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10 Ways To Make Money from Property Investing | Samuel Leeds

Hi, Samuel Leads here, and in this video I’m
going to reveal to you ten ways, the ten ways, that I get paid from property. So, the first way that I make money from property
is through rent. Tenants pay me rent. I know that’s kind of obvious. There are ten ways,
but it’s really important. You can get more rent through a property by being creative.
For instance, by turning into a HMO. You buy a house and, rather than just renting it out
to one family, splitting it up, renting it out on a room by room basis. Tenants pay me
rent. I see my tenants as my customers. It’s really funny actually because sometimes people
will stop me in the street and say, “Samuel, I saw you on the BBC landlord show. Oh my
gosh, can I have your autograph. You’re amazing. You’re such a nice landlord. You look after
your tenants so well.” Then, two minutes later, I’m continuing to
walk down the street and someone will shout out to me, “I saw you on that landlord show
you scum.” I’m like, wow, where did that come from? It was the same show. It’s so crazy
different people’s perspectives. My customers, my tenants, I love them. Rent is fantastic
because it’s pretty much passive. Where it is passive is you’ve got it systemized. So,
that is number one. Number two is capital appreciation. That’s
just where the house goes up in value. I’ve been in property now for ten years. I’ve gone
through quite a bad recession and I’ve still received a lot of capital appreciation. In
fact, just in the last six months I’ve made like 250 thousand pounds, just under. So almost
a quarter of a million pounds in six months just in capital appreciation. One of my students,
I was chatting with him last week. He bought a house in London. It wasn’t even a house.
It was an apartment in 1999 right in London centre for 75 thousand pounds. He got it on
a 100% mortgage. It’s now worth 700 thousand pounds, 18, 19 years later. It’s timesed itself
by ten in 19 years, which is just insane. So capital appreciation is a really good way
that I make money from property. It’s how most people become millionaires by mistake.
I’m happy to be an accidental millionaire as well as a deliberate millionaire, so that’s
number two. Number three, and this is different from rent
because they’re not tenants but serviced accommodation. Serviced accommodation is like a hotel without
staff. So service accommodation property is one way you rent it out as a hotel, but you
don’t have to employ staff. It’s all systemized. It’s something I’m doing a lot at the moment.
In fact, the castle that I’m buying is probably going to be done as a luxury serviced accommodation
property. It’s just a really good way of getting a sky high income from property. The cool
thing about serviced accommodation is that, when you systemize it properly and you buy
in the right area, it can be extremely lucrative. Multiple of my students are doing serviced
accommodation very successfully. If you’d like to watch Leslie’s story of how she’s
making 15 thousand pounds a month within four months of becoming my student, you can watch
that right here. Next way I make money from property is a strategy
called rent to rent, which is not something that I actively really look for anymore, but
it was quite helpful in the earlier days. It’s something that my students do really,
really successfully and I’ve done many times as well. That is simply where you take over
a property. You don’t buy it. You make money from it, but you don’t buy it. You control
it. So you take over a property and you rent it off the landlord, but then you add value
to the tenants and you make it like … For instance, let’s say you rent a single let
property and you pay 500 pounds to the landlord, but then you rent it out on a room by room
basis and rent it out for 1500 pounds. Then any different the profit you make you keep.
It’s a really cool way to make some instant cashflow from property without really putting
any money down or much down to begin with. Rent to rent, really cool and you can tie
that in with HMO serviced accommodation, whatever you please. Just make sure, if you do that,
you use the right contracts. You don’t use a normal AST contract. You need a special
rent to rent agreement, which you can get drawn up pretty easily for very inexpensive. Number five is my favourite, or one of them,
lease option agreements. What is a lease option agreement? It’s simply where you buy a house
today, but agree to pay for it later. Completely legal, wendom rights. People say, oh that
sounds a bit dodgy. No. If you use the right words, the vendors will go for it. If you
do it properly, it’s completely legal. Lease option agreements have been around for decades,
and decades, and decades. So how does this work? Let’s say I find a house, it’s on for
100 thousand pounds, but they can’t sell. They’re having issues. They’re in negative
equity. It’s an inherited property. They don’t know want to do with it. They’re stuck, whatever.
I say, “I’ll buy it off you for 100, but I’ll pay you in five years time. In the meantime,
I’ll take over the mortgage or I’ll pay you a small monthly sum, maybe 100 pounds a month
or whatever.” Then you take on the property, you benefit
immediately from the cashflow, the rent from the property. You’re also gaining from any
capital appreciation. You haven’t put down any of your own money apart from maybe drawing
up the contract. So lease option agreement is fantastic. You can also do them for really
big deals. It’s something that I’ve done for many, many years and I’m actively still doing
lease option agreements today, and many of my students do lease option agreements as
well. So, that is number five. Number six is commercial property. Commercial
property is something that I’m beginning to get into more these days. The reason is, is
because what is commercial property? It’s instead of buying a residential house and
renting it out to tenants, people that live there, a commercial property is when you buy
a property or a building which is used for commercial purposes. For instance, if it’s
a shop, if it’s offices, anything, if it’s a garage, anything that’s used for business
purposes. The reason commercial is so awesome is because, instead of having a six month
contract with a tenant, you tend to have a ten year, five year, ten year, fifteen year
contract with a business. The business usually, depends on what the contracts are, but typically
with commercial property is the business, they will deal with any repairs, any issues,
they will deal with it. It’s a very long contract and you can kind of switch off. So when I had my conversation with Lord Sugar,
he was like, “residential? How do you deal with all the boilers breaking and stuff like
that” because he’s used to commercial. So I think commercial is good, especially if
you’ve got lots of money or you’ve been in residential for a while. You’re financially
free and you really want to just really grow your portfolio and take it big, but you don’t
necessarily want hundreds and hundreds of residential properties. It would make sense
to just buy a big office block. Here’s the thing. A lot of people think that
commercial property, the returns are a lot less, but it’s more stable. That’s not true.
