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>>Yo, you guys what is going on? It’s Blazendary, here. And today in this vlog, I’m starting
off the continuation of the second day. Amazing laced up pop-up. Amazing day. And, my mom and I are going to go
spend some money in the mall, right? We’re going to go
to Gucci and everything. So I got to put this in my bag
and then we can get out of here. So, if you saw yesterday’s vlog. What happened was my pop up ended, and now
I’m going to be walking through the mall checking out everything that’s available. I’m glad that laced up is getting
some booming business over there. So, right now we’re going to
do a little bit of shopping in the mall before we have to go. I’m going to be
going on Melrose today. We’re going to hopefully be
looking at some dope stuff. But let’s go ahead and check
what’s in this Bloomingdale’s. Everybody said that there’s Gucci,
and Louis in the Bloomingdale’s.>>Where’s the Gucci store?>>Bloomingdale’s is
the reason why you’re born.>>Yes.>>Because, I met your
father in Bloomingdale. Mama needs a
little bling in her life.>>Oh my god, the Giuseppe? Oh my goodness. Those. Those don’t even
look like Gucci. I wouldn’t let
you buy those.>>I like them.>>So it turns out, they actually have
a Gucci Boutique which is downstairs. Which is really what
we were looking for. Somebody lied to us, and told us
that this was the only place for Gucci. But, there’s not much
of a selection here besides women’s. So, we’re probably gonna
have to skip this area. So we’re in the Uber now. Very close to the hotel, and Quias
is gonna be picking up me and my mom. And then we’re gonna go hit
Melrose because you know, just doing a little bit of shopping. There wasn’t really
anything at the mall. The Gucci was kind of a boutique,
so they didn’t have any clothes, and a lot of the shoes and stuff like
that they had was kind of all this stuff that you normally see. So, I’m looking
for something pretty unique. Hoping, Qias said I can go to the one
by Rodeo Drive and everything like that. I’d like to have one
of that at home, right Ma? We’ve arrived back at the hotel
gotta quickly change out in my other outfit that I brought with me. See this guys? Everywhere I go, I got these
Crap Protect pills in my shoes. These pills are here to keep
your shoes nice and fresh. Judging by how smelly they
are, I can definitely use those. You can find them at most foot
lockers and I use them every time I travel because I don’t want my
sneakers smelling like ass in the suitcase. So, these crap protect pills
are definitely a lifesaver. Perfect, let’s get ready boys. Damn. What’s up?>>Hi.>>How you doing?>>Can I hitch a ride to Melrose?>>Yeah. Absolutely, yeah.>>Bro, this is nice.
I’ve never seen this in person yet.>>Really?
You like it?>>Yeah.>>I know you don’t
like the wrap, but.>>Nah, I never said I
didn’t like it, I just. It’s not something I
would personally do.>>Yeah. [car door closes]
>>I like the interior color, it’s besutiful.>>Yeah.>>I’m with my mom and Qias and we
are now going to Barney’s first. We’re going to hit up
all the spots on Rodeo. I’ve never obviously been
here, but you can take me around.>>Yeah, I’m gonna take you
take you to all the good spots. Spend some M’s,
you know saying. I might have
to buy something.>>M’s, couple letters
off from M now. Oh shoot, and we’re here. These look exactly like Vans.>>I’m bout to preach because you know,
they be they be mad at me when we make our merch
inspired by other stuff. But these designer brands are
doing the same exact thing.>>These are literally Vans, right here.>>You know what I’m sayin. Like, they hatin on it. They don’t understand it though. I don’t like the laces going all the way.
>>No. That looks ugly to me for sure.>>You like this stuff?>>Yeah, I like this stuff.>>Let’s see where they priced it at. Let’s see if we like the price.>>We never liked the price, brotha.>>No, probably not. So what I was talking about with Qias
earlier is that in North Carolina, there’s never, really like,
any places like this that sell all of this kind of stuff. And that’s why I’m kind of
