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$1,700 Apartment Vs. $40,000 Apartment

– Steven, how you doing man? – What’s going on man? – So, I got a favor to ask. I’ve been thinking about
moving back to New York. Can you do that Worth It
thing where you, kind of, clap your hands and get whatever you want? – Do people think this is how it works? – It is how it works. – No, that’s not, – Try it. I wanna see some New York apartments. – No, oh, actually I didn’t hear you. – Let’s go. Please. Here we are through the
power of Worth It magic. We’re gonna be trying
three New York apartments for Ben at three drastically
different price points to find out which one is
most worth it at its price. – Worth it. New York is a mix of all
these people, energy. Everyone’s going after something, driven. It can be a lot, but when you’re
in it, you’re, like, high. New York apartments,
though, they are expensive. First spot, we’re going to Brooklyn. It’s actually our
coworker’s apartment and… (slow electronic music) – Hi, my name’s Kara,
and this is my apartment. – This right here is the outside? – Yes, outside. – This is where you sleep, right here? – This is just the outside. I actually sleep in the inside. It’s in Brooklyn. Boerum Hill, so, welcome. – Thank you. – Thanks for having us. – It’s about 500 square feet. It’s a studio, but it has
a separate living room and a separate place to sleep,
even though there’s no wall. It’s old, but it’s very charming. There’s exposed brick. There’s a full bathroom. Kitchen’s very large. – Did it come with a
refrigerator or anything, or, – Yep, working refrigerator
with a freezer, yeah. – I did not get a
refrigerator in my, what? I wanna live in New York now! – I do have a private backyard,
but the one downside is there’s a million other
apartments around me so everyone can see in. So, yeah. – Sorry, I’m swatting mosquitoes. – I know, that’s the one downside is. – If I slap you in the face, I swear there’s probably a mosquito there. – Probably. – Most likely. – Why did you choose this? – Why did I choose?
– Yes. – Number one reason, it was available. The big part of New York is the real estate goes really fast. It costs 1,700 a month. Which is–
– That’s steep. – Most people think it’s a steal. It’s a lot of money, but
for my own living space, which is very unheard of, you have to have roommates,
typically, in New York. Most people think it’s worth
it if you can afford it, which I barely do. – Yeah. My biggest thing is I
hate having roommates. I just, I like my space. – When I lived alone, I
used to just, I was naked. – I don’t want to hear about this. – I didn’t wanna say anything about it, but a big part of living
alone is just freedom to let it all out. – That’s the best. – The naked factor. – Yeah. Are pets allowed in your building? – One cat.
– One cat? – What, you got a cat? – Yeah, so I could get
a cat if I wanted, yeah. – That’s my dream. Okay, let me know when you move out. – Okay. (laughing) – [Ben] Can we see your apartment? – [Kara] Yeah, of course. – Let’s go.
– Let’s do it. – This is the bedroom area. This is where I sleep. – [Ben] Stay sexy and don’t get murdered. – It’s from a podcast that I like a lot. – This is how it works, right? Here we go. – [Ben] Yeah? – My life motto. Ben’s life motto. You got a couch! – Yeah, I do have a little
couch with one pillow. Get this, it’s a pullout couch. – No.
– No. – Yeah. (lever creaking) – [Ben] I don’t wanna break it. – No, it should come out. – Let’s do this
– Upward and… – [Kara] Oh my gosh! I’ll be honest, I never
opened this before. (laughing) – [Ben] Is that why you
invited us to do this video? (laughing) So here’s the closet. – Yep, my giant closet. There it is. – You really know how to take advantage of the space. It’s very impressive. Like, this couch is perfectly
fitted for this area. Your bed has the exact
dimensions of the window. Your closet is packed like crazy. What happened here? – Oh, I was sweeping, and I accidentally lifted the
broom too high and I hit it. – Hey, you have more light now. – I know, it, yeah. And this is the kitchen. – [Steven] This is like a
whole new world we’ve entered. – [Kara] Yeah. – Do you mind if I grab a glass of water? – Yeah go ahead. – So one perk of New York City is you can drink the tap
water and not worry about anything bad happening. (mellow music) Now that’s refreshing. – Are you an ad for New York tap water? – I do that with my friends all the time, pretending like I’m in a commercial, ah. (waves crashing) Ah! Now that’s refreshing! (upbeat electronic music) (laughing) – Actor Ben! Tastes like water and I’m thirsty, so. Ah! There’s your AC right there. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Kara] Just stick your head in there. – Yup. One of the most important
things is how you feel where you live, and I
feel pretty good here. – It’s how you make the most
of your situation, I think. I wanna see your funky bathroom. – [Kara] Yeah, we can go there next. – [Steven] Let’s go! – It’s kind of a tight fit, but I think we can all fit in there. – [Steven] Oh this is not small at all! For one person this normal.
– For one person yeah. – [Steven] Can we hear your toilet flush? – Uh-huh.
(toilet flushing) You gotta hold it really
hard, and then you can. – [Steven] Nice! – [Kara] There you go. – [Steven] There it is. – Oh. Now that’s refreshing. – [Steven] Oh my god, Ben. – [Ben] Apartment fact! – There is a person
who lives in Manhattan, who pays 1,100 dollars
for 100 square feet. – What? Is that even the size of this table? – I think if you spread your
arms, you’d go wall to wall. – You gotta be out of
