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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be doing some deep spring cleaning in my bedroom and also in our bathroom but I am also going to be kind of doing like a redecorate in our bedroom and do kind of like a new like home refresh in here I kind of want to kind of transition my decor from more of like the modern farmhouse right farmhouse style to more of like a boho farmhouse I think it is just kind of more like earthy and I don’t know I’m really kind of getting like drawn to this new style so I’m gonna kind of attempt that in here hopefully it will go well and then I’m also going to be addressing the window seat that if you’ve been here for a while you have been waiting patiently for Kyle to do this we end up finding kind of something else to do so I share what that is a little bit later on but let’s go ahead and get on into it [Music] things arson and the sky okay so the first thing I wanted to tackle in my bedroom was my bedding I typically change out our sheets once a week and although it’s a chore that I don’t really enjoy doing it is totally worth it for that moment when you climb into bed that night and get to feel those fresh clean sheets it’s definitely one of my favorite little pleasures in life and I feel like right now it’s so good to focus on the little things that give us joy because there is so much that is out of our control and honestly human nature tends to lead us to focus on the negative sometimes so I would love to hear in the comments what is something small in your day or week that brings you a lot of joy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so before we get too far into today’s video I wanted to let you know that this video is actually a collab with one of my good friends Jamie from Jamie’s journey I am so excited to be collabing with her we have actually been trying to make this happen for several months now and I just can’t wait to introduce y’all to her if you are not already part of her YouTube family but Jamie is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet she could not be any sweeter or a more kind friend she is a mom to three adorable little girls two of which are twins and she shares videos similar to mine today she is actually going to be sharing a whole house clean with me with lots of deep cleaning motivation as well as a garage clean-out which I totally need to do but she has tons of cleaning decluttering and organizing videos coming up on her channel that you won’t want to miss out on so I will have her video linked down in the description box below and you have to be sure you go check her out and please leave her a comment letting her know Amanda sent you when you head over there I always love seeing who does that and if you were new to my channel welcome I am so happy you’re here and I would love if you would drop a comment down below just saying hi I always love chatting in the comments at the all and getting to know you [Music] so once I had my betting changed and our nightstands cleared off I just started tidying up our floors and tackling laundry because let’s be honest there is always more laundry to do but I would love to know do you have a laundry routine that you stick to most of the time or do you just kind of do it as the baskets fill up I typically try to follow our laundry routine each week but sometimes it’s hard to kind of stay on top of putting the loads away every single day so if you have any tips on that I would love to hear them [Music] [Music] and one quick thing that I wanted to mention if you are new to my channel or you haven’t seen how I hang up our clothes you have to try doing it this way it is such a game [Music] [Music] [Music] we can start all over in [Music] [Music] [Music] before I start decorating our bedroom I wanted to make sure to do a quick tidy as well as some deep cleaning for spring so here I am just wiping down our window sills and baseboards and spot cleaning our doors and walls just using a mixture of all-purpose spray and a microfiber cloth that I got from Grove collaborative and if you’re unfamiliar with Grove I will leave a link down below for them but I love getting my cleaning products from them because everything is just shipped straight to my door which could not be more convenient and the link will give you lots of free cleaning goodies with your first order [Music] [Music] as usual this is a no-judgment zone I know this fan was so incredibly dirty and dusty my fan of my living room got clean not too long ago I shared that in a previous video with you guys and my bedroom band was way past due for cleaning with no excuse other than just time slipping away but I’m getting to it now and it felt so good let me know if there’s something on your way past duelist that you need to really tackle but you just have not had the chance to yet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so for my windows I’m just going to be using my eat cloth general purpose cloth and then this is the e cloth window Jeannie you don’t have to have this you can definitely just use the glass and polishing cloth from them as well but the window Jeannie is something I got a few months back I love it it is like perfect for cleaning a much windows all ones [Music] [Music] we have to be here in the store so [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so my camera battery just died and so I went through and I vacuumed everything you can see all the vacuum lines I vacuumed it with my Dyson which if you’ve been here for a while you know that I recently cleaned it out like took it all apart cleaned it out because a while back I got a new shark vacuum it is a corded one and I have just felt like that one worked so much better it pulls up so much more out of our carpet and I did kind of like a little test down in our basement i vacuumed with our Dyson and then I Reeve acumen with our shark this room it’s always our dirtiest room because all of our pets just hang out in here all the time I can pretty much fill up a canister like every other day probably and so I was like this is the room that’s going to be like the real good test so now I am just starting to vacuum in here with my shark and I realized my camera was dead so I’ve only vacuumed like this one little area and already I’m seeing like a good amount in the shark so I feel like it’s going to be pretty crazy to see how much the shark picks up versus my cordless Dyson I’m gonna finish up our evac you me in the room with this and not kind of see it I’ll show you guys how does it turning out [Music] [Music] just finished vacuuming the room again for a second time after my license and I’ve had this thought that this big vacuum picked up so much better and this like completely proves it to me it picked up like half a canister right after the Dyson plus it leaves amazing vacuum lines so I am a hundred percent fold I was already sold on it I just thought that would be kind of like an interesting comparison to show you guys since I do have the two vacuums honestly if you have carpet I feel like this vacuum is the way to go if you only have hard floors then I don’t know that it makes that big of a difference because I do feel like it doesn’t make a huge difference out in like our wood like our heart floors or anything but if you do have a ton of carpet this one is definitely like what I would recommend and what I would get hands-down [Music] [Music] so if you’ve been here for a while you remember that we used to have a few chairs in this little nook which I moved upstairs into our guest bedroom back when I did our guest bedroom makeover recently and I will link that right here if you missed that video but once I took those out of our bedroom I wanted Kyle to build me a window seat and that was totally the plan but when I was walking through Marshalls I ran across this bench and I fell in love with it just a style of it was perfect and it was also really nice because I could just set it there and have the freedom to move it later on if I wanted to plus we have heater vents and the floors there which we’re posing a little bit of a problem when Kyle and I sat down to figure out the plans for the window seat so we may still end up doing a built in window seat in the future but for now I just think this is a great option but you’ll have to let me know what you think about it next I started setting up the new pillows on her bed and I had something planned in my mind and it totally didn’t work out how I envisioned it normally I just go with the flow on most things but I feel like with all the craziness going on in the world right now I have just been a bit on edge and my mind just started making it into a way bigger deal than it was and I started thinking to myself oh my gosh now I can’t go out and find the pillows that will work here and the room won’t turn out like I want it in the video I’m filming won’t be complete and on and on and khylin gotten home at this point and he just came in and talked to me and kind of calmed my emotions it totally wasn’t about the pillows and not working out but more about the situation that we were all in at the moment and just added stress of it all so I’m sharing this because I still want to keep my channel a calm space for y’all but I also want to say that if you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed your emotions are a bit crazy it is all completely normal and you are not alone if you are needing a friend or some support I hope that you share in the comments and I would love as a community if we can just all come together and kind of be there for each other during this crazy time I love you guys so much and I am just so thankful to have this community during this time [Music] I was it make it straight and for me [Music] I’ll be better cuz I still need you you gotta save me now [Music] from this [Music] [Music] [Music] so I feel like the pillows were totally a happy accident because I actually had ordered these pillow covers like around Christmas maybe or something it was a while ago and they ordered one to pack and then it didn’t show up for a long time and then I talked to Amazon they were like oh it got lost in the mail and so I was like oh that’s okay I’ll just order another set so I ordered another set and then like the next day the original ones showed up and then I got a second set that I ordered I ended up getting both sets and I was like well I guess I’ll just keep them I’m sure they’ll use them sometimes but I was planning to use them for our couch and I