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(electronic music) – What is up, guys? Welcome to the brand new office. Today we’re celebrating
100,000 subscribers. (cheering) 100,000 of you guys
subscribed to the channel. Thank you guys so much. (upbeat music) It means so much to us so
today I’m gonna be showing you guys the new space, what
we’ve done with the place, what we still have to do with the place. We’re definitely gonna
break in these bars. I haven’t even really touched these bars. Literally for this intro,
that’s the first time I actually did something on these bars. Osvaldo is gonna come help me out. We’re gonna show you guys around and then we’re gonna go to my new crib. I’m gonna show you guys
around, give you guys an apartment tour and we’re
gonna work out there, too. (upbeat music) As you can see, with this
space we’re keeping it super minimal. We have these bars right
here that are gonna be the main bars in this space. We’re gonna have our weights,
racks, and stuff like that. You can see it’s a
little messy over there. We have some dips bars
which I’m gonna show you because right now, they’re
in the backyard space. I’m gonna show you guys the VIP. Sorry for the mess, guys. As you know, we literally just
moved in like three days ago. This is where all the magic happens. Say hi, Elizabeth, Brian, Sean. Yo, sorry. Yo, right now our bathroom
is like office number two as you can see, slash inventory. Osvaldo dad and his friend hooked it up, they’re the ones that installed the bars. Using all our older bar equipment, they literally made these
portable bars right here out of our old bars, this is so sick. We can put them wherever we want. Look at that view, though. This, we have to test it. Guys, peep the new hoodie by the way. This hoodie, as of right now,
as of this upload right now, is on chrisheria.com so go cop that. You know what, I love you guys so much. This is 100k special
so what’s 100k special without giving you guys
some dope, dope stuff? You know what, we’re gonna put
a flash sale on the website right now so go check out
the website right now. We have brand new wrist wraps
that you can train with, the brand new hoodie. We’ve got a whole bunch
of other stuff coming up as well in the next
couple days but for now, check out that flash sale. You guys are gonna get a great
price on all the apparel, not just the brand new stuff. Let me break in these bars real quick. (electronic music) We gotta show you guys the
set up that we have planned. We wrote it down on a piece of paper. Basically, we’ll have a
little bar set up here, hang some rings right here. Put the little monkey bars
here, basically like a square. You know what, let me show you guys. Let’s sit down and draw the
map of what we want to do with this backyard. (electronic music) We’re gonna show you guys
how we’re gonna design the backyard outside space. This is basically the backyard, right? Backyard space like that. You have this, that, and then
here’s the little gate thing. You have the little balcony. The upstairs is like this. – [Osvaldo] That’s the balcony and… – [Chris] And the stairs. – [Osvaldo] There you go. – [Chris] This ends around there. We’ll do Osvaldo doing
a full planche here. (mumbles) – Did you study how to draw, kind of? Yeah, I can tell right now. – [Chris] You can tell, bro?
– [Osvaldo] Yeah. What is that? – Okay. – With shoes, never forget. – With shoes, bro. We’ll put some ankle
weights on you too, bro. Okay so this is what we got so far. What we want to do is we want to put a really high bar that
connects from this… – [Osvaldo] Second floor balcony. – Little rings there, right little rings. So do we want to go
this way and then down? – No, we’re going straight over here. – [Chris] We’ll do like six
feet which will be like that, right?
– [Osvaldo] Yeah. – [Chris] It’s not original scale, guys. And then like that, right? – [Osvaldo] Yep, that’s square. – This is nonexistent, don’t mind that. Is arrow with two Rs? Whatever, bro. And another bar right
here, and this is basically what outside is gonna look like. This right here is gonna have a little… – [Osvaldo] The monkey
bar is gonna be installed to the square. – We’ll have that little
monkey bar set there so that’s what it is. All these bars will be
different heights right? – Yeah. – So this one will
