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馃Agujeros de Gui贸n: TERMINATOR SALVATION (Errores, cr铆tica y resumen)

MY BOOK NOW ON SALE PLOT HOLES Before leaving on vacation in a few days I want to leave the Terminator videos finished, so let’s not waste our time. Today … Terminator Salvation. TERMINATOR SALVATION (2009) The film begins in 2003, the year of the Last Judgment according to the previous film. Dr. Serena Kogan visits a prisoner named Marcus Wright and convinces him to donate his body to Cyberdyne. For what? We will know. What did he do to finish in death row? We will not know that. Now we turn to 2018. The Last Judgment has taken place. Human resistance has managed to find a secret installation of Skynet and we see John Connor already crushing machines. But he is not the leader of the resistance, at least yet. Nor are there any laser weapons as in the previous flashbacks. On that basis they discover that the terminators seem to be experimenting with humans and have several prisoners. Of course, all to develop a new killer robot: the T-800, the first movie. You also say. Fuck, to be a secret base how little security there is. It turns out that everything was a trap and the machines kill all the soldiers outside and then drop a bomb. They kill everyone but Connor, of course, who manages to survive even the attack of a T-600. Well, there really is another survivor: Marcus. The uncle they executed 15 years earlier. How the hell has managed to get out of the hole in which it was intact and more if all that has exploded? Mystery, they won’t explain. Returning with John Connor, as those of the submarine headquarters of the resistance do not want to reveal their position, they tell him to turn, but the notes are thrown in the middle of a sea with a swell of the host to go personally to the submarine. Seriously, this guy is like a fucking goat, how has he survived that raging sea? “I’m Batman”. Ok, that explains everything. That besides, all he wanted was information, that it wasn’t a life or death thing, at least at that moment. General Ashdown informs him that, thanks to the information from the secret base before, they have found the radio signal with which Skynet controls their machines. If they manage to block it, the machines will be deactivated and they will win the war. And another important thing. Skynet has a blacklist with certain human targets to eliminate. Connor is the second on the list, and the first is an unknown civilian named Kyle Reese. “Don’t fuck me, eh” Connor already knows that he is his father, but of course. How the hell does that 2018 Skynet know that Kyle Reese is Connor’s father and therefore a threat? Who told you? A 2029 terminator who has traveled ten years to the past? Still that terminator would only know that Reese traveled to the past and that’s it. He can’t know if he succeeded or not, much less that Sara Connor was fucked creating a paradox. For me this is the second biggest hole in the movie, the first is the Skynet plan that you will see that fucking shit. Continuing with the movie, Marcus arrives in Los Angeles and freaks out, because everything is broken. He has just woken up and has not heard of the apocalypse. Seeking help ends up running into a T-600, and he starts shooting at him. Then we will see that this should not make much sense, but hey. In the end he is saved by Kyle Reese and his assistant Star, survivors of the extinct resistance of Los Angeles. Star is silent and the truth is that I do not know why he is in the film, because he does not contribute to the plot absolutely nothing. Marcus repairs their radio and can hear the voice of John Connor speaking to them and encouraging the hope of the people. “If you are listening to this … I am Batman” How the hell is no machine capable of tracking its signal and knowing where it transmits? Instead of airplanes, robots and time machines Skynet could invest in trackers. The three take a car and arrive at a gas station, where there are some thieves living there. At that moment a piece of gigantic robot arrives and takes several and kills many others. How the hell did you approach the place without making any noise? His steps should have been heard even in the Conchinchina. “Mission: The destruction of all communist Chinese.” “Embrace democracy or you will be eradicated” From the legs of the transformer it goes to terminator motorcycles, because it is seen that the big man has already tired of shooting the protagonists. They are chased to a bridge, where a gigantic ship appears that could have destroyed the entire structure many seconds before, but no, it has to stand in front of them and turn, wasting a lot of time and exposing itself to an añeja. In the end, Kyle Reese and Star are captured by the ship, enchironados with other people and transported to San Francisco, where Skynet Central is supposed to be. On the other hand, Marcus and a pilot friend of Connor, Blair Williams, know each other, become colleague and head to the headquarters of the resistance. Later there is a scene of the girl undressing in the rain and looking at the guy as saying: “Put your