your mind, no offense. – Now it’s time to move on up, and we’re bringing the big guns. – I think I’m bringing the big guns. – Yeah that’s true. – My Uncle Matt works in real estate here, I’m gonna hit him up and
see if he can find us some more impressive places. – That’s the dream. You know what you’re gonna
get for 1,000, 2,000, 3,000. – Do you wanna jump like 20k ahead? – Do people pay that much here? – Yeah! A lot of people pay that much here. – Who? (stutters) – Go big or go home, right? That’s how you convinced
me to get this tattoo back in the day. (laughs) (upbeat music) – This has jumped to a higher price. – Yeah but who cares? – Welcome, Steve. Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Ben. Good to see you.
– Nice to see you. – Ben’s father is my brother. And Ben, I would babysit. It’s surprising he’s still here with us. (laughing) – I mean we see this
guy on set all day, so. – Oh my god. – We have that in common now. – The name of my company is
Coleman Real Estate Group. We specialize in luxury apartments. What you’re standing
in right here, is HL23. We’re on the 11th floor. This is a full floor residence. – Full like, the entire floor? – Each owner owns the entire floor. We have three bedrooms, three full baths, and the architecture of this
building is just magical. You have these long expansive
floor to ceiling windows to capture all sweeping views of downtown and incredible views of the sunset as the buildings kind of take shape. Just phenomenal light and views. – Beautiful. This is beyond my
wildest dreams right now. – This is what I picture making
it and living in Manhattan, this is the representation of that. – How much does this apartment cost? – This is $24,500 a month. – Oh! – Damn! – That’s my car every month. Paying for a brand new car. – You don’t need a car. You’re in Manhattan. – Oh!
– Sell the car, take the apartment. – For one month at least. Then I’ll just go broke. – [Steven] Should we
go take a look around? – [Matt] Please. – [Ben] Let’s do it. – [Matt] So we’re standing
in basically the dining room. You have an open grand great room right here with the living room. And what’s nice is you’re
straight above the high line. So you’re looking straight
up so that you get this view. You just get green. – [Ben] I mean if you
get a pair of binoculars, you could do some serious, – Okay! – Binoculars are legal,
that’s what they’re made for! I didn’t say anything creepy
– Cool, cool. – Where does your mind go, man? – I don’t know. – [Steve] Wanna go down there? – Yeah, let’s check it out. If I was naked in that apartment, people down here,
– Oh my gosh. – Could see me right now, I’m just saying! If you turn around, you can look right into this apartment. – That’s a concern. But all of the apartments are built in with electric privacy shade in all the windows
throughout the apartment, You’re getting light coming in – Hoo hoo, okay!
– You’re still enjoying the views, but you can
come out in your bathrobe. – Damn that is sick. – Can I please press that button? (singing in unison) – This place makes you wanna just lie flat on the floor in the
middle and just spread out. Like that. – [Ben] Make a wood angel. – [Matt] You have a speed
oven, gas stove top, Miele refrigerator, all clad. – Oh,
– What? – Oh!
– Is it a wall or a fridge? Both. – And look at the view
when you’re cooking. – [Ben] It’s like inspiration beaming in. – [Matt] That’s what
this space is made for. Welcome to the master bedroom.
– Yes! – [Matt] You have the full North exposure, your bedroom is right over the highline. – You know when something just feels right immediately? This is that. Imagine waking up to that? – He has so much space here that you don’t need straight walls. You got slanted walls. – You could put holes in
there and play some ski ball, (laughing) – So you have a wall of four closets. One, two, three, and then the walk-in. – Oh! I mean, not legal, but you could maybe have
another rent tenant living here. Bust a hole in this wall,
get a doorway, just saying. Oh wow! – [Ben] Damn! – [Matt] Soaking tub, steam shower, double rain shower. – [Steven] Double rain shower! – Double rainbow. – Wait, is this the same thing? – Yes.
– Stop it! – Alright, goodbye world! – It goes the other way! This one goes up! This is great because you could
actually put it half way up. – Yes! – And do this thing.
– There ya go. (techno music) – You know when somebody talks too much, and you’re just like stop talking. (muffled techno music) (running water) – Now that’s refreshing. (laughing) – Dude those shades though. – They’re cool, but come on man. They have stuff like that these days. – Yeah but, not at my house. – Not in mine either. That place was sick. – I guess if you split that price with like 10 people, then we’re talking. It could be your office too! – Yeah. – Now we’re thinking logically. Apartment fact! Did you know that the
cheapest luxury house costs 4.5 million to buy, in New York City, in Manhattan. Think about it this way, a fifth of all houses in Manhattan are luxury houses.
– Yeah. – That means, if you want
to own a house in Manhattan, – You’re insane. – Well, you’re insanely
rich is what you are. Or in debt. Anyway, let’s set this
up for this next place. We’re going to Tribeca.
– Mm hm. – You know who lives in Tribeca? – Who? – Taylor Swift.
– T. Swift – Jay-Z.
– Jay-Z. – Beyonce, cause ♫ New York. That’s so off tune that we can use that. – Yes. – Because it’s not copy written. (chuckles) (uplifting music) – [Matt] Key locked elevator, only six apartments in
this 1920s conversion. No matter who you are, when
you walk into this room, your jaw drops. – [Steven] Oh my god! – [Ben] Dude, we made it. – Can I just say, this is absurd. – Tribeca has become one of the premiere neighborhoods