Some of my commercial properties are giving me 24%, so commercial property can still be
high return. Capital appreciation is usually not as quick to go up. I don’t want to give
tax advice or anything like that, so speak to your accountant, but you can buy commercial
property through a pension and there’s very strong tax advantages for buying commercial
property, so loving, loving commercial property right now. Number seven is to buy refurbished, refinance
and rent. You don’t have to quite do it like that, but that’s typically the standard way
that we do it. What that is, is if you’ve got money but you don’t want to put it into
a property and just dump it in and leave it in, you can put it in and them pull it back
out. Now some people, some trainers, make it sound much much simpler than it is. This
does come with a little bit of work and even a little bit of risk because, when you’re
relying on builders sticking to budgets and timescales, and value is being in a good mood,
it can always get down valued or things can always not happen quite the way to plan. However,
we have got many of our students doing this successfully that come through the crash course,
especially the ones that have gone on to join the academy. The first house that I bought, I bought it
below market value, and then I refinanced it and pulled out all of my money. Now that
was … around 2008, so it is different now. The best way to do it now is to buy and add
value and then refinance. Kent Reliance, a mortgage lender who are very very well known
and popular amongst investors, have just banned the six month rule, which means that you can
literally refinance straight away. There’s no rule. So as soon as you’ve bought and added
value, you can refinance and pull your money out straight away which is fantastic. So this
is a strategy that’s becoming more and more popular with my students. You could literally
buy a 50 thousand pound house, spend 20 grand on it or 15 grand on it, and then, if the
value has gone considerably up, you can refinance and pull all or most of your money out. Or you can do this with the castle. The castle
I’m buying, I mentioned a couple times because it’s a castle and you’ve probably seen the
videos. We’re going to add value and refinance, and we’re going to add value to that buy turning
it into apartments. You can buy a property and split it up. You can title split. You
can refurbish. There’s so many ways you can add value. Once you’ve added the value, then
you can refinance. So that’s number seven. Number eight, which is kind of similar to
number seven, is to buy and sell. Buy a house, add value, and then sell it. At the moment,
I’m doing this to a piece of land. I’m buying a piece of land. I bought it for 100 … or
I’m buying it. It’s not gone through yet, but I’m buying it for 100 thousand pounds
and then I’m going to get planning permission and sell it for a whole lot more. The problem
with buying and selling is that, again, it can come with a little bit of risk because
what happens if you can’t sell it. So you usually need an exit strategy or a plan B.
Also, the other negative with it is that it’s not passive income, but it is massive income
and massive income can very quickly become passive income. If you do a deal to make 100
grand or half a million or whatever, or even 20 grand, you can then, with that profit,
put it into just buying a buy to let or a HMO or whatever. So it’s nice to have two
ores, massive, passive, massive, passive going on together, which takes me onto the next
way. Number nine, which is deal packaging. Deal
packaging. What do I mean by that? That is finding property deals that might not be suitable
for yourself. You might not be able to afford to buy them. You might already have too many
deals going through, but then you package the deal, package it up, and pass it onto
an investor. You marry an investment property with an investor and you charge a fee in the
middle. It’s just a fantastic way to make money, but also get experience of being out
there finding deals. I personally think that most investors, certainly most of my students
end up doing this to some extent. Do make sure, if you do this, that you do pass only
good deals, and also that you’re complaint. There is a compliancy issue you need to go
through which is very straight forward. One of our academy members called Al Astair,
he is sourcing successfully. I did an interview with him last week, which was videoed. Last
month he made 27 thousand pounds. That’s right. Two, seven, zero, zero, zero just buy packaging
and passing deals onto people. He’s doing that consistently every month. If you want
to hear his story and see how he’s doing that, then you can check out the interview with
him just right here. Finally is number ten. This isn’t quite how
I make money from property, but this is also how I make money, which is from training people
how to successfully invest as well. I teach people for free on YouTube or semi crash courses
free. I have my book, which I give out for free on my website, but then some people want
to go further and want to get maybe mentored or coached. I also run a training business.
I have a very successful property training business and it kind of shocks me and makes
me laugh when people say, “If you’re such a successful investor and developer, when
why do you train people?” I’m thinking, that comes from such a stupid person, or maybe
not stupid but certainly a broke person. I had dinner with Richard Branson maybe six
months ago. Imagine if I’d said to him, “So Richard, if you’re plane business is making
so much money, then why do you run trains?” He’d slap me right across the face because
he’s an entrepreneur. I love teaching. I really enjoy it. It gives me a real buzz. I’ve seen
people succeed, and I also will happily take the money because I’m an entrepreneur as well.
Money is a certificate and, if someone gives you money, whether that be a tenant or anybody
at all in business or someone that you’re training, they’re giving you money as thank
you certificate for adding value. So I’m very happy to add value and help people and take
their money because, if I’ve helped someone make 100 thousand pounds and they’ve given
me 10 thousand pounds, then they’re 90 thousand pounds up and I’m 10 thousand pounds up. It’s
win, win. So that’s another way. Hope that video has been helpful. Hope it’s
inspired you. If you’ve got questions let me know. Also, I’d love to know which your
favourite strategy is amongst the ten, and which one you want to really smash this next
year. So please comment below what is your favourite property investment strategy, your
favourite way to make money. Comment below. Please do share and subscribe. Like the video.
Thank you for your support. Love you always. See you next time. Thank you so much for watching. If you’ve
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