dick in my ass, damn degenerated pig” And more things that don’t make much sense either. “I just want body heat.” There is a bonfire right in front. By the way, won’t that heat detect any flying robot of those? Connor and his friend Barnes test the invention to block Skynet signals and verify that it works. Then we will know that all this is to lead the protagonists to another trap … Was it really necessary to teach your enemy your greatest weakness? Or is it just another Skynet trick? So … why does it affect random machines they encounter? Connor gives the good news to Ashdown, and he replies that everything is cool, and that they will bombard the Skynet Central, including all human prisoners, something Connor opposes, of course. But it is that if you have a gossip that paralyzes the machines … what does it cost to go there, rescue people and then fly everything? We reached the middle of the movie and the epic whirl. Marcus and Blair have almost reached the base of the resistance, they just have to go through a field of magnetic mines. If you are not a terminator you are safe. And then … Booom. Kate, Connor’s wife, opens her chest and discovers that Marcus is a fucking cyborg. He thinks he is still human, but from that he only has left his heart and little else. The strange thing is that apart from some scratches on the skin, after the explosion of the mine the uncle is perfectly. “You tried to kill my mother, Sarah Connor. You killed my father Kyle Reese. You are not going to kill me. ” “Kyle Reese is in a transport that goes to Skynet” Let’s see, isn’t this guy surprised that Kyle Reese is his father? Why does he start talking about the boy he met as if he were referring to Kyle Reese himself? At one point, the machines identify by facial recognition Kyle Reese. Seriously, how the fuck do you know how it looks? If I had been born before the apocalypse there might be some bla bla bla database … But it is not the case, so its identification does not make fucking sense. And if he was # 1 on the list of priority objectives … why don’t they kill him? And another thing that we are going to be left without knowing is … why do these people kidnap the machines? To do experiments I doubt that they need so many people. I don’t know, it could also be to use them in human shields and avoid mass bombardment, but we have already seen that the rebels sweat it a bit. Blair decides to betray his own and save the anthropomorphic Wii because he likes him. Seriously? Do you know him one night and has already mounted all that film? Blair is captured, but Marcus manages to flee. Connor pursues him, although flying over a lake is attacked by snake terminators. This water is a bit random, because Marcus, being a machine, will spend much more than a human, but he doesn’t seem to be aware of it many times he has had to swim. Several resistance soldiers die in the lake, but as Marcus saves Connor from one of the serpents, in the end he gives him a vote of confidence and throws him a move to communicate with him, and Marcus returns to the water. Won’t the device you just gave him get screwed? Connor asks Ashdown to postpone the air attack on Skynet so he can rescue the prisoners, thinking mostly of Kyle Reese. But no fucking case. Anyway … is Kyle really important? What would happen if they killed him? Would Connor suddenly disappear in a cross-dissolution plan and all the rest would remain the same? I say this because the other option would be that in that future nothing would change, but at the same time a new timeline was created since 1985. And saving him would only affect that other universe, but they, the ones in this universe, would sweat their cock. And all this assuming that Reese is the father of the original John Connor, as I told in the first video. Marcus arrives at the Skynet central and prepares to throw the single ring into the lava. The machines let him pass as if nothing. That is, they already had him signed. Ok … so why the hell is this terminator trying to load it at the beginning of the movie? Or the gas station transformer? Or this one on the bridge? These robots could have analyzed their facial features and said: “Oh, my friend Marcus, let’s leave him with his secret missions.” But nobody does. And it’s illogical considering that Marcus is part of the Skynet plan. No machine has received the memo to leave Marcus Wright alone? Thanks to Marcus, John Connor manages to infiltrate the premises and hack the cells thanks to the eye of a motonator. Something I do not understand is why these machines use interfaces on screens where you can use your human fingers to interact with them and open doors. Do they really need them? The same goes for the fucking terminator bikes, which Connor can use to travel so quietly. After repairing, Marcus appears Skynet in the form of Dr. Serena, and we witness a new girote. “I have developed an artifact for time travel that I call … time machine” It turns out that he has always been an infiltration machine that retained his original personality, allowing him to go completely unnoticed among humans. Without him knowing, the only thing Marcus