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1800 Wilson Blvd | 1800 Wilson Blvd Arlington VA | Rosslyn Condos

Hello and welcome, my name is Matt Leighton
and today we are looking at 1800 Wilson located between the Rosslyn and Courthouse neighborhoods.
1800 Wilson was built in 2006 is located at, you guessed it, 1800 Wilson Boulevard. The building is 4 stories high and contains
contains 153 residences. There are some amenities at 1800 Wilson but not too many. There’s
a fitness center, a courtyard, and someone at the front desk during office hours. Some
residents wish there were more amenities, like a pool, or 24 hour concierge, but one
benefit of less amenities is that condo fees are for the most part a little lower than
nearby buildings. 1800 Wilson is a low rise, garden style, boutique,
however you want to call it. It is a smaller community. You probably would drive right
by it if it weren’t for that goofy statue out front. Ok let’s look at the top 3 things you need
to know about living at 1800 Wilson Loft – At 1800 Wilson there are many loft
units that offer 2 level living and 18 ft ceilings. They are all on the ground floor
and the top floor. Lofts are rare along the Orange Line. There are some buildings that
feature them more prominently than others but loft living adds a cool dynamic to the
building. Gas Station – There’s a gas station on the
same block as the property. It’s ugly, it’s a gas station. There’s no way to sugarcoat
it. If you are on the same side of the gas station your view will not be that glamorous.
And you will have these flame-resistant windows that distort the view a little bit. The more
coveted units have balconies and are facing the courtyard.
Cafe Assorti? — This spot on the ground floor of 1800 Wilson has been vacant since
March of 2013. It is now September 2014. It’s been vacant for over a year and a half. The
food was pretty good. And they had an excellent bakery. The knock on it was that there was
never anyone there! They closed and a new restaurant is opening up in 2014 called Bistro
360 which is a restaurant, wine bar, and gourmet market. The owner already owns one restaurant
in Arlington so here’s hoping this new one is successful. Now if only he could do something
about that artwork outside. There you have it the top three things you
need to know about living at 1800 Wilson. Just to recap number one is loft, number two
is gas station, and number three is cafe assorti. Thanks for watching, hey if you liked this
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