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10 Apartment Makeover Budget Ideas

For young generations, the apartment is an
ideal place to live considering the city lifestyle and the costly property in big cities. However, living in a big squared box without
any amusement to the eyes surely can be boring. So, how about some makeover to enlighten your
days at home? You might have come across lots of home makeover
ideas that will turn your apartment from a nay! into a yeay! More on that later, Next, this is 10 apartment
makeover budget ideas that will give your apartment an instant facelift without making
you broke. For more detail, scroll this video and find
a link that will lead you to simphome.com 10. Jazz the Wall up with Wall Decals or Wall
Stickers If you are thinking about re-decorating the
walls, let’s see another option besides painting them or changing the wallpapers. Both of them are costly sometimes, and you
should consider doing it for the longer term. But if you only need some temporary changes
and has limited budget, you might want to consider using wall decals or stickers. There are DIY decals and stickers you can
apply to your walls. Please note that usually the landlord or building
management do not allow heavy improvement inside the unit without their consent. Anyway, since these wall decals and stickers
are light and easy to use, they will not impair or spoil the wall heavily. Inform your landlord this information and
I think getting a permission from them won’t be a problem. 9. Install Mirror Wall in Your Small Apartment The tiny space of your apartment needs more
distinctive thinking in decoration. You will not want to put huge dark decoration
as it will only make the room gloomy and less spacious. Installing mirror can be an excellent way
to deceive the sensation of small space, brighten the room, and give fancy feature to your home. But rather than placing one huge mirror, try
to swindle the big reflection by putting up small mirrors on your wall. These mirrors can be reorganized later when
you think they are too many and you can also mix them with additional decoration pieces
if you want. 8. Paint Your Furniture Do you feel bored with your old furniture
appearance? If the first thing in your mind is to buy
a new furniture, then you have to think about the money you must spend and where to dump
the old one. Another way to amuse your mind is by repainting
them with your mood colors. You do not need to go to the carpenter since
painting a piece of furniture can easily be done on your own. Before painting it, you need to clean it thoroughly. Put aside the hardware attached to the piece,
then wipe it with clean soft cloth to remove the dust. After that, rub its surface with sandpaper
to lightly remove the glossy surface of the old paint before prior-spraying it with paint
or paint coat. Let the paint dry, then add water-based lacquer,
polyurethane, or clear paste wax to make your work last. Follow link to find a cool idea about “How
to paint your furniture fabric and make it looked like leather” 7. Lay a Rug The existence of rugs certainly brings lots
of coziness in your room. But not all rugs can fit and mixed in with
the interior design of your apartment. You need to consider several things like the
size, purpose, maintenance, and – more importantly –price. You should also consider where to lay the
rug. For instance, the low-pile wool rug is best
to be placed in a high traffic area since it is easier to be cleaned than the super
plush fluffy one. Meanwhile, you can use a soft mohair shag
or silk rug in your bedroom since they look amazing and feel good under bare feet. 6. Decorate the Space with Plants Sometimes we find an awkward space in the
corner of the living room or we even feel the coffee table is so plain and boring. And you can only think about buying expensive
stuff such as art statuette or any other display to complement your space. By the way, have you ever thought about putting
a nice big planter in that corner to make your room look awesome? Or putting small flowers on the coffee table
to make it more attractive? A plant with planter can make a good air circulation,
brings fresh odor in the room and during the day, it will absorb carbon dioxide we exhale
and release fresh oxygen for us to inhale. It’s a win-win solution 5. Consider Double-Duty Furniture
The most common issue in having a small apartment is the space limitation in arranging the furniture
and stuff. Getting an ottoman coffee table that serves
a double duty will be a fruitful option since it can be functioned as a coffee table where
you can set down some snacks when watching TV. It can also be an additional seat when more
visitors are coming. As a bonus, some ottomans feature hidden storage
space to hide your clutter. 4. A Free-standing shelf as a Room Divider A studio type apartment tends to be petite. Thus, the walls that separate the rooms are
banished to make the apartment more comfortably sized. For this reason, a room divider is your safe
bet. A shelf makes a better room divider as not
much furniture can be placed inside the unit and you will want to make the most of the
space. This type of divider can extend your storage
abilities and separate your rooms, so you can get your ultimate efficiency. Besides shelf, there are many types of room
dividers that you can choose from. They are not only functional, but also add
an upscale the look of your space. 3. Add Pops of Colors If you have no idea on how to start the makeover,
try with putting up purposeful pops of colors throughout the room and max out the hues. You can begin with smaller items, such as
the cushions, rugs, vases on the coffee table, and even a throw. 2. Change your Drapes Changing drapes can also renew your apartment
look. Drapes protect the room from the glare of
the sun and any peeping tom. Apartment windows are usually narrow and short,
yet, you can use taller drapes to make the room looks more spacious and elegant. Related idea: How to turn Plain IKEA Curtains
into White columns of gorgeousness. Find more detail in description Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to
press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I
upload new video and let’s find out last idea sitting on our top chart. Lastly number 1, Try DIY Lamp Shade or a popsicle
night lamp idea Lighting fixture can be boring sometimes. However, your landlord doesn’t allow you
to replace it. If that’s the case, all you need is a DIY
table lamp with cheap material that gives nice fluffy shade and perfect mood light. First, get yourself a lamp shade frame, new
coffee filters, and hot glue gun. Fold each filter in quarters, bend the tip,
apply hot glue to the tip, and stick them to the lamp shade frame. The top and bottom of the shade must have
the edges of flowers pointing away from the shade’s edge. And there you go, now you have a beautiful
mood lamp you can be proud of! Similar idea: try this DIY popsicle night
lamp idea. First thing you need to invest is view minutes
watch time and a link inside description. So, doing an apartment makeover project doesn’t
have to be pricey. These ideas will definitely help you refresh
the look of your apartment without making you break your piggy bank. Some of them can give you sense of fulfillment
and I hope you find these ideas useful in helping you outsmart your apartment makeover
challenges. That’s it for now, before you leave, like
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like this in a near future. And, Until that time…. Thanks for watching.


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