has done has been to guide John Connor into a trap. But does this make any sense? Not remotely, because everything happens by chance. The machines or I do not know who resuscitate him and release him in the middle of nowhere, after an explosion after having loaded the entire Connor team. He arrives in Los Angeles because he discovers a road and decides to follow it, and coincidentally, before he is killed, he runs into Kyle, who for X reasons decides to stay there instead of emigrating like the other intelligent people. Then Marcus, casually, listens to Connor’s recording. Then coincidentally Blair is ejected from his plane and meets Marcus. He arrives at Connor by pure chance, which also Connor was going to go to the Skynet base as well. The only difference is that he now knows that his father is there, but Marcus was not a determining factor either. The machines could have leaked that information just like the blacklist and now. And another thing … why does Skynet tell Marcus that he has been manipulating him all this time? Don’t you see that he will turn against you? Then what happens happens. Those of the submarine begin to emit the signal to paralyze the machines and realize that everything is a trap to locate them. They detect them and make them burst into a thousand pieces. But how the hell can they detect them and aren’t able to locate any of Connor’s transmissions? And why that frequency before paralyzed the machines and now no longer? John Connor arrives where Reese is supposed to be but … who he meets is with a Chuache-shaped terminator, the T-800, the first of its kind I suppose. Was this really Skynet’s master plan? Let your biggest enemy into one of your most important factories and the only trap you set is a fucking T-800 fucking, in balls and without any weapon? Having waited a little longer and you would have twenty who attack him at the same time, don’t fuck me. And like all evil terminators, it has the fucking flaw of not crushing the skull to its victims as soon as they see them. Instead, he shakes his prey and throws him to many places, causing only minor injuries and giving him time to think of a strategy with which to emerge victorious. And then … why the hell does the terminator not run and always goes slowly? That is a terminator, not Jason on Friday 13. He can run, I say. In summary. Where is Reese? It is held by machines at another site. Why? I mean … why do machines leave you alive? Why haven’t they executed it once captured? Why wait for Connor to come if he was going there anyway? Aren’t they supposed to kill him … kill Connor? Is that Reese is completely unnecessary for the Skynet plan. Leaving him alive makes no sense. In the end father and son meet, but the T-800 interrupts them. Not to mention their things can. The case is that they throw themselves by a wall and magically the terminator no longer persecutes them. And the uncles realize that they are in a T-800 factory and decide to fly it all with the fuel cells, which are like miniature nuclear bombs, we saw it in the 3rd part. But here is something that does not add up. The terminator of the 3rd was a T-850, a superior model. Does this mean that the T-800 of the first two movies also had such powerful cells? Wouldn’t they have exploded in the press or when they came into contact with molten metal? And speaking of molten metal. While Connor tries to escape from the T-800 he manages to get a huge amount of this shit. And you say, “that’s it, he had to die.” Well no, go on perfectly. How the hell is that possible? If we saw in the second movie that everyone died like that. Anyway, cooling the metal, Connor manages to paralyze and revive Marcus, who minutes before had tried to help the protagonist but the T-800 made a Kill Bill movement in his heart that left him fulminated. But just when he manages to resuscitate him, the T-800 pierces him with an iron. Marcus gets angry and rips off his head. Connor is evacuated by helicopter by his friends, because it turns out that Skynet has shitty security, and the entire installation flies in a thousand pieces. Connor is dying with the pachuchillo heart and in the end Marcus offers to donate his heart. Can heart transplants be done in the middle of nowhere? These people must be the host operating. And that is basically the message of the movie. Donate organs, son of a bitch; Have a heart and don’t be like machines. And the movie ends with a phrase we all know very well. “I am Batman, and there is no fate other than the one we have forged.” Yes, that was fine in the first two movies, but the 3rd left that in question. And here Terminator Salvation. An attempt to do something new with the saga but that did not finish convincing anyone. Remember that if you want to laugh with the plot failures of a lot of movies, subscribe, it costs nothing. And hit the bell. And donate organs, fuck. And the official channel book is already on sale; I talk about many movies jartas, I leave below links. And I insist, all these people who leave here have already donated their organs and are fighting the machines. They are cracks. See you in the next video.


