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1 bedroom apartment for sale on El Mirador Los Cristianos Tenerife

– Hello, it’s Simon Sutton George and Tenerife Property Group, and today we’re in Los Cristianos. We’re in a complex called El Mirador, it’s got two swimming
pools, the complex is made of about, I’m guessing, about 14 blocks. But they’re only two levels
high, and it’s spread out over a large area, so it
doesn’t really feel like there’s that many people here. Fantastic residential complex. We’re gonna be looking
at one of upper floors, which means only one thing:
we’ve got a roof terrace as well, with a spiral staircase outside, so let’s have a look around. (upbeat electronic music) So we’re just coming
through the main door here, and what we see as soon
as we enter is that. So we’ve got the lounge
there on the left-hand side, with the kitchen there as well. On the right-hand side, you’ve just seen anyway, got the bathroom. Now, that looks recently refurbished. So, you got a big sink, obviously, the loo. And this shower’s brilliant, its got a big base there, but no door on the outside here, so… You’re straight in, you’ve got the, obviously the glass there, protecting everything else. And its got one of those
big showerheads on as well. Very nice. So, out of here. Now, in that cupboard, got a washing machine, one of those slim, spanish,
spinny washing machines, it’s that tumble, not
tumble, what do I call that? Drum washing machine. That’s new, there’s the
electric there as well. I say, that’s new, I know
that’s new because. When one of the owners came
over they had to renew it. So, straight into the
lounge, kitchen area. Really nice, and I think
this is actually an original but, it’s really really well looked after. Nothing needs doing, I
mean if you don’t like it then change it, but you
don’t have to at all. There’s a proper oven, hob. Everything here as well is staying. So now you’ve got the
lounge area, there as well. Its really nice and spacious, bright, you can see the doors are open there, out onto that terrace. We’ll have a look out there in a tick. So we’ve got the bedroom here, so, that’s a double bedroom, there’s still plenty of room, to walk around, door straight
out onto the terrace, that’s the same terrace there. …with the spiral staircase out there. Good size bedroom though, plenty of, plenty of wardrobe space. And then, now this place
has got a garage as well, so there’s a parking space downstairs. Lets get out onto this terrace here. Bit of a cloudy day, so… Not necessarily the best day for the sun, but we get sun on here, in the morning, early in the morning. And, then we nip up
these, spiral staircase. You’ll see where… Where we’ll have sun all day, I mean, this is open,
absolutely to the sun, sun’ll be rising over here, and it’ll be setting over there, you can see La Gomera. Now… if I was a “real” estate agent I’d be calling that sea-view. But we’re not, you can see the sea but, not calling it sea-view. Plenty of space here for your sun beds. Breakfast out here in the morning. Evening dinner down there on the terrace. Absolutely fabulous complex, as well. We can see the swimming pool at the end, we’re actually the furthest
apartment away from the, from the bars. The bars
and the restaurants, are just down there in fact. The other side of the, the other side there
at that swimming pool. There is another swimming
pool in the complex as well. So, although you see quite
a few apartments here, not everyone uses that pool there. So we got bars, restaurants,
shops down there. Some bars at the other end, down here as well. We are the furthest away, which is nice, because you won’t get the noise, all the food smells. So that our one bedroom,
top floor apartment, in El Mirado in Los Cristianos. One of the best, in my opinion. One of the best residential complexes in Los Cristianos. And of course, its a
top floor one so you’ve got this great roof terrace here. You’ll be getting sun all day. And on this particular apartment, they’ve also parking included, as well. If you want more information about it then go to TenerifePropertyGroup.com, or you can email me at [email protected] so that’s me, Simon Sutton George of Tenerife Property Group, thanks very much for
watching. Bye for now. (film projector noise)

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