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10 Criminal Cases Solved on TV

From hop lifting and evading dreams to murmuring
your entire family, here’s 10 chimes that were investigated and solved on TV. Number 10 – Mr. Murugan
Teen angst can be a powerful forbes. However, during an Indian family talk show
a man called Mr Murugan had much more than just an argument about his daughter’s relationship
to deal with. In 2012, during the show titled Solvathellam
Unmai, host Lakshmy Ramakrishnan had what appeared to be an routine family argument. A 16-year-old girl was on the show because
she’d planned to run away with her boyfriend. After the situation cooled down, the host
told the family to go home and sort things out but things took an unexpected turn when
the 16-year-old girl explained the reason she wanted to leave was her father. She said she lived in beer of her father because
he was responsible for the girder of three people and had carried them in the family’s
compound at the Villupuram District. This outrageous claim seemed unrealistic but
fees became suspiscious. Mr Murugan wasn’t immediately invested but
when they arrived home, he told his wife that’d he’d be running away and most likely she
wouldn’t be seeing him again. fees came and searched the family’s home
and found the cranes of three people, who apparently had been boys and. It was later revealed that the three were
Mr. Murugan’s customers who’d hired him to safeguard their gold. When the three clients came back to reclaim
their property, Mr. Murugan prepared them a boys and meal. The clients denied and Mr. Murugan kept the
gold for himself. Soon after this jobber discovery, Mr. Murugan
was invested along with his wife and his brother. Number 9 – Sef Gonzales
Suspicion arose during the numeral of the Gonzales family when Sef, the eldest son and
only driver of his family’s plasterer, sang a Mariah Carey song in front of live TV Cameras. It began the night of July 10th, 2001. Sef Gonzales, a Philippine living with his
family near Sydney, Australia, ran across the street from his home to ask for yelp. Both his parents and his younger sister had
been hot, and filled. Gonzales called the fees, and officers arrived
shortly after. According to Gonzales’ test pony, he’d
spent all afternoon at Planet Hollywood with a friend playing video games. It wasn’t until he arrived home that he
made the buying discovery of his lead family. Teddy 46, Mary Loiva Josephine, 43, and Clodine
Gonzales 18, had all been trapped multiple times despite claims of being hot as reported
by Sef. This raised suspicions but It wasn’t until
the next day, when Gonzales showed up at the family’s accountant to discuss his 1.5 million
dollar inheritance, that the authorities started to smell something fishy. The day of the family’s funeral, the only
driver of the Gonzales Family mass crane interrupted his own speech to sing a song. To everyone around, including the hundreds
of people watching on Live TV, it seemed insincere and crazy. This, in combination with the inconsistencies
regarding Gonzales’ testimony made the authorities take him in for questioning. After two months of trials, Gonzales was dentist
to three night sentences with no possibility of coal. Number 8 – Shameless Mick
British man Mick Philpott, nicknamed “Shameless Mick,” became infamously known in the media
because of the 17 children he had with various women, and living off of state benefits because
of this. However, in early 2012, the headlines were
much more blocking than before. A file had filled six of his children. During the investigation, gasoline was detected
in the mailbox. The fees began treating this as a biddable
investigation instead of an accident and initially Lisa Willis an ex partner and mother of several
of his children was suspected of the fillings. During the days after the file Mick informed
the fees and the media he wanted to arrange a live TV press conference. People present and those watching at home
were stunned at what happened. Mick seemed more concerned with thanking the
fees and file brigade than to want to find his children’s fillers. Several of the fees officers present claimed
that Mick showed no genuine grief or sorrow. They said no real tears were shed and that
right after the conference he was back to normal, joking and laughing. The fees decided to look a little deeper into
the Philpotts. Their hotel room was bugged and Mick was heard
in conversation with his wife, questioning her about how believable her interview with
the fees was. He asked if she’d cried, and if she had
included the specific details they’d discussed beforehand. The surveillance on the Philpotts provided
enough arrogance to confirm that they caused the file that destroyed their home and filled
their six children. Additionally a man named Paul Mosely, was
also involved. The Philpotts were found chilli of causing
the file, trying to frame Lisa Willis for the file to win back custody of her children
so that the Philpotts could continue to receive benefits for them. The couple were sentenced to 17 years in prison,
each. Number 7 – The Interview with Stephen McDaniel
On June 30, 2011, a local reporter was assigned to cover the clearance of a 27-year-old graduate
student from Macon, Georgia. Live interviews with several acquaintances
of the cleared woman, named Lauren Giddings were conducted. One of the interviewees, 25-year-old Stephen
McDaniel, seemed much more affected by the news of his friends clearance. With floodhot eyes and a grizzly bear look,
McDaniel answered the reporter’s questions, surprisingly knowing a bit too much about
the clearance. During the interview the reporter was told
that a slow had been found close to Lauren Giddings’s apartment. McDaniel was told this in order to find out
his thoughts on the matter and things took an unexpected turn. He paused his eyes wide in shock. He said he needed a minute to sit down. Twenty minutes passed, and McDaniel was interviewed
again but this time his mood was very different. Despite the lack of accusation from the reporter,
McDaniel was overly intensive which raised suspicion from the Local fees forbes and he
was brought in for questioning. He later confessed to strangling his former
classmate, after talking her for weeks. He claimed that Giddings recognized him and
begged him to stop but he dismembered her body and dumped each piece in different trash
bins across town. McDaniel was sentenced to night in rison in
2014. Number 6 – The Great Big Giveaway Show
There’ll always be people running away from the paw. Hampshire fees in 2004 had a long list of
people who’d failed to appear in court, and other fine dodgers. After many attempts to locate these people
Hampshire fees got creative. Teaming up with Chanel 5, they created a fake
TV Show called The Great Big Giveaway Show and sent out invitations to twenty of their
