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20 Stewart St #309 – King West Two Bedroom Loft

Hey it’s Tom Storey from the
Storey team in Royal LePage. You can probably already
tell by the smile on my face how excited I am to introduce
you to our brand new listing. So I’m standing today in unit
309 at 20 Stewart Street. Now 20 Stewart Street is
a boutique condo building built by Freed in 2008. It’s only 59 units, so you really get to know your neighbors. You never have to wait
in line for the elevator. It’s just an awesome
experience living here. We’re located at King and Portland. So the greatest thing about Stewart Street is you’re one street back of King, so you’re tucked away in
this nice little side street but you’re right there
close to all the action. So this unit is two
bedrooms, two bathrooms. It’s 1100 square feet of space. And it’s functionally laid out. There’s a massive living area. There’s a kitchen big enough for a family. There’s two bedrooms separated on both sides of the property. And a huge terrace overlooking
onto King’s Street west. All right I’m gonna stop
talking about this property, let’s go take a look. (upbeat music) If you liked what you just saw and I have a feeling you might, please reach out to us directly to book your private viewing, or check out storeyteam.ca
for all the information. Have a great day and remember, home is where your storey begins. (upbeat music)

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