just never ended up liking them on there and I just don’t want to use them on there and so I just kind of held out and like well I have a lot of different makeovers coming up so I’ll just keep on hold onto them and I feel like they look perfect here I really love the look of them they’re really really simple which is kind of the new like decor style that I’m going for in here though especially with everything going on I can’t just like rush out to the store and go find something so I’m just kind of making do with what I have and so far I’m really loving it [Music] I wanted to show you guys something that I did the other day these jars they look like pottery right make a cute little piece of these pieces I just drifted from Goodwill and they are just like your basic run-of-the-mill pieces that you have like hundreds of every single time you walk into their store these two little ones were a dollar maybe they’re probably have a lot of them to sitting around your house or if you go to the store there’s just tons of them but all I did to make these is I just took like some white or off-white chalk paint and then I also took two different colors I took like a brown and an orange and kind of created the color that I wanted and then I just mix it with some chalk paint and the chalk paint is what makes that nice and chalky and it makes it really easy to put onto these jars and it kind of gives it like that faux pottery look that is all I did and then I just sponge brush them on they did take about three layers each but I loved how they turned out and I feel like they look really nice if I would have bought these at the store like this they would have cost me so much more money than I paid for them because like I said this is a dollar a dollar and three or four dollars and then the paint’s I just had on hand but this was just such a fun quick little DIY and I feel like now I want to paint everything and make it look like pottery I’m guessing you could do this with the gray and make it look kind of like cement but I just thought this is a really fun DIY and something that will totally transform my decor that I already had or things that get the rift into something that I actually love in one so I am so excited to share that with you guys and now let’s get back to decorating [Music] try to keep it why don’t you stay [Music] once again I am just sharing the reality of decorating and it is a lot of trial and error until you find just the right spot for everything so do not get discouraged if you’re decorating a new space and kind of struggling with it it’s just the process and just stick with it until you find something that makes your heart happy [Music] [Music] [Music] so now that I have gotten this duck put together it has easily become my favorite part of our new bedroom set up I just feel like it is so cozy and also functional and it just makes me so happy to have this in our room now [Music] why don’t you say [Music] so I have to take a break from everything for dinner really quick I’m not quite done in here I think I’m gonna kind of move some of these things around just kind of simplify this I really really want to get new lamps but I couldn’t find anything and then now like we’re kind of stuck at home and so I just I’m gonna wait and I’ll have to do kind of like a few tweaks to the room we are going to end this for today and I’ll pick up tomorrow a whole finish decorating in here and then I’ll move on to the bathroom and start deviating in there so I’ll see you guys soon it is the next day and I’m going to we were in Kyle in here he’s going to help me put up some pictures on the wall right there and then also hang that me here I have to double-check but I kind of want to say that I’m close to being done in here in the bedroom as far as decorating but then I’ll get to go in the bathroom and deep-clean in there which it really needs it but I will kind of give you an overview of how the room is looking oh all put together every time I walk in here like last night in this morning it just made me feel so happy and it’s just like peaceful and I don’t know I just it’s making my heart happy so I really really love it but let’s go ahead and get things hung up being weird I know I’m going to know I definitely going to every time I say I’m gonna use it I keep it in there people get another real you it’s so weird just I use toothpaste or leather if you want to all right then you know used to do is get my toothpaste [Music] so here we were just hanging up my full-length mirror and we are using monkey hooks which I like to use all around our house when I am not using command strips because they are able to go straight into drywall you don’t need any tools and then they’re able to support a lot of weight without putting huge screw holes in the wall that you’ll have to let me know if you’ve seen my other makeover videos and knew we were talking about when I was talking about the toothpaste it drives Kyle nuts every single time but he’s always a good sport when he helps me with my projects I wanted to let you all know I am going to be filming a spring home tour this week and sharing that video over on my vlog channel if you are not already following me over there it’s just this crazy life vlog I will always have that down in the