probably be the lowest one. (mumbles) Weights, boom boom boom boom boom. – [Osvaldo] It is gonna look awesome, man. – Like a lifting rack, a bench. Damn, I should’ve been an artist, bro. This is looking so sick. I’m gonna keep this thing. We’re gonna frame this thing. – That’s a 2D graph in two minutes. – In fact, you know what. If you guys want one of these things, the best comment, we’re
gonna give you guys some free Chris Heria gear and
we’re gonna send you this original blueprint of what the
backyard is gonna look like. You know what, let’s sign this shit. Sign this, bro. A lot of history. This is a thought that’s
gonna be manifested into reality right here, bro. Literally what we did
with every other gym. We’ve done our little shitty drawing. – We start like that and
then everything (mumbles). – So all this little shitty
drawing right here, guys, is gonna be the future of the backyard of the next studio. – Really soon, really soon. – That’s it. Time to show you guys the apartment tour. We’re gonna do this MTV Cribs style. You guys ready? – Let’s go. – Let’s do it. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – Alright, guys. We’re back at my house and
I’m about to give you guys the official apartment tour. Remember we just moved
in so we still haven’t officially cleaned up the place. We haven’t officially
set the place up proper. They have a really strict
rule with using the elevators because this building
just became available. They opened to the public in like January. (beep) Alright, the best feature ever guys. I just walk right in,
walk into the elevator and that thing just takes me straight home so this is a private
elevator so this literally just opens to my apartment, 31. – [Osvaldo] 31, bro. – Alright, guys. Welcome to my crib. (light music) Alrighty, so I guess we’ll just start with this little living room spot
first to start off the tour. As you can see guys, this is the room that literally I’ve done nothing to. This needs to be completely redone. All the boxes that we moved
in with are over here. This is an actual entrance to my door if we don’t want to use the
private elevator, back there. Really quick from right
here what we’ll do is we’ll put a couch and probably
a TV, some dope ass art and that’s basically it. This is pretty much a normal room. This is gonna be the room
that as soon as you come out of the elevator you can
just come and chill or whatever. Behind door number one, this is my brother’s bathroom actually. He’s got two sinks. I don’t know what the two sinks are for, but he’s got two of them. Yeah, he wears glasses bro. – Let me see. I don’t see nothing, bro. – Bro, I love this
about the bathrooms bro. These glass doors, man. The last apartment we had,
bro, we had these drapes, bro. You know what I’m talking about? Those drapes that hang,
those plastic drapes and when they touch you
while you’re taking a shower they’re cold and nasty. (scream) – I almost got you. – This is the bathroom. This is the door out to… This is actually my
brother’s room right here. Let’s just close this door. This is my son’s room down there. Let’s check out my brother’s room. (laughing) He’s got a nice little view, huh? – These come open? – Yeah, bro. He’s hot a nice little
succulent tree from Ikea. Those are called succulents, right? Nice.
– Art. – That’s the highlight of the room. Like I said guys we just moved in. Literally we moved in in one day so we have to totally put all
our art, buy some dope art, we need to put lights. This place has no lights. This is my son’s room right here. This is pretty set up a little bit. My son likes horror stuff so we got him a little skeleton dog. He loves this thing, he
cuddles with this thing like it’s a stuffed animal. This is what we’ve got set
up in my son’s room for now. He’s got a nice dope little view. This is a kid, this room right here? This shit is balling, man. When I was a kid, I shared
a room with my brother and the room was half
this size right here. I felt like Harry Potter, bro. He’s got a dope closet. He’s got his little TV. He’s got his own bathroom, what the hell. He left his little socks
here but he’s got a tub that’s got the glass doors. I like this how you can,
it keeps that (mumbles). That shit is chill. He’s got the lightsaber toothbrush. Brush your teeth, kids. If you don’t like to do it,
