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10 Min Yoga For Small Spaces & Travel | Apartment Yoga Stretch | ChriskaYoga

Hey, it’s Christina in today’s video. We’ll be doing a travel yoga sequence so this is a sequence if you’re traveling and let’s say you have a small space in your hotel room or Somebody’s house someone’s Guest bedroom. This is a great sequence to do in a small space while you’re traveling and it’s very brief So let’s just get started Begin in Sukhasana cross your shins in front of you Sit up tall if you have a towel you can sit on your towel. Just to create some lift and your hips and Try and sit on the two sits bones at the bottom of your pelvis not sitting on your tailbone here Bring your hands to your knees close your eyes And come to focus on your breathing Inhaling through your nose releasing it out in the same way Deepening your breath here. I’m focusing on your breathing bring all your attention inside Take a moment to calm yourself down Center yourself feel grounded Feel that the sits bones at the bottom of your pelvis are planting roots into the floor So you feel grounded? into that ground into that floor through your roots and these roots are Allowing you to rebound energy up From the roots all the way back up through your sits bones traveling up your back Releasing all the energy out through the crown of your head Feel connected to the floor that It’s giving you energy and life And allowing you to feel calm to feel centered at Peace and at Ease Take one more deep inhale through your nose here feeling the sensation and release it out gently open your eyes And reach your arms up towards the sky Palms are facing each other energy and your fingertips reaching up on your exhale twist to the right bringing your left hand to your right knee your right arm is behind you keep your legs and hips even as you twist your back Just twisting around here with each inhale lengthening up through your spine still feeling those roots into the floor With the image exhale twisting a little bit further Take another inhale now and rotate back to the center reaching your arms up on your next Exhale twist in the opposite Direction Bringing your right hand to your left knee twisting to the left your left arm is behind you Deeply Breathing still feeling the roots into the floor energy up your spine With each exhale twisting a little bit further And take an inhale now coming back to the center reaching your hands up And then bring your hands back down placing them on your knees Use your hands on your knees to help you and on your next inhale arch your back Open your shoulders wide and look up Feel your upper back arching Using your hands on your knees to help you on your next exhale Curve your spine in the opposite direction looking down towards your legs Reaching your mid back behind you so reaching it backwards and Still using your hands on your needs to help you Do that again take an inhale and arch your back Curving your spine in the opposite way opening your shoulders and looking up Exhale Curve your spine in the opposite direction reaching your mid-back backwards Looking down towards your legs inhale Arch Open your shoulders Exhale Curve looking down and now arch spread those collar Bones wide exhale curve Looking downward reaching that mid back behind you inhale Arch and exhale curve inhale Arch exhale curve and L Arch Exhale Curve inhale Arch final Exhale curve your spine looking down And come back up to a neutral spine sitting up tall not sitting on that tailbone feel the sits bones in the floor and slowly now Uncross your legs and switch the cross so bringing the opposite leg in front still remaining in Sukhasana Take an inhale and sit up tall and on your exhale Just fold your torso over your legs walking your hands forward stretching them out in front of you relaxing your head down Wherever you reach today Keeping as much length in your spine as you can and staying here as you breathe deeply On your next inhale slowly bring your torso Back upright Sitting up tall place your hands on your knees for now start rotating your head around to the right gently circling it around Gentle rotations around nice and slow to the right And now coming in to going around to the left Circling rotating your head around to the left gently Stretching your neck releasing the tension from that area And drop your chin to your chest gently bring your head back up right just Circle your shoulders backwards now Bringing them up and rotating them behind you up and back nice and smooth slow movements gently working the front of your shoulders Coming into rotating them forward in the opposite way Gently continuously moving them rotating forward up and forward Getting into the muscles by your shoulder blades slowly Come to stillness now And stretch your legs out in front of you coming into Don’d Asana Sitting up tall stretching your legs out knees and toes pointed up towards the sky Take an inhale lengthen up and on your exhale fold your torso over your legs into a forward fold Bringing your hands to your shins your ankles or your feet wherever you reach today Staying here for a moment. Take a deep inhale and a deep exhale On your next inhale come up with your torso bring your torso back upright bring your hands behind you Fingertips pointed towards your hips come up onto your fingertips Arch your back now spreading shoulders wide looking up Getting into those shoulders Opening your Collarbones Looking up feel your upper back arching And slowly use your hands to help you come back upright releasing from the arch And on your exhale fold back down over your legs in Dandasana Bringing your hands down onto your legs or ankles or your feet? once again Breathing deeply stretching your hamstrings your low back And on your next inhale come up to a seated position once again bring your hands behind you up onto your fingertips and Come into another arch open your shoulders reach your heart center up towards the sky looking upward And slowly releasing from the arch coming back up right with your torso and on an exhale Fold your torso over your legs forward fold in Dandasana Breathing as you stretch your hamstrings once again and one more time coming up right with your torso bring your hands behind you onto your fingertips and Coming into one final arch here reaching your heart center up looking up opening your shoulders spreading your collar Bones wide and Slowly coming back up right releasing from the arch coming back to a neutral spine Bring your feet to meet each other now bring your knees out to the side Walk your heels and as close to your hips as possible without overly curving your spine still sitting up tall avoiding sitting on your tailbone and On your next exhale fold your torso over your legs into a forward fold in Baddha Konasana if you’d like to use your elbows on your knees to help your knees down towards the floor They’re not there already you Can do so now if not just stay where you are and keep folding forward? Lift your torso back up Cross your shins in front of you now Bring your hands to your knees and close your eyes coming inward once again Feeling a difference in your body at this time Are you feeling any different than you were before you started the sequence today? Maybe you are maybe you aren’t just notice how you’re feeling and to breathe into that sensation Take a deep inhale and exhale through your nose Do that one more time? Deeply Breathe in And Deeply breathe out Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Namaste


Kim Cataldo

May 5, 2015, 10:33 pm Reply

Awesome, Christina!

Mariana Aguilar

Feb 2, 2016, 2:03 pm Reply

Just did this sequence and it's improving the 5hr delay at the airport. Thanks so much 🙂

whateva Idowhatawnt

Jun 6, 2016, 12:20 pm Reply

thank you that was wonderful

Leah Mattinson

Jul 7, 2016, 12:10 pm Reply

This is an amazing video and instantly destressed and relaxed me! Thank you so much. What type of Yoga is this please?

US Guerrero

Oct 10, 2018, 9:52 pm Reply

just what i wanted for my hotel room… thank you!

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