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2 On what grounds can you receive a residence permit? (englanti)

This video explains what kind of residence permits
the Finnish Immigration Service can grant when you are seeking asylum.
The criteria for different residence permits are based on Finnish law and
international agreements. You may be granted asylum if you are at risk of being
persecuted in your home country, you cannot rely on the
protection of the authorities and you cannot reside safely
in another region in your home country. Persecution is for example repeated serious
violence or threats.
The reason for the persecution must be one of the following: Origin, religion, nationality, membership in a certain
social group, political opinion If you are not granted asylum,
the Finnish Immigration Service may
grant you subsidiary protection status.
You may be entitled to subsidiary protection, if: you are under the threat of death penalty or execution in
your home country, you are under the threat of torture or other inhuman treatment
or punishment or there is a serious armed conflict in your home country and
that puts you in personal danger. If you are not granted asylum or subsidiary protection,
the Finnish Immigration Service will assess
whether you could receive a residence permit on
compassionate grounds. A permit may be granted if it would be manifestly unreasonable
to make a negative decision. These situations are rare. You may be granted a permit for example if you suffer
from a serious illness and you cannot receive treatment
for it in your home country. If you are a victim of human trafficking you may be granted
a residence permit for that reason. Human trafficking
is a serious crime in which humans are exploited
for the purposes of financial or other gain. Various means can be used to force people to act against their will,
for instance to sell sex, beg, steal or work on poor terms. It is very difficult or impossible for victims of human trafficking to
leave the situation without outside help. The exploitation may
have taken place in the home country, on the way or in Finland. If you have no grounds to receive a residence permit, but you
cannot be returned to your home country, the Finnish Immigration
Service may grant you a temporary residence permit.
Such a permit can only be granted in rare conditions. For example, you may suffer from a serious temporary medical
issue or return is impossible for practical reasons. If you have a permanent job in Finland, you can apply for a
residence permit on the basis of employment. If you have a family member in Finland, you can apply for a
residence permit on the basis of family ties. There is a fee for the applications. You can get more information on other residence permits from your
legal counsel or the Finnish Immigration Service website at migri.fi.

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