description box below but that is where I’m going to be sharing that home tour video and in my house to her I will be sharing where everything’s from but of course if you have a question about something just ask in the comments and I’ll be sure to get back to you [Music] you see hey let’s see hey let’s see ok what’s gonna give me when it doesn’t rip anything huh I think juicy kiss what are you gonna give me when it rips paint off the wall oh hey that temper big juicy kiss you have to say I’m right no no thank you they didn’t leave any pain [Music] the service all different you got every little string on me but where you make me feel is crazy how’d it get so fly you got me like [Music] [Music] okay so I am all finished in this room and I love love the space I feel like it’s just so cozy and I feel like with all the plans especially the live big plan that we have right here I feel like it is just so welcoming it’s so warm and I just love kind of bringing in some like those natural features into the room like I said before I do want to change out the lamp so if you guys have any ideas of where to find like a glass base Liam just kind of like something really simple I guess let me know either send me links or pictures or just let me know like what websites you’re finding them on I would love to know that I’m not sure if I need something up there or not so let me know your thoughts if you guys think I should add something that is hot or if it should just be just like it is I think either way it could be good so just let me know your thoughts but I love this you guys will have to let me know what you think but now we’re gonna head on into the bathroom and get cleaning [Music] after I got our countertops cleared off I moved into the little toilet room and sprayed down our toilet all over with disinfectant spray and let that sit on the toilet for a few minutes just to let it work and while I did that I tackled some other areas in my bathroom [Music] we kill each other [Music] okay so I’m going to quickly clean our jetted bathtub and this stuff I got on Amazon I’ve been using it for probably about a year now or so but it cleans it so well I will do this every few months or so but it’s just called the oh yuck jetted bathtub cleaner and I’ll try to link it down in my Amazon favorites but it is satisfying and disgusting so that’s cleanest so all you do with the jetted tub cleaner is fill up your tub with water and use about a quarter of the bottle and then once the tub is filled you will turn your Jets on and let it run for several minutes so while the tub was filling up I just used some end s spray to wipe down the surround area of our bath [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] next I went back to clean and wipe down our toilet now usually I don’t work gloves when I clean our toilets maybe it’s because I’m a boy mom and I have to wipe down our toilets almost daily so I don’t feel like they really have the chance to get super dirty but when I’m cleaning the floor around the back of the toilet or the back area of the toilet itself I definitely wear gloves let me know below do you work gloves new clean the toilet or do you go bare hands [Music] [Music] the kids and the rain till they catch us some say the [Music] [Music] I get stuck [Music] [Music] to clean our vanities and mirrors I am just using my e cloths which disinfect with just water their cloths actually trap 99% of bacteria inside the fibers of the cloth and they are one of my very favorite things to clean [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m standing here in place I’d still it doesn’t see me doesn’t matter what I do [Music] you know no no speaks oh so it’s kind of hard to see on camera you can probably see it if you look really close but there were lots of little bits that came out of the tub Jets I’m pretty sure these Jets had never been cleaned by the previous owners so I am still trying to get them totally cleaned out since moving in but once I drained the water I just used some CLR foaming bath spray to get all the gunk that attached to the side of the bath when I was cleaning the Jets out and it is just amazing to me how it cuts through all of it but I am using a Dollar Tree broom I’ve shared this in the past but this is how I like to clean our tubs it just makes it so easy to clean and it’s also super affordable so I am just using the broom to kind of scrub everything down and then rinse it out with water [Music] you know [Music] last I just needed to wipe down the baseboards and cabinet and then vacuum and mop the floors [Music] [Music] I know that you’re afraid believe me when I say it’s alright we’ll get by I curl them fade away I hope it’s just a face I tell myself there will be so hold onto me baby put your hands into my so hold on baby hold on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you some new tips as well as lots of cleaning motivation and ideas for decorating your own spaces don’t forget to check out Jaime’s video next and tell her that I sent you again her video is linked down below thank you so much for watching and being here and be sure to subscribe if you are not already I hope you have the best day and I will see you in the next one hey guys

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