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10 adulting things you should do before 2020

July is here and with it, the second half
of 2019. If you’re feeling like you’re falling behind
with your goals, the mid-year is the perfect time to get a reset and start tackling all
of those things you have to do and which will make you thank yourself in the future. Before we go on with it I want to make a little
shameless self-promotion and announce that there’s currently a branded notebook on the
works for this channel. It will be a Moleskine-type notebook with
flexible cover, dotted and numbered pages. If you are interested in this first attempt
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will be around 7$. All the links will be provided below. 1. Organize your finances and create at least
the draft of a budget for 2020. I actually think that the mid-year is the
best time to start budgeting for the following year. In July you probably know how much you’ll
be earning for the next six months and that will make you aware of how much money you
will be able to spend, save and invest until January. Having all of these factors in mind will also
allow you to look at the bigger picture and understand whether you should be asking for
a raise, start a side-hustle or cut back on some major unnecessary expenses. 2. Start at least one-book per month challenge. In case you’re falling behind your reading
goals, this is a good time to compromise to stick at least with one book per month until
the end of the year. Just pick six books that you think you will
enjoy or books that are useful, order them to save on shipping (if you don’t have the
option of finding them on your local library) and commit to the challenge. 3. Declutter that specific part in your house
you know is giving you anxiety. This can be your wardrobe, a kitchen cabinet
or that uncontrollable stationery drawer. Now’s the time to get rid of the elephant
in the room and start cleaning. 4. Schedule those appointments you’ve been dreading
– doctor’s appointments, blood testing, a hair cut, your car inspection. Scheduling those appointments via phone or
internet will probably take a couple of minutes and a big chunk of being a responsible adult
for the entire year will be taken care of, just like that. 5. Reevaluate and reflect on your long-term lists
– like you bucket list, your 30 before 30 list, your 2019 resolutions list, and so on. Maybe some of these goals made sense back
in the day when you wrote them down but they have become inapplicable or simply don’t interest
you anymore. 6. Look at your schedule and track the time you
spent doing what you currently do. Then try to understand whether there are things
that you are doing which you **can** cut back on and will have no detrimental impact on
your health or happiness. For instance, I was spending 6 hours a week
going to a class I didn’t enjoy and the thing wasn’t even a part of my degree. I was wasting 6 hours per week in a place
where I didn’t want to be when no actually forced me to be there – so I cut that from
my schedule and I now have 6 more hours in my day to do stuff that I like. 7. Plan something big for 2020. You should end 2019 and start 2020 with something
to look forward to, and I think that planning a big project for the next year is the best
thing to give you some motivation. This can be something like writing a book,
going on a trip, volunteering, planning your wedding, getting a new job or starting a hobby. As soon as you have that pre-planned you will
have all the tools you need in 2020 to start working on that project with all the brainstorming
already done. 8. Take a 30 day fitness challenge. Basically commit to exercise for 30 days in
a row. The intensity should vary depending on how
comfortable you feel with exercising, but even taking a walk in the morning should feel
like a big milestone when you are actually able to do it for a whole month. This challenge can kickstart your routine
and make you enter 2020 with an established habit. 9. Just call or message those people who you’ve
lost contact with and want to start talking to again. 10. Learn how to cook five new recipes. You don’t need to go overboard with your cooking
skills, but mastering five recipes in 6 months should be easy enough, give you enough time
for the whole trial-and-error process and make you feel more confident that you can
actually cook and don’t need to order food as much as you usually do. And if you want to boost your organisation
skills and learn with the best, you can find tons of organization and planning lessons
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see you next week. Bye guys!


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I like that theres still 5 month to 2020. So i can take my time to actually do it! <3

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It's mid year and we need to take action ♡ reading, decluttering, journaling, planning my projects for 2020 are all on my list too 🙂

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#9 is EVERYTHING!! Great video I loved it! Any tips on creating after taking a break and being nervous to post?

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So practical and applicable. Love these tips!

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For those who need it:
1. Organize your budget for 2020.
2. Read one book per month.
3. Declutter one thing.
4. Schedule all apointments.
5. Think about your goals
6. Cut back.
7. Plan something big.
8. Exercise for 30 days.
9. Call someone.
10. Learn 5 recipes.

Omg, Mariana liked my comment. I love you!

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Time to get back to work


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Hi Mariana! Thank you so much for your videos, they mean the world to me personally and really motivate me. Wanted to ask if you have a budget template yo could share? Thank you in advance, love from Spain!


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I love the idea of reflecting your goals halfway through the year. Life happens and sometimes you need to realize that the goals you started out the year with my no longer be in line with what you really want

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Loved this Marianna! So many great ideas! For anyone who wants to achieve their goals, Ive actually created a video about getting back on track mid year!

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Regarding the notebook: it seems very high quality, which for me is so important when buying new stationary (quality over quantity), especially because most youtuber's merch can sometimes seem a bit "cheap". However, I think that I would rather something that has something more, something that makes it yours, in order for me to buy it. That could be a few template pages with what you believe is important or relative to things you talked about in your channel. I love that it is very minimal and can easily fulfill different people's need, but I personally won't buy it for now, because I can't afford to buy something high quality and online if it doesn't bring me a significant 'plus' compares to what I have access to (obviously I'd love supporting your channel that way, but I'm on a strict budget so I have to set rules for myself). Anyway, merch is still a big step in a your carrer and I'm so glad you are able to get your own, congrats! <3

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Mariana’s Study Corner

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For those of you who've been asking for a budget 101, here's my tutorial: https://youtu.be/8sJ6HI6yLxw


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I do schedule all appointments except when it comes to visiting the doctor. Ha. Gotta go book that appointment.

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I am not a book reader. I've willingly read 7 books, in my lifetime, (over 40 years). I think school (not university/college), ruined reading for me. I can tolerate blogs, that's about it. Small bites, of information at a time. So, what then?

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