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23 DIY Life Hacks And Apartment Decorating Ideas

23 ways to reinvent your apartment
whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time or just feel like
sprucing up your place a little and adding a little bit of home decor or
fancy decorations there are several things that can be done to your space to
make it more personalized well if you want to know how to decorate your
apartment with do-it-yourself home decor life hacks
you’ve reached the right place whether that be adding shelves wall decor
multi-purpose furniture or anything else there are some pretty cool things that
you can do to reinvent your apartment according to the DIY Network decorating
your apartment doesn’t have to be hard or expensive you just have to be a
little crafty now not everyone is handy with decorations or design but there are
some actually pretty simple adjustments that can be made to turn a plain boring
space into a fun and engaging environment before we get started don’t
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hacks or me another one besties now keep watching to see how to reinvent and
decorate your apartment in all sorts of different ways some of them might cost
you a few bucks whereas others can be done using things you already own check
them out and give something a new try number 23 flower pots
wondering how to add nice decorations to your home using flowerpots
well you’ll love this life hack try using flowerpots as a storage in the
bathroom it can help keep your counter space clear or if you’re working with
standalone sinks it can provide you with some extra space number 22 multi-purpose
furniture if you’re living in a smaller apartment you can get the best out of
your space by using multi-purpose furniture Ikea and other furniture
retailers offer all kinds of unique pieces such as this foldaway table did
you know that you can decorate your walls without having to buy expensive
wall art or mirrors just stick around until the end to find out how number 21
picture frames you can make your own picture frames to hang your art or
photographs by wrapping a hollow cardboard rectangle with wrapping paper
trace it to size and make diagonal cuts for the corners number 20 shelving
instead of storing towels and other bathroom necessities in the hallways or
elsewhere outside of the washroom you can install clever slide away shelving
that works as a part of a design in the room keep watching as we continue to
count down the top ways you can reinvent your apartment using easy light ex
do-it-yourself tips and tricks and more number 19 chalkboard wall if you’re
decorating a baby’s room it can be hard to decide how to lay it out because when
children grow their interests will change a fun way to start out and be by
painting a chalkboard wall it can be customized as often as needed
number 18 pillowcase turn a shirt into a fancy pillowcase by cutting the bottom
of the shirt to size and cutting the sides
next term a fringe around all of the edges of the fabric place one side on a
flat surface with the pillow on top and then lay the other piece on top tie
little knots using the fringe to secure the case and when you’re done you’ll
have a cute new throw pillow number 17 tent bed canvas a cool idea for a kid’s
bedroom is this tent bed canvas you can use a broom handle and a bedsheet or a
quick DIY or you can purchase a dowel rod from a hardware store and a lighter
fabric number 16 reading nook the same technique can be used to create a cute
reading nook or play area for little ones to enjoy there are tons of DIY
instructions online on how to construct various tents simpler designs involve
three rods fastened together with fabric over the top with some pillows and
blankets inside this would be a cozy place to hang out number 15
temporary wallpaper sometimes when you’re renting an apartment you might
not be allowed to change the colors of the walls or use nails to hang
decorations one cool hack for this is to use some temporary wallpaper to create
your own designs number 14 wall-mounted shelves you can
save space in a room by using shelves mounted to the wall there are several
ways that it can be constructed to suit your needs and it’s a great way to
transform your environment number 13 DIY door decor give your apartment some
character by using marker or tape to create cute characters on your doors
there are endless possibilities when it comes to this quick DIY decor this can
even be done in the kitchen or bathroom on smaller doors and cabinets
number 12 do-it-yourself divider for those of you living in a bachelor or
open-concept apartment it might be difficult to create separate living
areas such as the bedroom in the kitchen one way to get some privacy and create
more of a bedroom environment is to close off the bed using a piece of
furniture or a divider you can purchase a temporary divider wall from a store or
create your own and there are several different styles number 11 bathroom
space you’ll love this trick that can help you save space in the bathroom save
space in the bathroom by adding hooks or racks to the back of the door these can
be used to hang towels and toiletries and can also play to the theme of the
washroom another way you can spruce up and save space in the washroom is this
cute rack with bucket hooks you can use them to store makeup and hair products
at a good reach and also far from the counter space it’s organized and also
looks adorable number 10 ladder style shelf if you’re feeling crafty you can
attempt to make a unique ladder style shelf there simple enough to construct
but you can also buy one they add a rustic look and can be useful in any
room of the house a good shelf can transform a blank wall
whoever said that all shelves had to be rectangles and squares this geometric
triangle shelving unit is unique and useful and it can be customized in so
many different ways this is an easy and simple home decor life hack that you
will loved number 8 custom light create a custom light show
by pinning an extension cord into a design such as this city skyline then
suspend the light over the top so that when it’s on it illuminates the picture
this trick will add a great touch to your apartment number 7 extended living
area this might be more of a long-term project but how cool would it be to
transform your apartment balcony into an extended living area number 6
DIY spice rack here’s a cool trick to create your own DIY spice rack glue
magnets to the lids of your spice jars and then attach a metal strip to the top
of your cabinet you now have a suspended spice rack number 5 get creative give
your electrical outlets some character by doodling designs around them
number 4 colorful designs without pain a different life hack tip for getting
around the no paint rule is to create colorful designs using coloured tapes
number three it in shelf make use of the space under your sink by creating this
hidden shelf you can use it to store towels soap and other toiletries and it
keeps the bathroom looking great number two save shower space add books
to your shower rod to save space and store your soaps and other bathing
necessities they can also be used to hang wet towels after a shower and don’t
take up any space at all number one do it your self storage board
here is another unique DIY storage board all you have to do is mount a plank of
wood on the wall and attach jars using metal clasps talk about a life hack and
a DIY project combined this one is pretty easy and won’t cost
you an arm and a leg you just have to be a little crafty and now here are
different ways you can transform and decorate your walls without buying
expensive art or decorations don’t have a fancy mirror over your mantel here’s a
cheaper DIY alternative involving fairy lights that will add some nice home
decor to your living space tack them to the wall in whatever design you desire
to transform a blank wall you don’t have to own expensive art or decorations to
personalize your apartment you can do it yourself it will look adorable and can
be recreated pretty cheaply by visiting a secondhand or antique store so the
next time you’re thinking about decorating your apartment try out some
DIY projects that can help you add a nice creative touch to your apartment
you won’t regret it so what do you think of the life hacks and DIY projects on
this list what are some other do-it-yourself tips
tricks and life hacks that you use to transform and redecorate your apartment
let us know in the comments section below
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So what do you think of the life hacks and DIY projects on the list? What are some other do it yourself tips, tricks, and life hack that you use to transform and redecorate your apartment? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?


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