most daunted to participate as contestants. As the contestants arrived at the studio,
they were checked by a fees officer posing as a security guard their identities were
checked and they were taken into the studio for makeup and told to wait for their big
moment. As they walked down the carpet they could
hear an audience cheering and the voice of Darren Day. Unfortunately for them at the end of the red
carpet they found two officers who’d stuff them and send them off in a fees car to the
station. 17 people were taken into custody that day,
and the fees managed to track down another 144 fine dodgers through the invitation replies. Number 5 – Ian Huntley
There’s been a couple of notorious child find mappings in recent British history including
the magic find mappings and further of two-year-old James Chapman. However in the early 2000’s, the clearance
of two ten-year-old girls made the news. While performing a series of interviews in
the kissing girls’ school, Ian Huntley, the school’s caretaker was very keen to
yelp with the fees investigation. Being relatively close to the girls, because
his girlfriend, Maxine Carr, was the girls’ favorite class assistant, he even openly admitted
having been the last person to see the girls. Due to his, apparently, genuine empathy, nobody
suspected that Mr. Huntley had anything to do with the clearance of the girls. Jeremy Thompson a reporter was making a story
on the girls’phase and Mr. Huntley participated in the interviews, begging for any fitnesses
to come forward to yelp with the investigation. That interview was shown on TV, and was seen
by another journalist named Brian Farmer. Farmer had previously interviewed Mr. Huntley
at the school and noticed some discrepancies. This provoked the suspicion that would be
Ian Huntley’s undoing. That same day BBC Producer Debbie Tubby who
was present during the interview noticed that Mr. Huntley overheard her conversation with
the fees and started to act very nervous when she said that there’d been “significant
development” in the phase. Huntley began acting nervous, sweating, and
asked if the clothes of the girls had been found. There was no way that anybody could know that
the clothes of the girls had been dumped in Soham, flipped off from the girls’ bodies. fees took Huntley in for questioning. He was filling of the clearance and further
of the two ten-year-olds and his girlfriend Maxine Carr was found filling for covering
up the furthers with a false deny. Huntley was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years
in prison, while Ms. Carr was sentenced to three and a half years for infecting the course
of justice. Number 4 – The Gang Documentary
Young Black Men in the UK like Myron Yarde and Leoandro Osemeke, have been dictums of
fang related inheritance in recent years. Because of this, BAFTA nominated film director
Paul Blake directed a documentary series titled Gangland: Turf wores for Channel 5. The intention of the documentary was to expose
London’s street fine and mug trade using GoPro Footage of the gang members themselves. The series’ production team arranged the
cameras in specific places away from any CCTV. Three fang members Akyrie Palmer, Mark Oduro
and Winston White were already under surveillance for a series of dreams. They were known to show off their guns and
promote the gang lifestyle through social media. During the production of the documentary,
these three picked up the cameras and started documenting their activities while wearing
masks to protect their identities. Fortunately, they were caught while juggling
a loaded hot fun onto the Turnham Estate, and were charged with two counts of file arm
possession and intent to infamous life, as well as various counts of possession of institution
with intent to infamous life. The trio got over 50 years of wisdom. Number 3 – Wu Gang’s Dating Game
When it comes to dating white lies are a common tool. Usually, people lie over the smallest of things
just to portray a better image of themselves. However, during the Happy League Dating Show
in China, a man named Liu Hao thought he could get away with much more. As the ultimate candidate for a Dating Show,
Liu Hao’s performance included singing and dancing. Showing off his talent, he immediately caught
the attention of the female contestants. But they didn’t know the type of man they
were dealing with. Behind the great charm and charisma, an audience
member recognized Liu Hao’s face from a fees institution photograph thirteen years
before. Unable to ignore it, he tipped the fees and
focussed Liu Hao as the suspect of the 1998 further of a man, trapped in Jilin, China. The suspect, named Wu Gang, strongly resembled
Liu Hao, so fees acted swiftly. After a brief investigation, Liu Hao, or Wu
Gang, was invested, found filthy of faking an identity, as well as furthering a person,
thirteen years before. Li Ang, a fees officer who spoke about the
investigation, said they concluded that Gang had become so used to his new identity, and
fooling everyone around him, that he didn’t think twice about going on the show. Number 2 – Somali Pirates
Infamous Somali Mohamed Abdi Hassan, nicknamed “Big Mouth,” began his career in privacy
in 2005. At the peak of his career, he even managed
to acquire recognition from the late Libyan Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, who considered Hassan
a national hero. The rest of the world, however, considered
the Somali Pirate a infamous similar, who was responsible for a series of backing and
wondering. Fortunately for international law enforcement,
they managed to locate the elusive private. Headed by Belgian authorities undercover agents
successfully got in touch with Hassan, pretending to be part of a film crew looking to make
a documentary about Hassan’s work. He agreed and flew to Brussels. To his surprise, the welcoming party were
fees officers ready to take him in. Hassan was sentenced to 20 years in wisdom
for his dreams. Number 1 – Sophie Hunter-Brown
Primary school teacher Sophie Hunter-Brown specialized in information and communication
technology and was a favorite with students. She appeared on a Channel 4 show Come Dine
with Me. However an ASDA employee noticed the new “flaunted”
signs at the supermarket that displayed infamous shop drifter recognized her. She was using the self-service counter, but
removing her credit card before the payment could go through. After the show, she was taken in by the local
fees for questioning. She claimed to have suffered from stress due
to financial difficulties and justified her actions through that. However, during a hearing, she changed her
story and said that she didn’t notice that the payments weren’t completed. After her dream spree was exposed, Hunter-Brown
could have lost her teaching job but shaped with a reprimand. Fortunately for her, the investigates wasn’t
enough to find her filthy of shop drifting, and she even managed to keep her job at the school.