get a lightsaber toothbrush. It will make it more fun. Moving on. Let me show you guys the kitchen. Kitchen. Honestly, I cook a lot. I don’t show it on the vlog honestly, but we’re gonna start cooking
a lot in this kitchen because this is a dope kitchen so the last kitchen I had was really (boing). Ferrero Rocher chocolates,
I know Osvaldo loves this. We’re gonna be cooking some (boing) on this vlog right here. So this is the stove, microwave. This is a moon. Got a little avocado. Got the dishwasher, I don’t
know if you guys care about that but still trying to figure
out how to use that thing. My little fish, I forgot
what my son named my fish. I’ll get back to you on that. I’ll show you guys my fridge. I love this fridge because
it looks like a drawer but it’s a fridge. This is so dope so I
guess I’ll show you guys a little bit of what I’ve
got going on in here. We’ve got water. This is actually water
falling down from this fridge. I don’t know why, I don’t
know how to use this fridge but something is messed up there. Anyway so we’ve got water. We have aloe vera water. That shit is mad good too. We’ve got a big ass thing of mayonnaise. I don’t know why, I really
don’t eat that much mayonnaise. We have Caprisun for my son, 100% juice. I don’t know how good this is for you, but he’s a kid. Who gives a (boing)? I’ve been drinking this
(boing) my whole childhood. We have naked energy drinks, just one. Eggs, lots of eggs. Coconut water, I love coconut water. Coffee, I don’t know what the hell is in that thing right there. We’ve got little fruit cups for my son because he loves this shit, too. My son loves apples. He is like, I don’t know, every single day he literally eats at least
one to two apples a day. Apple slices, he loves that shit. Bananas, apples, oranges,
strawberries, raspberries, I like to put that in some greek yogurt. I know I’ve got greek yogurt
around here somewhere. This is great for protein,
guys, 20 grams of protein in this shit, that’s crazy. It’s casein so it’s like
slow releasing protein so this is what you would
want to eat right before you go to bed to keep
those gains so we got that. Crystal hot sauce for
everybody that likes hot sauce out there, I’m not crazy
but I know if you are a hot sauce person, you need Crystal. This is all random condiments, bro. I mean, like mainly
what I really touch here is the soy sauce, I
think that’s soy sauce. We have milk, we have
tofu, and grilled tofu. In here we have, oh my
god I love vegetables so I have asparagus, we
have way more avocados, we have ginger roots, I love ginger. We have chives, onions,
green onions, carrots, garlic, more garlic, and lettuce
and lastly broccoli guys. That’s mainly the type
of vegetables that I eat. A little bit of cheese and deli meat. Alright, let’s go into the freezer. Alright, we are good. Let’s open up the freezer. Alright, here we go. We have tuna steaks. I eat fish, I eat meat, I
literally eat everything. I grew up eating everything. This is steak right here that’s separated so we have a lot of
steak and a lot of fish. I love salmon, I know it’s
not the best to have this frozen like this but got that right there. We have chicken breasts. Yeah, so we have salmon,
tuna, steak, chicken, even burgers. That’s about it, that’s
about it in that one. Now you guys know the type
of protein I’m eating. I eat ground beef too but
I ain’t got that today. Peeled garlic, this is dope
for when you’re cooking. This shit is already
peeled, you just chop it up and throw that shit in there. Swordfish, more tuna,
more chicken, some bread. That’s it for the kitchen. Let’s move it on over
here into the living room. We’ve got a TV and a couch. I’m supposed to put my
dining room table here but it’s actually in the
THENX office (mumbles), plus this is dope for now because I’m just training and
working out right here. Let’s check out these video games. Osvaldo’s got the video games over here. Yo, this game is so (boing) sick. Guys, Ark Survival Evolved,
this is the dopest game ever. You’re just a caveman
dude and they put you literally on a random island
with a bunch of dinosaurs and you have to try to survive, man. This is crazy. This is like the craziest game ever. This is another one, bro you’re
picking all the best games. Zelda Breath of the Wild, I am
currently playing this game. Every second I get off
of work, I’m literally playing this game. If you guys play this
shit, comment down below and let me know. If you guys have any secrets or any tips, comment down below and let me
