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19 Facts About Lincoln Loud! | The Loud House

Lincoln Loud is a brother, a friend,
a mentor, and the man with the plan! Here’s 19 facts you may or may not know
about everyone’s favorite middle child… Lincoln Loud! You may be wondering
who’s the cool new guy in the Loud House? It’s me, Lincoln! Lincoln Loud lives in the town
of Royal Woods, Michigan, and he’s one of 11 children! That’s right,
Lincoln has 10 awesome sisters. Their names are Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan,
Lynn, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily, Lincoln is the only Loud
to have his own bedroom. Sure it’s just a converted linen closet,
but it’s my own space. My own little oasis
in the sands of the Loud House, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Sitting on Lincoln’s bed is his
stuffed animal rabbit named Bun Bun. Did you know Lincoln was born
in the presidents limo? He was even delivered by the first lady,
talk about a presidential arrival! Holy cow, I can’t believe it! Lincolns mom, Rita Loud writes books. Writing isn’t about rules,
it’s about being creative! And his dad Lynn Loud Sr.
owns his own restaurant. ♪ A slice, a slice– ♪ Ow, my finger! And then there’s
his energetic grandpa, Pop-Pop. Hey, family! Even though Lincoln
has 10 different sisters, he has a special bond with each one. Another fun fact about Lincoln is he enjoys learning new things
with his sisters. – Whether it’s playing chess with Lili…
– Amazing, you really are the best! – Reading books with Lola.
– Thank you, thank you, thank you! Or encouraging Lana
to dance her heart out! Woohoo, that’s my sister! Sweet moves, Lana! And Lincoln always pulls his weight
around the house. Best brother ever! I carry most of my stress
in my lower back. You can always catch Lincoln wearing
his signiature orange polo shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. Even his pajamas are orange. Now that’s a look! But every now and then,
he switches things up. [whickering] [music playing] [knocking] Lincoln Loud is a true gamer. It doesn’t matter the system or game,
he loves to play. Wow, feels like it was built for me. That’s the memory foam handle grips. They conform to each
individual gamers hand. Whoops, little grease spot. Sometimes,
Lincoln will even go toe to toe with his good friend, Ronnie Anne. Battle start! – Oh, watch this!
– Yeah! Oh, I’ve gotten better! Our next fact about Lincoln Loud
is that he’s a comic book super fan! His favorite super hero
is the crime-fighting Ace Savvy! Het, Clyde, can you spot me some money? I spent all of mine on mufflers. No problem, buddy. One Eyed Jack is always ready
to lend a hand! Lincolns first live concert
was seeing the rock band Smooch. ♪ Take my advice and don’t be a mooch ♪ ♪ Grab life by the lips
And give it a smooch ♪ And of course, he went with his best bud,
Clyde McBride. Rock on, guys! Sometimes you gotta
grab life by the lips! ♪ And give it a smooch ♪ Whether it’s toughing out
Coach Pacowskis gym class… Or trying out new hobbies, these two friends
always have each other’s back. – Give it a try, Clyde!
– Here I go! Woah! [groaning] [chuckling] From being delivered by the first lady
to his favorite band, Smooch, these are the top fun facts about– We forgot one little thing. Lincoln and his best friend Clyde
both survived the zombie apocalypse! – Zombie!
– Zombie! We’re outta juice! Forget the blasters,
hand-to-hand combat! [screaming] Lincoln!
Clyde! You’re hurting your fathers! – Huh?
– Huh? Those are the top fun facts
you need to know about Lincoln Loud from The Loud House! ♪ In the Loud House
In the Loud House ♪ ♪ One boy and ten girls
Wouldn’t trade it for the world ♪

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