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12612 Kahns Road Manassas VA 20112, Luxury Custom Home for Sale

Hi Claudia Nelson here exp Realty
Woodbridge Virginia. Today I’m at my listing at 12612 Kahns Road
just waiting for a buyer and I wanted to share this beautiful beautiful home with
you. Doesn’t this look great? Let me walk a little bit further so you actually get
to see the full picture. Professional landscaping, large large driveway
probably fits around I would say 8 to 10 cars three-car garage there is
additional parking space across from the house. If you have commercial vehicles
would be perfect for that you can park lots and lots of cars here.
Beautiful wrap around porch, large deck and so much more I’ll be sure to post
the link with all the upgrades and all the features as well . If you
want to actually see the home give me a call today 571-446-0002 or if you know of anyone who would love to have a truly unique
and special custom home give me a call today and have them schedule an
appointment with me and I’ll be sure to show them this beautiful home
take care bye bye

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