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YO you guys what is going on it’s Blazendary here! And today in this video I have a part two of my moving saga if you
guys missed part one I would recommend to go watch it right now because you’re
not gonna understand anything of what’s been going on I literally moved if you
guys haven’t been keeping up with my socials the process has been insane
but I’m in my new place right now y’all are gonna see some insane videos from it here is an overall recap of everything that has happened within the last week and a half if you guys are excited for this make sure you
go ahead and smash a like on this video and drop a comment down below I’m
gonna be picking one of you to win a $100 Amazon gift card why because I’m feeling generous I’m so happy in this new place I want to give
back to y’all just because you’re watching the vids and keeping up with my
life and that means a lot to me say something random down below it doesn’t
have to be anything specific gonna random generate a comment winner
in my next video we’re at IKEA and we are getting the first round of furniture first round of shopping yes when you decorate you need layers of design but checking out I’m a little nervous at the aftermath it’s a lot of accessories it’s not even furniture the only pieces of furniture I got was the bed and the two
barstools that’s because IKEA closes right now nine sixty six and sixty one the next day Just got my desk! oh!! there’s a ton of stuff that
we picked out so far based on the cart we got like the stuff like bathroom
towels rugs we literally just met up with Da Fash like just now not even all the furniture and it was four thousand, two hundred thirty one dollars so right now we’re in a sofa Emporium with the USB its
even better even better yaa i have a bed finally this is when it got a little crazy all-star weekend started happening the next day that I moved and I had a ton of
different things I had to do so just go to the events meet up with people and do
some photoshoots we are back at the old crib getting my computer and everything
now so I can edit this video or the video that you guys will be seeing about
the move we’re just about getting done here now all I’ve been around town up and down Charlotte uh running out gas here already got these stuffed up yeah back at the crib O Oh sick!!! haha got my laundry unit I ordered a couch so many calls I’ve had to make internet different people for
this renters insurance energy all this stuff that I have to do What do I build next?? “I don’t know man!” as far as moving updates go I’m back at my parents crib and I’m
grabbing a lot more stuff so it doesn’t really look like much because it’s
buried under the house of Hoops event look at how stuffed this car is! I now
have a dresser built and anchored into the wall I’m gonna put my TV up on here
as well then in here I’m gonna go ahead and store all of my pants maybe some
socks and underwear I can’t wait to get all this stuff set up because then I
can start making videos about my clothing collections so I can start
living like a normal human thank you so right now we are building a couch bed
type thing it’s gonna be really Dope Oh my boxes oh my god there’s so many! recently
I’ve been getting a lot of packages from Amazon and I’m also getting a little bit
of a cold from Move-Azon haha, that was so bad comment down below in future videos what you guys want to see me open up my packages with? this is this one this one
comes with little handles these are ethernet cables somebody told me I
should get flashlights for the apartment so I definitely did and this is not
sponsored but if anybody works at Razor or something like hit me up
I’ve been buying Razor products for awhile like this one as well love to do something with you guys this is my new mouse pad for my new desk good
morning everybody right now it is February 18th on a Monday as you guys can see
my blinds are creating an interesting pattern along me there’s just a ton of
stuff that I got to do today like setting up shelves and camera gear and
crap like that eventually I can get started with putting away some of my items but until then I need some furniture y’all this table being extend out is
really dope well it’s been a while since I’ve done anything related to my camera
stuff I’ve pretty much took all my essentials with me when I moved I threw the rest of it in boxes it’s time to set it up because I’ve ran out of
batteries and this is all I got left I Got my GoPro going building some
furniture and everything right now got to get my entertainment center all
built now is building the camera shelves over here and this one’s up but I really don’t like how it’s kind of wobbly but for this one it just completely fell out
of the wall so I’m just gonna get some better anchors cuz then tomorrow I could