in downtown Manhattan. The tenants for this
particular property are people who’ve reached a pinnacle
of their respective fields. It’s a convertible four bedroom. Three and one half baths. – [Ben] What does this
place run per month? – So we’re 40,000 dollars per month. This is space in the city. I mean 7,200 square feet is enormous. – That to me is streaking
through this thing. – [Steven] Okay let’s go venture around. – [Ben] Let’s check it out. (cash register bell rings) – This room that we’re
standing in right now is 42 feet wide, 30 feet long, another 25 feet into the kitchen, and if you step back you can see there’s a game room, a
secondary entertaining space on the upper level. Almost 1,200 square
feet in this room alone – Wow, I’ll take it. (laughing) – [Matt] Let’s go. – Does this come furnished for
people who wanna rent it out? – [Matt] Yes. – [Ben] What would you do? – [Steven] A big picture of
you, just like right there. – [Matt] The eat-in
kitchen, marble countertops, – A kitchen island is an attainable goal that I will achieve in my life. You can do a wok right here, and Korean barbecue right here. Wok, Korean barbecue. – I’d probably restart my
Blue Apron subscription if I moved here. – [Steven] Oh, yes! This is what I was waiting for. – [Matt] 800 bottle wine refrigerator. – [Ben] Wine bottle opener
built into the wall. – To the library?
– Yes! – [Matt] Let’s do it. – [Steven] Oh. – [Ben] Hello. – [Steven] Yes. – [Ben] Don’t you feel a little smarter just being in this space? – [Steven] I feel inspired. Oh the bar. – [Matt] So, fully stocked bar. – If I grew up here, I’m pretty sure I would have tapped into one of these and filled it back up with water. (laughing) This is fully loaded. – You know what I love about this place? Every detail has been
paid attention to here. Everything has a purpose. I feel like when I walk
in here, I have a purpose. Can I take a poop in this toilet? Look at this. – [Ben] Oh my god, – [Steven] Don’t get your hands dirty. You grab the metal,
– I’ve never seen that before. – Boom. See? With purpose! – [Ben] This is probably
the smallest bedroom. The bathroom here is
bigger than my bathroom in my apartment. – This apartment is so
big that this one bedroom has it’s own router. – [Ben] That’s gotta
be for the whole house. – No, it can’t be. – [Ben] There’s multiple
routers, throughout the house. – [Matt] So on the second
floor of the duplex is the secondary living room
which is set up as a game room, but it also has a wood burning fireplace. – You can play really long distance beer pong onto that table down there. If I get one in off the break, that means that I’ll be able
to afford this place one day. – Ooh! Oh, oh! – Come on! – Here, let me finish that for you. – [Ben] It’s going nowhere. Eight ball in the hole I win! Never seen anyone lose that quickly. (laughing) – [Matt] Welcome to the master. – Ooh, this would be my room. – [Matt] Walk-in custom
closet with shelving. – [Steven] Am I at Brookes
Brothers or am I at home? Woah! – [Ben] Holy Crap. Literally. – [Matt] Bath, soaking tub, rain shower, double bench seating in the shower. – [Ben] You could have
a party in that shower. – [Matt] Yes you could. So the master is, again, 42 feet long, it’s the width of the actual building. – [Ben] Is there a living
room in the bedroom? – [Matt] Yes. You have four french doors out to your own private terrace. – [Steven] Okay, this is
when you know you’ve made it. When you have your own terrace. – [Matt] Let’s go up to the roof terrace. – All the way up. Okay, this is it right here. – [Ben] We’ve got another trellis, – [Matt] 1,200 square
feet of outdoor terrace planted, irrigated. – This is where the magic happens. – This is that New York City quality I was talking about. You just kind of feel connected and alive in a way that no other city can do for me. I just wanna like, shout
from the roof tops! – Do it! – Matt, do you mind if I
yell from this roof top? – Go for it.
– Alright. (clears throat) – Now that’s refreshing! Yeah baby, that feels good! – [Steven] This is amazing! – This is New York, breathe it in! – Yes, light breeze. Quick note, shout out to your Uncle Matt. The dude is legit. – Worst babysitter ever, but the guy knows his apartments. I gotta give him that. – Alright so, Ben Coleman, which one is your Worth It Winner? – Oh man. The Brooklyn one, it has
this charming quality to it and she was such a lovely
host to show us around. – Shout out to Kara – But my Worth It Winner has gotta be with the highline. – [Steven] Wow. – It’s just those views,
the price tag is high but if I could afford that, that’s what I want to look out and see. And I feel like my girlfriend
would love that spot if I was like babe, I got this spot. – No sexier words have been spoken than, “Babe, I got this spot.” (laughing) – [Steven] The 40,000 dollar big one, when you own a terrace and not a patio, that’s the life
– Yeah. – The my Worth It Winner
is the Brooklyn apartment. – [Ben] I mean, I don’t blame you. – Here’s the problem, this video has just been the
movie Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber. I knew that New York
apartments were expensive but I didn’t realize how
crazy it was ’til today. – [Steven] Who’s your Worth It Winner? – [Steven] Nice. Alright dude, we gotta go home. You ready to go home? (sighs) You just gotta clap your hands. – [Ben] I love you, New York. Goodbye. (claps) – And that’s how it works,
right there, see that? (clapping) – Still here
– It’s not happening. – Alright, here we go. (claps) Still here, ha ha. – No, we just left! (slow electronic music)