know because I could use them. Got the Playstation 3,
got the Playstation 4, got the Nintendo Switch. My son really uses all this stuff. You play video games, Osvaldo? – [Osvaldo] Yeah.
– Oh shit, what do you got? – [Osvaldo] FIFA?
– FIFA? – Yeah, I play FIFA and Cars. – That’s like the main thing. Dude I have like no car games. – You got one right there.
– I do? Yeah, like Disney Cars. – This one is a really good one. – [Chris] Which one? – [Osvaldo] Gran Turismo, yeah. – [Chris] Bro, I don’t think
we’ve ever played that game. – [Osvaldo] This is a nice game. – Borderlands, there we go. That is like one of my go-tos,
one of my son’s go-tos. Me and my son, we share
our favorite games. Have you ever played this game? Me and my son kill it on this game. This game is insane, Borderlands. Destiny 2, I’m pretty sure
everyone’s playing that. Grand Theft Auto, GTA, I mean
who doesn’t play that shit? Even my son plays that shit. That’s basically our go-tos out here. See, my son loves the Lego games. He loves Disney Infinity, he’s
obsessed with Disney Infinity so I have every character
for Disney Infinity. Minecraft, he loves that. He loves Little Big Planet. That’s what we got going on there. I’ll show you guys one of the
secret stashes right here. All the nerf guns. I’ll just bring out a couple. Zombie killer right here. Let’s go. Five, four, three, two, one, let’s go. (electronic music) Alright, oh my god. That way? This is the balcony, guys. This balcony is literally
five times bigger than my last balcony so this is so dope. There’s not much going on here. I’ll put some furniture
and stuff like that. This is a little grill
we’ll probably be doing, we’ll have some Cali vibes out here, grill some good ass food with the homies, the THENX crew, burn some
marshmallows out here. This is my room, I hope it’s clean. I love this, I sleep with this thing open so I literally just like
got that breeze coming in through there, I got that sick ass view. Check it out from this side. Waking up, that shit is so sick. Just come out here. At night this is so dope
because everything is lit up. This is my son, my number one right here. – [Osvaldo] The one and only. – This is the bathroom guys. We got this. I love this shit right here. This is the type of bathroom that I could turn this shit on
and just (boing) do nothing, just stay here for hours,
just like on the phone. – [Osvaldo] You just need a chair. – Yeah, right. – A plastic chair in
there, just like that. – This is so sick compared
to what I had before. Damn bro, I could lie
down in this whole thing. This is crazy. This is so dope. I just gotta keep telling
you guys, thank you so much. I literally have all this
because you guys support me, you guys are part of the THENX crew, you guys are part of the movement, you guys are keeping the movement alive. I think you guys saw the whole house. We’ll start a little work
out routine right now and it’s time for you
to get the (boing) out. That’s what they normally
do on MTV Cribs, right? Get out, get out my house, get out. Let’s do a little workout session to end this little apartment tour. (electronic music) Alright so you guys saw the apartment, you guys saw the office,
you saw the workout, you saw the fridge and you saw the food. Don’t forget to pick up
your Chris Heria hoodies, chrisheria.com. We’re gonna be having a
flash sale, alright guys. But now for real for real, it’s time to get the (boing) out of here. See you guys next Thursday, peace out. (light electronic music) Smash that like button, guys.


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How many minutes is it from the OFFICE to the APARTMENT ?


Aug 8, 2019, 2:58 pm Reply

I know it's pretty late, but congrats on your place. You made your passion into a career and live a beautiful life from it. Sending good vibes your way and wishing you the best.

Tlhompho Kegasitswe

Aug 8, 2019, 4:44 pm Reply

hey Chris, you have something to look back at bro.. now look at how many subs you have


Aug 8, 2019, 4:03 pm Reply

Loves veggies, puts the hoodie on when opening the freezer. SO ASIAN LOL

B r a n d o n .

Aug 8, 2019, 10:31 pm Reply

Damn 100k to 1mln in one year….


Aug 8, 2019, 6:48 pm Reply

looks like apartament in GTA 5 xDD amazing gym and apartament bra

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