just take my ass to Lowe’s Every morning I wake up I do business calls, emails, stuff like that I work alongside with my dad Bought this on Amazon so i’m going to try this thing out make the quality of the videos better then i’m working on to put all my gear up and that shelf is brand new as well this is gonna let me link a camera
to my computer so I have good quality on my face when I stream my hair’s gonna go
into some weird middle part just like that but I just got home from New York! if you guys missed that video right there I took a lot of time on my
production for that video just got home about an hour ago I’m gonna be
setting up my camera shelf finally got the camera stuff all set up it looks really really dope in my opinion I can finally have access to
all my gear and keep making the bangers Let’s get it!! So basically today I’ve been
setting up stuff Because, you know, I went to New York for three days got to get back on the grind of moving so I’ve been figuring out the space I want to do for
my office I’m gonna go ahead and put a second desk right here have something in
the middle for all like my printer and other stuff and then of course you got
the kitchen still which is already going what’s up FASH? How are you folks? we got Val over here on the shelf with the
time-lapse Val your helps always appreciated I’m going to go ahead and
get into the mail time of more stuff that I bought for the crib very very
soon it’s probably gonna be tomorrow but to you guys it’s like a couple minutes maybe even 30 seconds now I’m just working on stuff like getting containers
in here and just putting away more clothes a lot of stuff still in boxes that’s what they tell me and while I was picking up the food Val wanted to redo
the camera stuff I think looks good too Today is Monday The first Supreme Drop So we just got pretty much a majority of stuff from your house to my
apartment stuff like the glass case Some more boxes and things that had to come through All-star weekend mess right here, I got to clean that up still Camera shops looking like a G!! It’s also looking more setup in this room as well I had to make a quick IKEA run to grab some more stuff for the crib like curtains What is up guys it is Tuesday February 26th moving video of course This morning I
have done a lot of work on my computer, because I had a lot of stuff I had to
take care of I also ordered some more furniture from Ikea It’s just more
stuff for my office space, like I’m gonna get a desk back there But as far as the
rest of the apartment goes? Well there’s a couple things I have to tell you first. They’re still a ton to be done in the living room as far as this entertainment
system goes tomorrow the couch comes in where I’ll be able to strategically
place this and move it anywhere I want but I have a lot of frickin packages to
unbox y’all as you can see by the sheer amount that’s you know sitting right in
front of us! and if we go into the guest room right here I mean this is still a
mess too From stuff that I’ve just been bringing over or stuff that I’ve just,
you know, thrown in here I guess this room is a major work in progress this is my guest bathroom as you guys can see look at the camera that I’m using? It’s not my normal Canon camera. This in fact, is my Sony camera. Well I want to show
you the video clip that actually broke my camera. I mean broke it. Here it is now during that time I didn’t think it was anything but just my audio going wrong or the video clip is messed up but it turns out the audio jack on my Canon
camera that right there is the audio jack that Fried and supposedly these
things are notorious for frying out so I had to get a new camera. Truthfully there
is nothing wrong with the Sony set up that I have I think that the Sony camera
could make anything look good I think canon camera just makes things look kind of basic but like, it feels good. The sony’s like, too good So I just got this
package right here and I’m just gonna go ahead and give you a visual example of how good a Sony could make anything look Just go ahead place your object down and
watch the magic happen with the same lens By the way I’m just gonna use my
vlog lens just to prove it to you . You can see my little reflection in the
screen and my mouth talking yeah but what else do you notice ? well there’s
no flip out screen so this right here is a monitor for this camera you can’t see
yourself with this camera I don’t know if I’m too bright or if I’m too dark or if I’m just perfect right now the screens gonna help me out here
cannon setup that I got it has a flip-out vlogger styled screen it was
perfect but it is now going to be my primary streaming camera I don’t need to
mic the plug it in all I need to do to stream is just take a microphone plug it
in and then I’m good to go sorry for interrupting you
cat but I really want to open up my camera right now so this guy’s is the
canon eos-R are not sponsored or anything like that in any way I just wanted to