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Kelly Liles

Aug 8, 2019, 9:27 pm Reply


Gritmtastc 360 Pro

Aug 8, 2019, 1:37 pm Reply

I live in Manhattan

Florian Kirchner

Aug 8, 2019, 5:42 pm Reply

Very refreshing video

Javier Hernandez

Aug 8, 2019, 8:52 pm Reply

For $950 in Arizona we get a 4 story 2 bathroom

viveka borkland

Aug 8, 2019, 9:44 pm Reply

Get an old used cheap nice rv

Giselle Alfaro

Aug 8, 2019, 10:21 pm Reply

I’m actually from New York

Kim’s lifestyle29

Aug 8, 2019, 3:39 am Reply


Absolutely no one:

Not a single soul:


Ho Homer

Aug 8, 2019, 3:25 pm Reply

This episode is like an ad for the apartments XD

Emma Bath

Aug 8, 2019, 4:44 pm Reply

Wait you the tap isn’t as filtered in LA ? I’m a new Yorker and lived here my whole life and never realy been anywhere else besides some middle of no where towns on the east coast my extended family has or does live.👀this is news to me 🤣*runs into my ny bathroom and drinks the tap * “now that’s refreshing”

Emma Bath

Aug 8, 2019, 4:45 pm Reply

Is the tap water in NYC realy that healthy and does anyone know if it’s the same water that’s okay to drink from tap throughout Long Island? Or even throughout the state? It’s a huge stage. (Born and raised long islander)also I think the bedroom is bigger than my apartment, actually I don’t think I know. 🤣


Aug 8, 2019, 6:08 pm Reply

"Can we hear your toilet flush?"💀

Dillon Jacob

Aug 8, 2019, 1:47 am Reply

I like the modern one I means like come on that’s like a glass mansion but as a apartment


Aug 8, 2019, 7:47 am Reply

#3!! 👍👍

Kellie Lu

Aug 8, 2019, 5:58 pm Reply

You could live him TriBeCa with 40 people and pay 1,000 each month

Official Filmilen

Aug 8, 2019, 9:05 pm Reply

These are some expensive appartments

andrea torres

Aug 8, 2019, 5:44 am Reply


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