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Y como John sabe que exactamente ese kyle es su padre por qu茅 aunque sea el fin del mundo debe haber varios Kyle reese por ah铆, John no sab铆a como luce su padre a menos que Sara se lo haya describido a detalle, pero se supone que Kyle se une a la resistencia y ah铆 reci茅n lo conoce

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Te olvidaste de mencionar el error m谩s importante, 驴de qu茅 sirve salvar a John Connor si el ciborg es mejor en la guerra contra las m谩quinas? Las puede vencer a mano limpia

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As铆 no tiene el sentido el plan de atrapar a c贸nnor si no es el l铆der


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Edit-me falto poner la segunda E de ESCUELA

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驴Alguien que me explique: Terminator Salvation es una precuela de Terminator 1,2,y 3? (O es una secuela de Terminator 3) lo digo porque en Terminator 3 el apocalipsis en 2003 y esta en 2018.O tambien puede ser que en 2018 despu茅s de los eventos de Terminator 4,hay un salto hasta 2029, John env铆a a Kyle a 1984 pasan los eventos de Terminator despu茅s Skynet env铆a al T-1000 pasa lo de Terminator 2 y despu茅s en Terminator 3 sucede el apocalipsis en 2003 y todo lo que paso despu茅s te lo dejan a tu imaginacion.

Jorge luis Martinez padilla

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JCA Strola

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Abraza la democracia o ser茅is erradicados.

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The Death Itself

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Oct 10, 2019, 7:12 am Reply

Esto pasa cuando te l铆as a hacer un mont贸n de pelis de la misma saga y encima con a帽os de diferencia entre las pelis . Si lo hubieran dejado en las dos primeras pues habr铆a cuajado (que s铆 tienen sus fallos, pero la historia m谩s o menos cuadraba)

Donde Javier

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Cosminiulian2016 Dranga

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T铆o, me encanta tus argumentos, tienes raz贸n con tus cr铆ticas. Es verdad. Pero que podemos o mejor dicho quienes somos pa"decirles a los de Hollywood es lo mejor hacer con el gui贸n para que salga un buena pel铆cula y que todo tenga sentido…..si estaba viento videos tuyos sobre la saga .y la verdad que no se pensaron muy bien esta historia del terminator…el famoso james cameron lo que a mantenido la l铆nea. Lo que dijiste t煤 tambi茅n en un video …en cuanto alquien m谩s que sea james cameron toca el puto gui贸n te la saga todo se va a la mierda…en fin …yo tengo todas las pel铆culas….me falta por ver ahora el 1 noviembre el Dark fate..a ver que pasar谩…


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Sin duda alguna, esta peli es una absoluta mierda. Jam谩s me gust贸. A la mierda con ella y la que sigui贸… y as铆 como veo, con Dark Fate.

