should be fine. – Okay. – [Matt] I haven’t heard anything. But let me check real quick, okay? I’m going to unlock it. – I have to wash my hands first though. – [Matt] Better hurry. Go, go, go. – I have to wash them after, too. – [Matt] Go, go. Let me know on the conversation down below what makes me get hypnotized. I don’t know what is going on. It’s honestly a little
bit confusing right now. [Matt] Come on, come on. – I know, I have to turn the light off. Okay. Oh my gosh, I went so fast I like washed as fast as I could. Alright, I am going to
try and stay in here so we don’t have to go out, just in case. – [Matt] Okay. Becca, you getting
hungry? You’re taking out all the Nerds. – Mmmm, I put on some lipstick. I’m just chilling. – [Matt] I can’t really make any food and I don’t feel like that we have that many choices left. Becca! – What else are we supposed to do? This is all we packed! – [Matt] Um, can we get like delivery or something like that? – We can’t have someone
deliver to our closet. – [Matt] I could probably like sneak out for a quick second, though. – The gamemaster said to stay in here for twenty four hours. I’m staying in here for twenty four hours. We can get pizza. – [Matt] Oh yeah. – Dominos delivery’s
here. Guys, let us know if you think it’s safe to just get delivery, grab the pizza and get back in here. – [Matt] I’ll be really quick. – Okay. I mean I’m staying
in here no matter what. I’m not going to go out. – [Matt] I’ll order it myself. – I do want pizza. – [Matt] It sounds really good – I just want to complete this twenty four hour challenge so we
can get the ten thousand dollars and stay safe from the quadrant and RZ twin. Why don’t I start like a
tick tock or something? And I’m going to post this on my Instagram stories so that you guys can see. – [Matt] You can’t post
anything from in here. – Obviously I am not going
to post it right now. I am going to post it
when this video comes out so you guys can go see my IG stories. I am doing my slime workout one again. – [Matt] Oh, man. – You guys remember I
recently did this one with another youtuber. Do you remember who it was? Comment if you know who that was. – [Matt] Looks like it’s having trouble. I think you’re stuck like that. – Okay. – Okay. – [Matt] Oh, Rebecca. – What? – [Matt] Pizza’s here. That was so fast! – Okay, I have to wash
this hand real quick. – [Matt] I’ll go get the pizza. – Okay, so you grab the pizza, I’m going to wash my hand and
finish up this tick tock right now. Okay? – [Matt] Hey! The pizza’s here. It’s me! Let me in! – [Rebecca] Matt? – [Matt] Hurry! Come on! Yes, it’s me. Come on, come on. Pizza’s here! – Okay, I’m just
finishing up my tick tock. What, I thought you just ordered pizza? – [Matt] I did. There’s like an extra. – What is it? – [Matt] I don’t know. Did
you want to eat it now? – Oh! Okay. Cinnasticks! I want at least one of those right now. And now, you guys. This
is the cringey tick tock that I made. ♪ Stretching slime to the rhythm ♪ ♪ And I’m feeling so good. ♪ ♪ Working out with slime ♪ ♪ Yeah it’s something you should. ♪ ♪ Unicorn, fluffy, it doesn’t matter ♪ ♪ A bottle of glitter
only make it better ♪ ♪ Slime for your workout ♪ ♪ So satisfying ♪ So, it will be on my Instagram story and comment on my Instagram
that you came from here and that you watched
this video so I know. – [Matt] Should we eat some pizza? – Yeah. I am very excited about this little bonus. Cinnasticks. This is like a mukbang in a twenty four hour challenge. I don’t
know if I said that right. – Doesn’t that look awesome? – It’s not cheese, Matt. – They always get it wrong. – What? No! I wanted cheese. But at least there’s cinnasticks. – Yeah, I’m hungry. I can’t. – I like cinnasticks.
I am not going to lie. This is actually… Did you hear that? – What was it? – It sounded like a lock. – Hmmm. – Hold on. – [Matt] What? – Matt. – [Matt] I just got a message from the GM. – What? What? Why are we locked in here? – [Matt] It says your
location’s been compromised. – The quadrant? – [Matt] They’ve just locked the door. – I thought it was safe. Wait! So the gamemaster made
it so we can’t get out? Why can’t we get out? – [Matt] No one can get in, Bec, that’s more important. – Once it’s safe we’ll be
able to get out, right? – [Matt] Exactly, exactly. – It’s totally fine, we were
going to stay in here anyways. – [Matt] How did they
know that we were in here? We didn’t see any drones or anything. – Matt, the last time we
had pizza do you remember? We, like, fell asleep. And the pizza came really fast. – [Matt] And it was the wrong order. – What if that was