share with you my camera setup and my journey as a vlogger trying out
different setups, different cameras, I’ve never used this new one before. Wow and
the thing about this is that makes special lenses now for this body
they’re called the RF so the only one that I have is compatible for this
camera is this one and this is one beefy ass lens oh my god the price tag on this lens ? this bad boy was $3,000 why? well I’m very curious to
know myself this thing’s a monster here’s two other Canon lenses for
comparison double the width and size so this is the new Canon setup I can
comment already that it is extremely heavy if I’m trying to hold it super
still like if I’m just gonna walk like this is how it’s gonna look so I don’t
know if that’s steady enough with this lens? Like this lens is probably better
for photography this is 70 millimeters this is 28 but I mean it doesn’t look
too bad it just makes the room look a little smaller than it actually is
compared to a wide-angle lens this is the new vlogging setup, we got the
wide-angle lens on it! yer already know this light needs to change, it’s yellow so
sorry about that it’s not the prettiest looking light but I’m really digging the
new setup guys About to go out to eat I’m not sure what I’m gonna do next? I’m
gonna open all those packages! That’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna open all
those packages Let’s go ahead and start opening some
packages Well this first one right here is coming from Amazon and guys this is
all stuff that I needed for the apartment something for my stream it’s called a
cloud lifter second I got a HDMI for my stream set up I know it seems like I
keep talking about my stream setup but I even just got in contact with twitch about getting the username twitch.tv/Blazendary so we’ll be
streaming from twitch.tv/Blazendary very soon it was recently all-star
weekend and I made a whole video about all my all-star weekend pickups oh no quite a couple pairs this is one of them there’s a few pairs that came out, that ah were not shown so let’s go ahead start these
aren’t even mine they don’t actually look that purple on camera they’re like lilac lavender interesting especially with like this is bottom
different it’s like a raised bottom it’s like a platform, that’s what it would be called I’m really nervous why are you nervous because the entire video setup
is gonna get much better over time and I don’t know how long these videos
are hopefully y’all are liking the longer videos they’re a little bit more uncut I
showed you a little bit more of my personal side do y’all know what this is
or even remember what this is?? oh man it even came to me uncracked I hope? now I
already have a supreme brick but I wanted to get another one just in case cuz I bought mine for $20 and then I saw they were going for $160 I was like oh
my god I might even paint it a color, i’m thinking about doing it silver oh shoot we got the Rays on the tri-pitizod PlayStation classic I bought this from Walmart cuz I saw they were selling
them at like a discount had a cop for the new place got a crap ton more stream
equipment Let’s see, got another HDMI cam link so I’m gonna use my DSR like I
mentioned earlier my stream deck so I’m gonna have like sound effects and cool
sht on my stream y’all I promise I’m taking this to the next level uh… audio cord it is another one from all-star Air Jordan six social status but it’s got like, pony hair? it looks kind of like a crocodile skin but it’s not
actually crocodile skin I didn’t know they were hairy yo that kind of changes
my opinion on them a little bit I thought there were like suede. I don’t
know I’m not that crazy about him now that I got them
person I decided that I wanted the airforce one florals mm-hmm very nice really awesome love the colors in the floral print very nice Val thank you for
making you a guest appearance on all-star weekend Cops thank you for helping me fill out the women’s portion because just cant do that! we got these Nike shocks are for these are mine and low-key my dad I had a pair
of these when I was like six years old or something in like a blue colorway so these are gonna have to do right here we have the Scarlet TI 4 input thing DANG.. right here we have the LeBron 9 South Beach The LeBron 9 ps elite LeBron 9
is probably the best LeBron too. This ladies and gentlemen, is a Nike
Foamposites. These are here the floral foam posits oh my god please don’t kill
me! goodbye video of salt Bae that everyone onced loved Recently I’ve been
buying a lot of items in Japan and that’s just due to the fact that the
resale market there is really good I decided to get myself a rug I actually
got two rugs from the same rug people IKEA and Virgil Ablowe, they decided to make
some rugs together dang I totally forgot about this second item that’s in
here unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to show it until a future video stay
