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10 Real Secret Dungeons Caught on Tape

Your neighbor could have a dungeon and you’d
never know it. It sounds unlikely, but it happens more often
than you’d think. All of the people on this list were found
with a dungeon in their home. Some of them had no idea it was even there,
while others were well-aware . . . 10. A YouTuber named demc7 is thrilled to move
into his very own apartment in England. The rent was so outrageously low that he decided
to sign the lease without checking the place out first. It’s a decision that he would later regret. The layout of the house is weird and the bedroom
is little more than a cramped cot, but it’s what’s belowground that bothers demc the
most. He opens the trap door and finds a drab flight
of old brick steps leading to a series of grimy [“grime-me”] rooms. At one point his flashlight chances upon a
startling discovery. As it turns out, this building is a converted
19th century monastery, and now demc7 suspects burials and sacrificial ceremonies have taken
place under his home. He continues looking around and soon discovers
the underground lair stretches all the way to his neighbor’s apartment, too. At this point demc7 is alarmed enough to retreat
aboveground and never go down there again. Nobody knows what horrors have occurred beneath
demc7’s apartment over the centuries, nor what will happen to him if he continues to
stay there. 9. When Kala [“Kay-la”] Brown and Charlie
Carver randomly went missing one day, police were able to track their cell phone signals
to a forest deep in Woodruff [“Wood-rough”], South Carolina. There they found Carver’s car abandoned
in the woods and spray-painted a different color. When they pulled the cell phone records of
a suspect named Todd Kolhepp, they found he was in the same area as Kala and Charlie. Police go to his residence and find nothing
in his barn. But when they walk past a giant container,
they hear screaming from inside. They find Kala inside of the empty container
with a gigantic chain around her neck. She quickly tells police what happened to
her boyfriend Charlie. Todd was sentenced to life in prison. He confessed to taking the lives of seven
other people. 8. For months this building served as an extremist
stronghold after they invaded a small town in Iraq. When the town was finally liberated, survivors
described how hundreds of innocent people were taken here by the secret police and treated
with unspeakable cruelty. Now a squad is patrolling through the burnt-out
building for the very first time, and what they find inside is a stark reminder of how
senseless war can be. These stairs are where people were found hanging
by the banister. These small featureless rooms are where captives
were subjected to techniques straight out of the Medieval ages for hours on end. And when they weren’t being manhandled or
worse, these tiny cells are where they were kept in total darkness with barely enough
space to stand or lie down. The town is trying to recover from this traumatic
invasion and get on with life as best they can, but the memory of this place has made
a permanent impact on their lives and psyche. 7. A landlord is inspecting one of his properties
in Philadelphia [“Fill-a-del-fia”] when he discovers something horrible belowground. In a dark and filthy boiler room with absolutely
no lights he finds four people being held captive under dungeonlike conditions. They are half-starved and staring ahead blankly. One of them has been chained to a boiler. There are also multiple children in the household,
all badly neglected. A two-year-old was so malnourished that they
still looked like an infant. Most of them had been kept inside permanently. Police find numerous social security documents
all over the house and quickly piece together the facts. A woman named Linda Weston has been going
around befriending the mentally disabled. Once she has gained their full trust, she
invites them to live with her and then applies for legal guardianship over them and their
children. Once they are in her house, she locks them
in the boiler room dungeon and lives off their monthly government checks. She has been doing this for a long time and
has become an expert at evading authorities. Police suspect she may have captured as many
as 50 people over the years. Whenever social workers would become too suspicious,
she would simply move and find a new dungeon. Police were still looking for her in Florida
and Texas when she was found in Philadelphia. In total, she collected 212,000 thousand dollars
in Social Security checks for over ten years before getting caught. She was sentenced to life in prison. 6. A YouTuber named Jonathan Rosseau [“Roo-so”]
is renovating a room in his home when he discovers something out of place. He taps on a bottom portion of the wall and
it sounds hollow, so he cuts away a hole . . . The space is lined with old bricks and carries
an ominous [“om-min-nis”] and foreboding atmosphere. Jonathan feels very out of place and doesn’t
stay for long. The room itself appears to have no structural
purpose and seems to be walled off for no reason. This, combined with Jonathan’s reluctance
to go any further, raises some interesting questions. I wonder what happened in there, if anything,
that would cause a previous owner to seal it away. 5. A Facebook user in Tlalnepantla, Mexico is