someone from the quadrant or RZ twin. Did you see anybody? – [Matt] The person just liked walked away I didn’t pay! – What were they wearing? – [Matt] I mean, I just
saw the back of them and it was like all black. – Like it could have
been a quadrant member? Don’t eat anymore of the pizza. Don’t eat anymore of this. – [Matt] Okay. Do you remember last time we went to the gamemaster’s safe house we found that camera and it was like, over here. What if they placed another camera like somewhere inside the room? – You think there’s a camera in here? – [Matt] No idea. – Well, where was the camera last time? – [Matt] Um, it was
like behind the mirror. I can’t really get
underneath there too much but – [Rebecca] What if I move it? – [Matt] What if you like turn it? Okay, there’s something back there. It’s the same thing. When we turn off the light
it’s going to light up. – But I thought you removed it last time. – [Matt] I did. I did
not put it back though. – So why is it here? – [Matt] Hold on a second. – Matt, I really hope
this is not a camera. – [Matt] I’m going to
turn off the light, okay? – If it is, we have to destroy it. – [Matt] 3, 2, 1. – [Rebecca] Do you see anything? – [Matt] Oh my gosh. Yep, it is. – [Rebecca] Take it out! Take it out! Cover it. – [Matt] It’s out now. – Well, if that’s a camera the mirror is covering it now, right? – [Matt] Yep, it’s actually
on the floor. Upside down. – So maybe when it was
in they couldn’t see us they could only hear
us. Did we say anything? Do you guys remember us saying anything? – [Matt] Ten thousand dollars. – That’s true. – [Matt] What was that? – Matt! Someone is trying
to get in right now. – [Matt] The gamemaster said we were safe though in here. – Matt, did you hear that? – [Matt} The floor, the Floor! – Do you hear that? Someone
is trying to get in. – [Matt] Stand on it. Stand on it! Alright, we’re going to have to stay on top of this for the rest of the night. – Matt, what about the door? – I mean, the gamemaster locked in so there’s no way for them to get in. – And there’s no way for us to get out. – Exactly. – Okay. Should we just wait it out then? – Yep. I think we just have to keep all of our weight on top of this door so nothing can get up. – They’re trying really hard right now to get in. – I know, I know. – What is it that we have
or why do they want us? – I have no idea. We don’t have any more devices, do we? – I don’t think so. – Unless there’s something else with that ten thousand dollars. There’s something else inside the envelope, maybe. – From the gamemaster. There could be ten
thousand dollars in there but what if there is something else too, like a clue or something. – [Matt] Yeah, like
why would they need us? It makes no sense. – Okay well, that means we just have to complete this twenty four hour challenge so this thing will open up and we can find out what’s inside. – [Matt] Oh, they just
sent me another message. – What’s it say? – [Matt] Just to keep all of our weight on top of the bottom door. I’ll try to figure out a way to
get you out of there. – The whole time you guys know there is an underground tunnel the
quadrant has taken over so much of the gamemaster’s
master tunnels. One of them I think leads to here. So they’re under here. – [Matt] We have to figure
out what to do next. Two hours later – Seems like it has calmed down. If the quadrant is here they’re not pounding anymore. I feel like we can go to sleep now but I feel
like we need to stay on top of this. – [Matt] As long as we stay on top of it. I think together, our weight, we can hold anything down. – The quadrant members are spy ninjas, they might be able to get in here. – [Matt] If they were able to get in here, they would have gotten in here by now. They know that too. – You’re right. – [Matt] Try and get some shut eye, okay? – Okay. But stay on this,
no matter what. Okay. 3 a.m – [Matt] You hear that? – [Rebecca] Someone is knocking! What do you want? – [Quadrant] Tell us where the gamemaster is, that’s all we want. – [Rebecca] Give us back the devices you took from us. – Yeah! – [Quadrant] We’ll find him either way. – It sounds like he is walking away. Okay, we’re good. – Go back to sleep. – Yeah. – [Rebecca] Wait! Matt! – [Matt] What? – [Rebecca] Wake up!
Wait, turn on the camera. I think I have an idea. – What? – On what we can do to
get the devices back. If there’s ten thousand dollars inside, why don’t we challenge them. If we win, we get back a device. And if they win we give them a clue to where the gamemaster is. – That’s pretty good. – We set them up. – Okay. Do you think they have the devices here? – Maybe one of us goes and talks to him. – Is that safe? – I don’t know if it’s