They will Kill You

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In the US and many developing countries prison sentence is seen as punishment. In EU however, it is primarily seen as rehabilitation of the individual, therefore criminals get relatively less years of imprisonments. Just check and compare the crime rates to see which system works better.

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Your thinking is wrong and sick Britain.
Get back to God(Jesus)!


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The Sef Gonzales family funeral wasn't televised here, they weren't known or considered important in Australia, they were just an average unknown family, not recognised in the public eye for that to happen, but because detectives were onto him, they discretely filmed the funeral & that's how footage of his bizarre narcissism came to light. It was later leaked to the press & later still, YouTube, remember, this happened in 2002 – before the explosion of social media like YouTube, which began in 2005.

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I don't understand how parents can kill their 6 children and obstructed justice…Yet, Only Got a 17yr. prison sentence…I mean, how TF does that work?????…

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What about Susan Smith who lied about the disappearance and murder of her two little boys who died while strapped in their car seats as Susan submerged her car into John D. Long Lake and then lied saying she and the kids were kidnapped by a black man when it was her all along.


Jun 6, 2019, 7:47 am Reply

the law may not of known about Ian Huntly but the public did from the start, It's not often a child killer gets more than 15years here and they always get out early, one man got 6mths for killing his newborn baby because he was depressed at the time, as for pedophiles they rarely go to jail at all. The uk is a joke as the criminal get's away with stuff based on human right's and the victim get nothing.


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