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101 The Capri | Laundry Linen Bedroom Powder

Okay, most important, one
of the most important rooms, is the utility room, the laundry. So what do we gotta do here? Gotta give mum plenty of bench top. So front loaders, so you got
your dry and your washing. Overhead cupboards, plenty of storage, so they’ve thought about that. And I’m starting to see a lot
of the open shelf requests, so we’re doing that as well. Full tiled splash-back,
under-mount laundry sink, and look, black, come and check it out. That’s very cool. Brushed stainless tap-ware, and look, here you go, a
bit of a bronze feel here. More cupboard space. Jeez, I’m loving this
polished concrete-look tile. And what else do we need? We need more storage. And what do we do? Yes. So this whole wall here
has been pushed out into the other room to
accommodate more linen. I love this glass, this glass door. And I do like the black trimming. Big glazing on here, side light door, out to the side of the yard. Okay, so coming out of
one of my favourite rooms, the laundry, back into the entry. Now here, just opposite,
is a guest bedroom. So check this out. Built in robe, it’s a good size, so obviously, you know, queen size. And then, of course, gotta
have an ensuite, don’t you? Yes. Have a look at this. Huge double shower, massive canopy there for the shower rose. Jeez, I do like this,
are you getting this? Look at that finish. That’s gorgeous, that
polished concrete look. Jeez, that’s a good width vanity there. Full drawer measure, very nice. And open, look at this. This is where you put your towels. Jeez I like that, look
at the detail, guys. Now what they’ve done,
because it’s downstairs and it’s close to the living area, we’ve put a basin here,
so it’s a powder room. I mean everywhere we go in this home, I think that we’re gonna feel good space.

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