tuned though it’s a fire one so this one says still loading…… So I guess you kind
of get scammed for half of a blank white rug but then you get the other cool part
of it that’s I guess worth the $700 that you spend???? so we got the still loading and then we also have that one right there. This one’s gonna stay in the
living room this one’s gonna stay in my office space Keep Off well sorry so this rug is definitely a lot more sick it just says Ikea
courtesy of Virgil Abloh “flooring” in quotations This came in the mail… all right guys still pushing into the
night so we’re gonna see what happens we’re gonna get into this GOOD FREAKIN morning BlazenFam, how you doin? This morning, I need to get a jump start on my day because my couch comes today and that’s
a huge deal because finally the living room can be put together but that means however I need to get rid of this thing right here. So in terms of
my room being complete I still got my closet I put this up but Naaahh …. This is going good. My couch didn’t come on time in
fact they actually messed up my order quite a few times and I wasn’t really
happy I had nothing nice to say but luckily I was able to get it redelivered for later that day so I ended up carrying on and getting other things
done and now the couch people are here! Ahhh, having a couch! Arguably the coolest part of the couch right here Finally guys we have it
set up Got some lights right here Literally call this the flex piece you all
already know what we’re about to do we are about to get into a little bit of a
mail time because I have some packages that I got to get open for the apartment ordered some more stuff that I needed bought the time I actually upgraded my
tripods they’re low-key a little crappy no freakin way I wasn’t expecting that open that they’re shipping that quick?? OH oh, in another I
got the shower cap this is everything I’ve ever wanted y’all that is pretty fire honestly I’d also like to point out how different my
setups are going to look every single time you guys see a video I’m just not
gonna probably be satisfied with my entire setup until it is perfect so you
guys are gonna see couches in places rugs and weird places accessories boxes and all that keep in mind I’m like two weeks moved in you guys saw these speaker cord extra GoPro batteries oh so in my email I was approached they asked
me if I wanted some stuff everybody loves stuff I love the splatter and I
like the coca-cola branding Also thought the socks are pretty cool They have the
same splatter subtle diamond log and we also have a hoodie big version of it on
the back thank you very much to Diamond Supply Co and the Unidentified Agency the following day we just managed to finally get most of it put together Still holdin it though! quick update I guess about the IKEA
build we got going on they forgot some parts for the
entertainment system and just like how they messed up on my delivery when they
broke something mid delivery I had to reorder it and of course they
never called me to reorder it so now I’m going back to IKEA four times when I
should have only gone back twice! Very evident that we still love IKEA because
IKEA furniture I mean come on it’s the easiest inexpensive nice-lookin so I
have no problems with Ikea. It’s just.delivery sometimes.. sometimes things get
a little little confusing and that is all I have for you guys for the moving
saga I really hope you enjoyed my entire process I know this video was super long cuz I’m literally throwing the outro on it right now it took me about 16 and a
half hours to edit over 7 hours of raw footage total these moving videos are
really broad and so what I’m gonna be doing in the future for my moving
content is I’m gonna be creating more specific videos for stuff like my rooms my collections my closets different things like that so stay tuned these
videos are gonna be insane! I’ve formerly been in the place for about two and a
half weeks now and I’m really loving it here so I’m doing all the work here
myself guys on top of moving in and there’s gonna be a ton of different videos that you guys are just gonna have to wait on because I’m still setting up
the place A lot of stuff is just set up But the set up is where some of the
great juicy contents at so you guys are gonna get to experience it with me I’m
gonna be setting up my entertainment center for a video on my gaming channel which I’ll go ahead and link down below in the description and in the comments if you guys want to go find my gaming channel and you’ll also catch me on Twitch very soon with twitch.tv/Blazendary Thank you guys for
watching Have a great night day whenever you’re watching This is Blazendary I’m out stay positive peace DA FAAAAAJJJJJJ IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!! THANK THE FAJ, YEAH! LOVE THE FAJ, YEAH! I’M THE FAJ YEAH!



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