freaking out I kind of want to buy so much of it because… I… the only time I can
ever do it is if I travel. So, this right here is
Travis Scott’s new line the Ksubi. Travis Scott line, this right
here, is the denim jacket and then you got the hoodie underneath it. The hoodie, I’m definitely
going to buy but I’m kind of debating on the denim jacket. Just because I don’t really
wear denim jackets at all. What do think of the denim jacket?>>Is that a smaller size?
Or just the same one.>>This is a large and the hoodie’s in XL.>>I like it. I feel like, that fits like, where
you live it’s colder out there. Gotta switch it up once a while. You know what I’m sayin.>>I decided to go with the denim
jacket and the hoodie. Just because I don’t own
any denim jackets, and I definitely think I need to diversify
my clothing collection a little bit. Calabasas socks?>>I found one. [music playing]>>Alright. Well, yes. See look that’s how
it’s supposed to be worn. It’s like, it’s so weird.
Yeah. Well, turns out I did buy it with… I was actually supposed to buy. So I got these Ksubi
Travis Scott collection. I also took off my hoodie just
because I wanted to try on some stuff pretty quickly, since we are
on a tight little time frame. Right?>>Yeah.>>So we’re going to Gucci right now. [music playing] Alright. So this is Rodeo Drive, a place
that I’ve never been to before. And a place that I will probably
hate afterwards how much money I spend. We’re going to Gucci right now.>>Yeah.>>And then after that we can
just kind of just like look around like there’s like a
Saint Laurent right there and stuff. We can go to there.>>Moncler.>>Moncler. Yeah,
fur came off a bear. Yeah. That’s like the best outside.>>The best outside?>>It’s like, all gold. This is where like, FazeBanks
and all them come shop with all their videos and>>Oh, yeah.>>[Inaudible] got in a fight over here.>>You know, I’m starting to
reconsider my New York City decision. Now, but at the same time you can
get all this stuff in New York, too.>>Yeah, you can.>>If not, more. I think. Because Gucci in
New York has three floors.>>New York has third,
it’s insane how much stuff they have. It’s a little out there, but it’s
different from the one that everyone has.>>These are them.>>Yeah.
I like those.>>You can pull it off.>>Is that… Like, my
foot should not be there. Yeah. Let’s try the seven. Guys, I know these are really
out of the ordinary, but I want to venture off into this. I want to venture, but these are
my size right here. This is the first time I’ve really spent
this much money on practically anything. I’m really interested
in buying these right here. These are the blue tigers right? Or the blue dragons right here. And then you can got these right here. These are really dope too. Some of you guys might be
going what the hell are those. But, I promise you it’s more of a,
more of a higher level fashion thing. It’s not something you would buy
if you were wearing like a Supreme shirt. Just had the shoes right now. I’m looking at these are the size 7
and also my mom has these, but this is the men’s version right here. So I definitely think I’m gonna pull
the trigger just to match with her. Kind of surprise her a little bit. And like Qias said.
Qias. I was questioning the off that like,
I was questioning to see if the you know, like, it’s a sparkle shoe on a man. You think it looks good?>>I think it looks good. I was actually going to pick
those up for a party but I didn’t end up doing the party. So, I still like them though. I might get them
in the future, but–>>In the future?>>In the in the near future,
but you should pull it off today.>>And then, also these are
here just because>>I feel like I’m a bad influence.>>No, you’re not bad influence.>>I’m not really bad influence. I’m like telling yea buy it, buy it.>>No, it’s okay. It’s okay, you know, as long as I’m
paying my bills getting my taxes, right. You know, I have this extra money. So you said this is the size.>>Seven and a half.>>This is the seven, oh. So there was.>>This is a smallest I have. Seven and a half.>>You don’t like these in comparison?>>No.>>See, if I. So, you know what? I’m actually not going to