just one on one though it won’t be that bad. I mean, we won’t do it now, we’ll do it once we for sure know that we have ten thousand dollars. In the morning when we’re not in here. – Okay. Go back to sleep. – It’s going to be hard to sleep. – I know. – [Matt] Bec, hey. I think it’s morning. I think it’s morning. – Ah, I slept in that. Oh the mirror is still backwards. Hold
on, I want a mirror. – [Matt] It’s less than two minutes! – Wait. So we almost completed the twenty four hour challenge. – [Matt] We’re really close. – Do you think the quadrant
is still out there? – [Matt] I haven’t heard them in a while. – Okay, well, once this
goes off we have the ten thousand dollars.
We should go out there and if they’re there we
should make a deal with them. – [Matt] That’s a great idea. – And remember, we know
where the gamemaster is. So, they will want to make the deal. Zamfam, smash the thumbs up button if you knew that we would make it out in twenty four hours. We have a minute, oh, fifty two seconds left. – [Matt] Should we wait
until we have the money? – Yeah. Ofcourse. I mean
the door’s locked so we can’t get out until this thing beeps. Okay guys, we’re about to count down from ten so I want you guys to count with us. Okay, you ready? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 – [Matt] What happened? – Did you hear that? [Rebecca] Look, we can pull it out. – Ten thousand dollars. – There’s money in there. I think there’s ten thousand dollars in there. It has to be. The last time the gamemaster gave us ten thousand dollars it was real. So, now, let’s go check
and see if the quadrant is outside here Matt. It did, okay, let’s go. We need to lock it, okay. – [Matt] He’s asleep. – He’s asleep. – [Matt] But he’s still there. – Yeah, I locked it so
we’re okay right now. Now, let’s figure this out. I think we need to ask
him if he’s interested in coming up with a compromise if he wants to find the gamemaster. – [Matt] That’s all we need. – Yeah, exactly. They have all the pieces of the device and remember, he said he’s not after us so I think we’d be safe doing the challenge. They’re now just looking for the gamemaster. – [Matt] Do we talk to him
outside or through the door? – No, no, no. Through the door right now. And then, if he agrees we’ll
go out and talk to him. – [Matt] Okay. Shall we wake him up? – Yeah, yeah. Hey, quadrant! – [Quadrant] What? – Do you want to know
where the gamemaster is? – [Quadrant] Yeah, that’s why I am here. – Um, well, we actually do know where the gamemaster is. We wanted to know if you wanted to come
up with a compromise. – [Quadrant] I’m listening. – So, the proposition we have for you guys is that we know where
the gamemaster is and we have ten thousand
dollars. But, what we want is we want back some of
the pieces of the device that we found. – [Quadrant] I’ll have to
make a few calls first. – Yeah, yeah, that’s fine.
You know what? If you agree to this. Which I
really think you should if you want to find the gamemaster. We will meet you behind
our cabin in five minutes. – [Quadrant] Yes, I’ll be there. – This might work, Matt. – [Matt] You did it, Bec. – Now we think we have them where we want them, right? So now we need to come up with some challenges where if we win we get back one of the devices that we found that they took and if they win then we give them a
clue to find the gamemaster and whoever wins all
the challenges together will get the ten thousand dollars. I think it’s worth it. – [Matt] Great idea. – Okay, let’s go out there
and see if he has agreed to this exchange so that we can move forward with the plan. Okay, let’s go. Matt, look, he’s there. – [Matt] He’s on the phone. – That means he might agree to this. Should we check? Should we see if he did? So zamfam, comment below if you think the quadrant is going to agree to our plan and our compromise. And we need to pretend that we know where the gamemaster is. That’s
the most important thing. – [Matt] Exactly. – Okay. So are you ready to make a deal? – Sounds like you have a deal. – It looks like we’re doing a challenge against the quadrant. To be continued


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Rocky is the next target

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I trust him

Lenora Bell

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Right now

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You guys could distract them in then one of you can sneak up and get the Devices

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How to get the devices back
1. Dress up as RZ Twin
2. Say you need the devices (all)
3. RUN!!!!!!!!!

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