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10 Apartment Tips (What I Wish I Knew Before Getting An Apartment)

What is up, you guys? I am back filming another video for you guys. I’m sorry about the lack of video last week. I made a plan to start filming- Ah, there’s
the sun. The sun’s coming out. I made a plan to film videos every single
Monday or upload every Monday, but last week was just really crazy busy and I’m still new
to the YouTube scheduling uploading editing when to do… stuff. Today’s video is going to be about something
that is very very relevant, seeing as how a couple months ago I guess three months ago,
I just moved into my very first apartment with my roommate. And we’ve been here for I mean like I said,
three months. There are just a few things that I wish I
would’ve known before jumping in to signing a lease and getting an apartment and things
like that. And those are things that I want to share
with you guys today. So with that being said, I have compiled a
list. I’ve written them down in my little blog book
here. I’ve compiled a list of the ten things I really
wish I would’ve known prior to moving into an apartment. So let’s go. Number one. I think one of the most important things to
know prior to moving into an apartment is knowing when everything is due. For our apartment, when we applied we had
an application fee that went with our application for the apartment. How many times can I say “application”? Then there was a reservation fee that would
hold our spot for the apartment until we paid the security deposit and signed the lease. Then, of course, there is the security deposit. That’s another payment. And then you have your down payment, which
is usually due when you move in and it’s about your first and last month’s rent. I think one of the important things is making
sure you know when they’re due. Like it’s not all one huge lump sum of money. Different payments have different due dates. And I think that is something that is huge
and very important when looking for an apartment. Number two. I think that knowing what community that you
live in – like where your – where your apartment is at, what neighborhood it is, is a very
important thing. I originally moved out of the dorm rooms because
I was kind of tired of having a whole bunch of people on the floor and it was just really
really loud all the time. And I thought, you know what? I’m just gonna move into my own apartment. Things are gonna be quieter. Things are gonna be nice. It’ll be calm. No. The thing I didn’t realize is that the dorms
have quiet hours and the apartments off campus kind of don’t. My neighbors are really really really loud. Of course, I’m taking into consideration the
fact that I live in a very college town-like apartment, you know. Every college kid that doesn’t live in the
dorms – they live here. And so it can get really loud and there’s
no one here to be like, “Hey. Turn your music down.” and things like that. So I think knowing what community that you
live in and what type of people are going to be living in the apartment complex that
you’re living in is a very very important thing as well. Number three. I didn’t really think about this, but understanding
how the parking situation in your apartment – like how that works out. Knowing how much your parking fees are, knowing
how visitor parking works or what are the hours of guest parking. When are the towing hours so that if your
friends need to park and they don’t have parking passes, are they gonna get towed? Because I’m pretty sure your friends are gonna
hate you if they park at your place and you say it’s okay to park and then they leave
and their car is not there. That’s awkward. I didn’t really think about that because when
my roommate and I, when we found this apartment, I didn’t have a car at that time. And I didn’t expect to be getting a car, so
I didn’t really look into parking or how any of that works. But it’s very very important. The fourth thing that I think is really important
is knowing how utilities work. It’s a really really good thing to know what
is covered in the rent. For us, everything is covered except for lights,
like the electric bill. I think that’s the only utility that we pay
out of pocket every month, which is awesome. But make sure that what is covered in your
rent really works. The problem that my roommate and I have is
our Internet. The cable and internet is covered in the cost
of rent, but the internet here is really really crappy. I mean like unless you are in the kitchen
or the living room, like right next to the router, you basically don’t get internet or
wifi in this apartment. Like I’m in my room right now and I can’t
even load Facebook on my phone in my room, which is really really crappy. I have to go to the Student Center or the
library or anywhere else to get work done and it really really sucks. I think what we’re gonna end up doing is getting
another modem because I have gone through half a semester so far of not having great
internet. It sucks. My fifth tip is definitely making sure everything
works in the apartment. Bring a charger. Plug in your charger into the outlets to make
sure it works. Seeing how the water runs, is the water pressure
good? Does it stay hot? Make sure to ask if all of the appliances
are up to date and if they work properly and things like that ’cause it’s nothing worse
