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10 Bedroom Color Palette Ideas

Apparently, a bedroom is not just a place to call it a night and sleep. It is a perfect place to relax and do various kinds of activities to spend your leisure time like reading a book, playing the guitar, or chatting with besties. For this reason, your bedroom has to embody your interest while helping you maintain a good sleep. If you are looking for some ideas to color up your bedroom, look no further as next you are going find 10-bedroom color palette ideas. These ideas will not only help you get good quality sleep but also adding a personality boost to your space. Same as last bedroom improvement list I previously published, this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com. 10. Crisp White for a Small Bedroom color idea Picking the right color palettes for a small bedroom can be tricky. If you choose an inappropriate color combination, you’ll get a dull bedroom or you might feel boxed in. When it comes to a small bedroom, white will always be your safe bet as it can always help you trick the eyes and make you think that your bedroom is visually larger. Besides, it is a neutral color which can be paired with any color of your choice. Shades of white that you apply in your bedroom will also add a nuance. Crisp white will add a contemporary and hygienic look to your bedroom. If you think it is too stark, pair it with pastels. You might not wanna go overboard though, so pastel pillows and throw will be enough to complement the crisp white. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to create a seamless look since the edges disappear. 9. Ocean-Like Bedroom color idea If you are looking for a calm ambiance, try turning to the cool side of the spectrum and avoid using the brightest shades. Pastels and cool shades of blue, green, and gray will provide a soothing effect to your bedroom. Just think about how relaxing it is when you are looking at the summer sky or the ocean. This bedroom is meticulously designed for those who are seeking tranquility. The combination of crisp white and blue which is applied using ombre technique creates a sea-like bedroom. As a result, it evokes a sense of serenity. A huge art on the wall adds pops of colors to this ocean-like bedroom. 8. Aqua and Coral for a Girl A little girl’s bedroom usually comes in the shades of pink. Instead of using a hot pink to decorate the entire bedroom, you can use coral. This bedroom features coral as the accent wall that is quite conspicuous among the white walls. Some other shades of pink which are frequently synonymous with girly look can be found in the dresser. To make the dresser look chic, ombre’s effect is added. Besides pink, aqua is also found in some pieces of furniture like the bed and wall art. 7. Elegant Master Bedroom color idea Are you looking for the touch of elegance that you can implement in a master bedroom? Look no further as this master bedroom shows elegance at its finest. When it comes to sophistication, black, gold, gray, silver, and brown have always been a top-notch choice, just like this master bedroom. The combination of black walls and metallic shine on the duvet and pillows brings in luxury to the space. The accents of embroidery and embellishments accentuate the elegance immensely. Two black side tables topped with table lamps flank the bed nicely, creating a symmetrical look which makes the bedroom traditionally elegant. 6. Soothing Gray Hues color idea If contemporary look is your thing, you should give this idea a shot. Simple palette like neutrals or black, white, and gray is typically used to decorate a contemporary bedroom. You can also add some shots of bright color in bedding, artwork, or other small accents, but make sure to keep it simple. This bedroom features cool grays and blues that provide a smooth, laid-back vibe and a nice contemporary look. The darker gray makes a great focal point that contrasts with the white bedding. A rug with lighter shade of gray lies on the floor, balancing the colors. 5. Geometric Shapes with Pastel Colors This is another great idea for a contemporary bedroom. Instead of painting the accent wall a single color, try applying two or three different colors to beef it up, just like this one. The accent wall of this bedroom shows four different colors at the same time. The blue, coral, and gray that come in light pastel hues create geometric shapes which are on trend now. To get this look, you can use masking tape to form the shapes, then use a good paintbrush to apply the colors. Don’t forget to team the accent wall with the bedding and embellishments in similar shades to complete the look. 4. Ombre Wall and Black Accent Painting a bedroom dark hue can add the touch of boldness and elegance to the space. But you can lessen it by combining it with lighter color and applying ombre’s effect. The black and blue hues in this bedroom create a dramatic backdrop while accentuating black details found in the pendant lamp, picture’s frame, side table, and vase. 3. Baby Blue for a Better Sleep Experience Blue is one of the colors that can promote tranquility to the space, which makes it a good choice for a bedroom. However, you need to be careful in picking the right hues. Softer and lighter blue hues like baby blue will effectively boost calmness which helps you get a better sleep experience. Pair it with white trims so that it can beimplemented in any bedroom regardless the gender and age. 2. Retro Flair in Aqua and Black The use of black and aqua in this bedroom pays tribute to the past. Although they don’t come in the same hues, even contrast with each other a lot, you can still find harmony here because of the bedding that pulls all the elements together. To complete your learning experience, follow pasted link inside description. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I upload new videos. And let’s find out the last ideas sitting honor top chart. Lastly number 1. Romantic Bedroom Color Ideas Who says that creating a romantic bedroom entails lots of pink and red? Even creamy shades off-white and warm neutral colors can bring in romantic ambiance to the space. This bedroom has proven that being romantic is not always about Valentine’s-Day tints. The combination of taupe and black can create an elegant, romantic bedroom. The key is in the intensity of the colors. The lighting and patterns also play a crucial role in creating the vibe. So, Those are 10 bedroom color palette ideas that will make you feel more relaxed in your bedroom. So, which one is your favorite? That’s it for now. Before you leave, like this video if you truly enjoy it, comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account, or email this. Browse and follow simphome website for more home decor and makeover ideas. Lastly, see you again later with more videos like this in the near future. And until that time, thanks for watching.


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Great Ideas…

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I love the color palette for the girl’s room. We’re redoing every room in our house. My 9 year old daughter is into wolves but I didn’t want to make the walls a plain color. The comforter she has now is white with a beautiful grey and black wolf so it’ll go with any colors, in my opinion. I love the ombré dresser the most I think. So clever as hers are now natural wood and a light green. The drawers can be easily painted to give a more feminine look as she gets older and her specific focal types change. I can’t get over that dresser. I saved this video immediately before watching because I knew it would have ideas I need for the bedrooms we’re doing. I’m a first time viewer from NJ and now I’ll be a full time viewer since I subscribed to all of your upcoming videos. Can’t wait to check out your channel either!

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