go ahead and get these. But, I’m gonna grab
these, these, and these.>>sounds good.>>Perfect.>>You’re getting the three you tried on?
>>Yeah. These three right here, and then we’re going to
go upstairs and buy some clothes.>>Yeah. [music playing] Any letter right here.>>No way.>>So you can, so you can put
all the patches and everything on it?>>No, no, no.
Just a letter.>>Just letters.>>But you could do like, the Q. That’s what I would do, obviously.>>Wait. Can you do a Q?>>Yeah, you can put
like any letter, right?>>Oh, Any letter.
Okay. I’m trying on the Gucci hoodie. This apparently is their
best seller as of right now. So I’m going to take them up on their
word and actually buy it myself too. It’s going to try it on first.>>I mean, the only thing that I
don’t like about this is there’s no, there’s no pockets.>>No.>>I was actually gonna buy the same
one, and there’s no pockets. So I didn’t buy it. That’s a, that’s a deal breaker, huh?>>Because like, you put your.>>Yeah, yeah.>>You know you’d think you’d want to.>>Exactly.>>I don’t know, i don’t know. It’s still worth it, or not.>>This definitely not my size, but I just, I just wanted to see.>>How it looks?>>This will be your size right there.>>Can I see this one?>>Sure.>>We do like, YouTube videos
like daily life, and just document what we do in buy and shop.>>So, this would be my size?>>That would be it.>>What is this, 46? 44?>>That looks hard bro.>>48.>>I think it matches
too, to the blue ones. I got.>>Yeah, and you’re not gonna,
like, nobody’s gonna have that.>>I’m gonna grab this one too. What am I doing today? Spending so much.>>What you gotta do is, you gotta
wear this and then wear that on top.>>Oh, like a double layer. Well, you don’t think I should?>>Don’t do that man.
Wear it individually.>>Wait, so you’re
the Gucci fashion expert. Wear individually as hot as each other. You just do them by itself.>>Okay. All right.
>>You’re already doing it too hot, man.>>All right, that’s understandable. All right, so the pillows are a no go. Those.>>So, you can just find
the ones with a crystal on it. Just a crystal.>>Oh, she was talking to us.>>She’s like trying to get
you to buy a crystal pillow.>>Yeah. I don’t want to do that. No, but I’m surprised,
they’re letting us film in here.>>Yeah.
>>All right, it’s nice. It’s rare. It’s very rare, but I think it’s.>>For nice kids.>>I think it’s
warranted for what’s going on.>>The gentleman’s here. All right, we’re doing
these two pieces here as well.>>All right got this one right here. That’s beautiful for sure. All right, so I’m on the phone
with Wells Fargo, and you guys I have to say
you’ve been such a great help today. Thank you so much. This is the most amount of money I think I’ve ever spent in one
sitting besides on my car, and maybe Apple Store trip
or something like that. I just want to say that, I had to
call my bank to get them to do a little role reversal on my daily limit. So, I’m on hold right now with them. This is insane. I cannot believe I’m
spending this much for a video. I’ll show you what I
got in the hotel room. But this is. This is my most expensive day. I think yet. I’m surprised you’re not getting anything.>>Nah, I’ve got to do them. You know, I got my engagement next week. I got to pay for a lot of stuff. So, yo boy’s laying back and I’m
using you for a title today. Bern.>>Michael.>>Bernando Michael.>>If you have any questions
on either of us.>>Absolutely, Qias, I feel so bad.>>No, you’re good bro.>>We were on freaking hold for 52 minutes
and it’s not even like it was my fault.>>It’s all good, bro. He’s but you. You, you spent some bands bro.>>I know, I know.
>>Take your time. [alarm sound]
>>Oh what am I stealing? This.
Look at this. Look at this. That’s it right there. We got check that out. But anyways, guys, I’ve never
spent this much in my entire life and it Qias, I need you a grown-ass
man to verify purchases that I make. Like, are they from my parents?>>No, they’re not. The man’s work hard for it. He deserved it. Every, every penny he got spent today,
