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10 Most Expensive College Degrees In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive
College Degrees in the World Welcome to Alux.com the place
future billionaires come to get inspired! Hello Aluxers and welcome back
to another Alux.com original video! We all know that college is expensive
and although a proper education no longer guarantees success in life,
a prestigious degree still can provide some leverage towards a successful career.
But not all colleges were created equal and there are some reserved only for the richest. We’re about to take a look at the
top 10 most expensive college degrees in the world. Let’s begin: Number 10:
Wesleyan University, Degree in Film Studies Costs: $218.370 Located in Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University
was founded in 1831 by the Methodist church. The university encourages students to perform
humanitarian and volunteer services, and it seems like it’s working, because some of its
graduates have gone on to become philanthropists. If you want to study movie production, film making,
and all the details of producing a film make sure you have your wallet ready,
because if you want to become the next Steven Spielberg, Wesleyan University’s Film Studies degree will cost you
$218.370. The thing is.. Spielberg dropped out of
California State University to pursue his dream, so you might want to meditate a little bit on that
before pulling out your daddy’s credit card. Number 9:
Bucknell University, Degree in Biochemistry Costs: $219.330 Founded in 1846 in Pennsylvania, the university is
a private liberal arts university which offers more courses than a typical
liberal arts school. At Bucknel you can choose from over 50 majors
and over 60 minors, the university having the highest rate of
graduating student athletes in the country. To get a Biochemistry degree at Bucknell will
set you back almost $220K, but it’s one of the best biochemistry
programs in the United States. Biochemists are among the highest paid professionals
in the science and research sector. Plus, BioTech is one of the
fastest growing technology verticals so getting a biochemistry degree might not
be as bad as you think. Number 8:
Connecticut College, Degree in Music and Technology Costs: $219.950 Founded in 1991, the private liberal arts college
was for women only, until 1969, when it became a coeducational institution. Even though Connecticut College is well known
for its economic programs, the Music and Technology ones are
the most expensive, costing $219.950. The school only accepts one third
of all student applicants. You might have heard of some people
who graduated there, such as: Vance Gilbert and Chris Harford
(the College of Music) and Estelle Parsons
(College of Film, Theater, and Dance). Could that be the reason for the high prices? The college’s mission is to: “educate students to put the liberal arts
into action as citizens in a global society” If you have over $200K to spend on a Music Degree
you should reevaluate your expectations. Number 7:
Vassar College, Degree in Media Studies Costs: $223.525 The college is located in New York and has a 1000 acre campus,
and just as many of the colleges on our list, it was a school for women only. Vassar is know to be one
of the top schools in America, being in the first 25. The liberal arts school is pretty selective,
and accepts only 23% of the applicants each year. But if you want to get your Media degree it will cost you no less than $223.525.
Among its prized alums are; Geraldine Laybourne
(Nickelodeon and Oxygen Media), Jonathan Littman
(Jerry Bruckheimer Television) and Lloyd Braun (ABC Network).
Or you could hit it big on social media and get the ABC job by the sheer amount
of followers you have on instagram. Number 6:
Bard College, Music Degree Costs: $271.375 Founded by the Episcopalian Church in 1860,
Bard was originally called St. Stephen’s College. The college is known to be one of the most liberal
in the United States. If you want to apply at Bard, you need to know that
it has some quite expensive degrees, and an acceptance rate of 35%. Bard College offers over 20 graduate degrees
in the arts and sciences, and a Music degree will cost you $271,375.
Some of the music program’s alums include Walter Becker
(musician and cofounder of Steely Dan), and Zeena Parkins
(avantgarde harpist). Number 5:
St. John’s College, Master of Liberal Arts Costs: $308.392 Founded in 1696, St. John’s College is a private,
liberal arts, small school, with a professor to student ratio of 1:7. If you decide you to follow the Master of Liberal Arts
programme, it will cost you $308.392. The college also has a campus in Santa Fe, Mexico.
Among its notable graduates are U.S. Representative
John Leeds Kerr, and Joshua J. Cohen,
Mayor of Annapolis, Maryland. You’ve probably never heard of them before,
because neither did we until we researched for this video. Number 4:
Trinity College, Public Policy and Law Degree Costs: $308.490 The private liberal arts college
was founded in 1823, and it’s the second oldest college in Connecticut,
after Yale University. Trinity became coeducational in 1969
(and this time, only men were allowed at first) they offer 38 majors and 26 minors,
with a student to faculty ratio of 10:1. The college enrols 2300 students,
accepting approximately one third of the applicants. If you want to get a Public Policy and Law degree
be prepared to pay $308.490. One of the perks of attending this college is
that you have the opportunity to study abroad, at its Rome campus. For the same amount of money,
you could buy a 3 Bedroom apartment in Rome and live there on a permanent basis,
just sayin’. Number 3:
Columbia University, MBA Costs: $317.030 Based in the neighbourhood of Manhattan,
New York, the Columbia University is an American private Ivy League research university,
founded in 1754. With a well recognized graduate team,
the university’s Master of Business Administration programme costs $317.030.
But hey, it’s an Ivy League university, right? Columbia University is the oldest institution
of higher learning in New York, the fifth oldest in the United States,
and one of the country’s nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution. Three of America’s presidents attended the university, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
and Barack Obama and so did fictional character Blair Waldorf! Number 2:
Vanderbilt University, Law Degree Costs: $375.620 The runner up on our list of the most expensive degrees
is the Law program, at the Vanderbilt University. The Vanderbilt is a private research university
located in Nasville, Tennessee, you know, the state that gave us Miley Cyrus. The university was founded in 1873
by the South Methodist Episcopal Church. Vanderbilt is one of the largest employers in Tennessee
and only 12% of the applicants are accepted each year. Some of Vanderbilt University’s graduates are famous,
familiar faces, such as: former U.S. Senator and actor
Fred Thompson, Constitutional law scholar
Marci Hamilton, and Cornelia Clark,
judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court. Number 1:
Sarah Lawrence College, History and Law Degree Costs: $402.962 The most expensive college degree of them all
is at Sarah Lawrence College. This impressive college was founded in 1926 and
was an allwomen college until it became a coeducational institution in 1968. The founder named the college after his wife. Based in New York, Sarah Lawrence College offers
the world’s most expensive college degree, a graduate degree program, in History and Law,
which costs no less than $402.962. In order to get in,
you have to either be incredibly rich, OOOOR be one of the 65% of the students
that get to finish their studies through financial aid. With tuitions and student loans at their highest do you think getting a college degree
is still worth it these days?! or do you believe you could be better off starting a
business or joining an existing company and working your way up?! Let us know what you think in the comments! Thank you for spending
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