walking down the street when he discovers a missing section of wall and takes a look
inside. The hollow dungeonlike area Is filled with
what appears to be stacks of caskets. Whether the caskets were filled or not is
anyone’s guess, but the point is why would this area be sealed away underneath a highway
overpass? Also, why was this section of wall broken? Maybe it broke from the inside by someone
trying to free themselves? Who knows what other secrets could be hidden
under there. 4. In 1988, a man in Syracuse [“Sarah-cuse”],
New York began taking teenage women and keeping them in his homemade dungeon for his own sadistic
gratifications. John Jamelski [“Ja-mel-ski”] had constructed
a 12-by-24 foot holding cell under his garage that he told visitors was just a storm shelter. Inside was a dirty foam cushion, a bathtub
filled by a garden hose, and a plastic bucket for a toilet. Over the next 15 years Jamelski would trap
5 different women and keep them in this dungeon against their will. Sometimes he would hold them for months at
a time before releasing them, sometimes even years. Each time he let one of them go, he would
threaten to return if they ever told anyone what happened. Sometimes he would even say he was involved
with the police and there was nothing they could do. Most of the women never went to the police
after being let go. The few that did were not believed. Amazingly, his wife was inside of the house
most of the time until she passed away from cancer, though I’m fairly sure that she
had no idea what he was really up to. In 2003, Jamelski took his latest captive
out of the dungeon and to a local bar to sing karaoke. She managed to make a cell phone call to her
sister while Jamelski was distracted. Her sister called the police and they freed
her. Jamelski was sentenced to 18 years and will
be eligible for parole in 2021. By then he will be 85 years old. 3. The Chateau Durtal is a French castle first
established in the 11th century. A YouTuber named Chill Bill and his team get
permission to explore the deep wells underneath the castle with a drone to see what they find. While exploring the estate, the team eventually
comes across a small opening at the top of a staircase. They send the drone down attached to a rope
for easy recovery in case anything goes wrong. Once past the vertical drop they are stunned
to find a full-sized dungeon littered with human remains. At one point the drone dangles directly above
the bone-white cranium of a prisoner who was left to perish without food or water. It’s hard for me to believe that being locked
up in a dungeon without food or water could ever be seen as a normal punishment. 2. One day a severely deranged man in Austria
named Wolfgang Priklopil overpowered a ten-year-old girl on her way home from school. He stole her off the streets and took her
to his homemade dungeon where he would keep her for eight long years. The girl, Natascha Kampusch, was in shock
and unable to think for herself. Wolfgang Priklopil played psychological mind
games on her to make her feel worthless and unable to escape. Once she was fully dependent on him, he would
regularly make her clean the house from top to bottom and physically force himself on
her. This continued for years and years until one
day he began to let her go outside for brief chores. He was always sure to stay close by, but one
day, while she was vacuuming the inside of his car, he got a phone call and she got a
chance to escape. Natascha’s vacuuming was too loud to have
a phone conversation, so Wolfgang took a few steps to hear better. This was all the space Natascha needed to
get away. Once she had sprinted away from the home and
down the street, Wolfgang knew that he would be arrested and charged. He threw himself in front of a train that
very same day. The courts awarded Natascha the home as financial
compensation. She still visits the home from time to time
as a reminder of what happened. Although she hates Wolfgang Pripolik and resents
what he did, she also still carries a picture of him in her purse. It is a complicated relationship that she
can never fully explain to anyone, not even herself. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I’m currently doing a super poll on my Instagram,
if you believe ghosts are real, then go to my most recent photo, and tap the like button. If you don’t, DM me saying why. When you’re done come right back to this
video to find out the number 1 entry. Also follow me on Twitter @YT_Chills because
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a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. These radical extremists in Pakistan kept
children chained inside a dungeon where they were made to recite religious scripture well
past exhaustion. They were only given a small portion of vegetables
and water to eat each day, just barely enough food to stay alive. When the Pakistani police rescued the children
and teenagers, they heard stories of extreme punishments for simple wrongdoings. One of the punishment methods administered
was a cane covered with hot spices that would add an unbearable burning sensation to each
of the lashes. No less than 54 people were rescued from the
dark dungeon basement by authorities. Even though this extreme form of religious
brainwashing is not legal in Pakistan, these dungeons continue to be a prevalent problem
in certain regions of the country.



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