but I will let me give you some advice because I am
like, you know, I’m getting older.>>Advice.>>I’ve I’ve been spending a lot of money
lately don’t get too comfortable because what happens is you spent
like what seven grand, eight grant today.>>Nine grand yeah, that’s your
thumbnail 10 grand>>So that yeah, okay almost, you
spent close to 10 grand today. So, next time you go
shopping you’ll be like, okay. Well, I spent 10 grand. So that’s okay. I can spend another 10 grand. It’s gonna give you one.>>That’s the catch. I don’t want to do that.>>Be careful, because that’s how
I was with sneakers. I spent four grand on a pair and then I
end up spending like five grand and then a six grand
and it just keeps getting worse.>>Yeah.>>Don’t get comfortable.>>No, this is definitely
my biggest purchase yet. I’ve never spent this much in one sitting.>>But you got like dope stuff. Like, you got essentials.>>Yeah, of course.
>>Like stuff you’re going to use.>>And and you guys, might be saying oh
essentials, you know for a rich little. When you work hard, like you
saw the other night when we were hanging out in Toronto. My channel, from eight years ago. I’ve been, this isn’t something
this isn’t something I just started doing I’ve been on YouTube
for eight or nine years.>>Yeah. people, you know, we’re gonna
get you’re gonna get hate, you know, we always get hateful buying stuff.>>Absolutely, always the hate.>>Again, if you work hard you play hard. Okay, I don’t use this camera anymore. I use the Lumix, so I
forgot how to use this camera. But anyway, we’re leaving Rodeo. Man spent a lot of money.>>Oh, yeah.>>Hard work pays off.>>Can we go back and get
a picture for my Instagram.>>This guy. All right.
Let’s go. We have to wait like his
bank wouldn’t approve it. But, somebody needs to call the bank
and tell him to put that limit higher because this is a the start
of your spending your spending vibes.>>I have money and savings. I have money in savings. For those that are concerned. I do have money in savings.>>I want to know how your mom’s
gonna react when you tell her.>>Oh my God.>>That’s another whole video.>>My mom reacts to–>>Spending? Yeah, you like you get three videos.>>Three videos.>>He’s pumping out content. [music playing]>>That was one heck of a journey.>>Thank God, I don’t have to leave my
car overnight, it would have been a pain. They were very helpful. Shout out to Barneys New York. Shoutout to Gucci too for letting us film.>>Oh my God.
I know. I never got, like, I
literally have the camera like this. Insane. Alright, you guys so Qias’s
just now drop me off at the hotel.>>Yeah, man. Oh, first of all,
can I mention that you, you booked the hottest
Hotel in LA by the way.>>But in all seriousness
though, we finished out. We have some great YouTube Talk.
Am I right?>>Yeah. We did.
We talked some mogul talk. Let’s just say, should
we give them a teaser?>>Give them a teaser.>>Collab coming soon
>>collab coming soon. Merch coming.>>Oh! Qias I appreciate you. Thank you for showing me around.>>Next time you come bro.
Stay with me. We’ll stay for like, stay for like, two, three days and I’ll show you the whole L.A. experience>>No, bro. Of course.
Absolutely. I mean, I’m sure I’m
free most weekend, so.>>Let me know.>>It was a pleasure, bro.>>I’ll see you in Vegas.>>Thank you. I’ll see you in Vegas,
I’ll see you soon.>>Yeah.>>Alright.
Well now I got to surprise my mom. With all this stuff I bought.>>I’m excited to see her reaction.



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Oct 10, 2019, 8:42 am Reply

What is wrong with kids these days? Since when it was cool to spend this much money on clothes (whether or not you can afford it).


Oct 10, 2019, 11:34 pm Reply

its ok because you want it and you deserve it and also you are collector 😀
for real i dont want the 7:05


Oct 10, 2019, 11:37 pm Reply

7:24 the red color is so nice

Mr. Weeb

Nov 11, 2019, 9:41 pm Reply

He did this with no sponset

Happy Face

Nov 11, 2019, 6:22 am Reply

Her mom belongs in porn

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