than moving into an apartment and finding out that your dishwasher just doesn’t work. I mean, that’s just an example. That wasn’t the case with our apartment. But that is something that could happen. The sixth tip that I have. Sixth tip. Articulation. The sixth tip that I have is making sure you
know how your mail works and how receiving packages in the mail works. For us, we have to go to the main office of
our apartment complex. But some mail from I think UPS delivers to
our apartment. But I think other mail like FedEx or USPS,
I think they go through the… through the main office in terms of large packages. But I may be completely wrong. So far, everything that I’ve had from UPS
has come to the door and every other thing that I’ve ordered that’s FedEx or USPS or
anything, they’ve all come to the main office. Number seven. I think it’s very important to set rules and
boundaries with your roommate in terms of guests and who can come over and how late
you would like guests to be over. Things like who does chores and things like
that because I’ve definitely experienced in past years being the main person who cleans
everything and you have to pick up after your roommate and that’s really- it’s not a good
time. The thing is when you’re in a dorm room- when
I was living in the dorms, we had to sign a- we had to come up with this roommate contract
of all the rules that we had for the dorm room and I think that’s really a good idea
to do with having a roommate in an apartment as well. Number eight. I think this is probably obvious, but I definitely
didn’t do it. Checking your cell service. My cell service is really great now because
since moving into this apartment, I got a new cell phone and I’ve switched companies,
but my old cell phone would not work. The cell service was just horrible in this
area. I guess it may be obvious, but it wasn’t for
me. Checking to make sure your cell phone works,
really important. It would suck to move into an apartment where
you can’t make calls or text anyone because you don’t have service. Number nine. If there is a resident handbook or any other
handout that your landlord gives you prior to moving in and giving you the key, read
it. Like as soon as you get a chance, sit down
and read it because half the questions that I had for my landlord or that I would’ve asked
anybody else, all the answers to that were in my resident handbook. Like it talked about even how to work the
washer and dryer, how to program the thermostat, how to hook up cable and internet. Like all this really awesome information. Even information I wouldn’t of thought of
asking- all of that was in the resident handbook. And my last tip for your guys would be knowing
how much space that you’re working with. Prior to signing the lease, before we moved
in, they had a layout- they gave us a layout of the apartment and the dimensions of all
the rooms and things. And I’m like, “Oh, that seems pretty big.” And while the bedrooms are a decent size in
this apartment, the kitchen area is just not big at all. And we weren’t sure how big the kitchen was
before moving in, so we thought about getting a kitchen table and some chairs and some other
nice things for the kitchen and then we moved in and realized that it’s a good thing we
never got a kitchen table ’cause there would be absolutely nowhere to put it. Like the kitchen’s really tiny. Fortunately for us, we eat on the couch and
in our rooms mostly. It’s important to know how much space that
you’re working with before you go shopping and get excited about apartment shopping and
bringing in all this stuff and realizing that you have nowhere to put it. That is everything that I have for you guys
today. If I’m forgetting anything else or if there’s
any other tips that you guys may have, be sure to leave it in the comments below and
thumbs up if you like this video. And thanks, you guys, for watching. Bye.



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Great tips!!

Brian Jonson

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You are a sharp young lady.  Thank you for this video.  I'm helping my son get his first apartment and these tips are great!


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Great video! It was so helpful! I'm starting to look for my first apartment and this video brought up things I would have never thought! Might I ask where you searched to look for an apartment? Newspapers maybe? I'm searching online, but I'm not sure if the websites are all that reliable. Any advice would help out! Thanks again!

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scince they don't teach this kinda stuff in school, I'm glad I can learn from you.

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How did being in college and moving and living on your own without a car work for you? I'm moving all the way from Kansas to Georgia for school by myself without a car and am really nervous I won't be able to do much or be successful lol 🙁


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The reason why UPS delivers to your door is because they hire people who do their job. Others will just take all of the apartment complex's mail to the main office and make you go to them. I really hate USPS because since they have access to your mailbox (and if your mailbox is small) they WILL shove as much as they can in the box regardless if it bends or breaks what ever is being delivered. I have had several times where I received completely bent paperback books. It wouldn't be bad if it was a slight bend, but they always make sure to give them several creases.


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