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Ser Willians El grito

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Nov 11, 2019, 7:28 pm Reply

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Ya paso 2018 y el juicio final no sucedio

nodum zallel

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No tiene sentido eso de lanzar a tu victima como un costal jajajaja es mas facil atravezarle el pecho con sus manos, como q es muy manco el t-800

Abel Camilo Yi Mart铆nez

Nov 11, 2019, 3:49 am Reply

skynet usa interfaces q los humanos pueden usar as铆 como mototerminators no para q los humanos las usen sino para q sus anticipados cyborgs puedan usarlas rapidamente

Abel Camilo Yi Mart铆nez

Nov 11, 2019, 3:53 am Reply

Desde el principio skynet tuvo todo el tiempo acceso a la vista y audio que marcus le transmit铆a sin saberlo, por lo tanto as铆 pudo saber la identidad de kyle. Lo que si queda por aclarar es como supo q kyle era su padre, pero es el mismo misterio de como supo skynet cual era la identidad de la madre de john. Es posible que en unas precuelas a la 1 nos lo expliquen

Jav Ag

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Bale fue el mejor John Connor adulto.


Nov 11, 2019, 1:02 am Reply

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Obvio que no hay armas l谩ser, si reci茅n estaban creando al T-800 , es de entender que reci茅n se ven铆a la tecnolog铆a armamentista .

Lets do something about COPPA Abajo COPPA

Nov 11, 2019, 12:46 am Reply

3:50 a esa es la voz de liberty prime del fonal de fallout 3 馃槀

Leslies Fernanda

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Me parece correcto todo los fallos que les has pillao, pero si se tomar谩 en cuenta la l贸gica, la pel铆cula durar铆a Max 3 min por falta de trama.

Neo Huerta

Nov 11, 2019, 10:48 am Reply

Y digo yo, con tantos modelos de robotejos que hay, 驴No se le ha ocurrido a Skynet crear un terminator inmune al magnetismo?

erick cortez

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Sigue siendo original y mejor pelicula que las ultimas 2 y la tercera.

Erick Eduardo Zavala Garza

Nov 11, 2019, 5:50 pm Reply

Las Serpientinators!!! XD

Fabian Ortiz

Nov 11, 2019, 2:25 am Reply

11:17 el Terminator si corre , se ve en la tercera peli , ya que despu茅s de que estrellan los 2 helic贸pteros va a detener la gran puerta de acero del refugio al final de la peli y corre y se ve algo r谩pido

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el violinista

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matias peralta

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Ablando lo de las motos del minuto 9:03 esas motos estaban dise帽adas como protitipos para motos con intelijentes y como escainet podia aprobechar ese dise帽o espeso a crearlas en masa pero con el modo manual incluido

Luis Mantilla

Nov 11, 2019, 2:58 pm Reply

6:26 se me ocurre que Skynet al ver a trav茅s de los ojos de Marcus pudo registrar la cara la Kyle sobre todo cuando este le dijo "Soy Kyle Reese"

Fernando Vel谩squez

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Sargento 343

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Muy grande la referencia a Liberty Prime

Armando Casas

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Tendra el agujero que quieras pero luego de destino oscuro …Salvation sera mejor apreciada

Shay Cornelius Patrick Cormac

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驴Porque tiene tantos errores argumentales?
-Soy Batman

Sebas Ema Lucero Zalazar

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Jaime Castellanos

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Nov 11, 2019, 3:46 am Reply

Para ser resistencia tienen bastantes armamento haja


Nov 11, 2019, 7:03 am Reply

Yo lo siento, pero con todo (los fallos, deus ex machinas, agujeros, etc…) me parece mejor secuela (en argumento) que Dark Fate. Aqu铆 por lo menos se mantiene la la l铆nea de Jonh Connor. Dark Fate es uns reboot de Terminator 1 con una chavala random en el lugar de Sarah Connor. As铆 que prefiero quedarme con esta saga aunque dejen mucho que desear.
PD. No he visto Dark Fate, por lo que no afirm贸 que como pel铆cula no sea superior a las otras (continuidad en la historia, escenas de acci贸n, interpretaci贸n de los personajes, etc…)


Nov 11, 2019, 5:51 am Reply

Salvation tal vez no fue buena, pero viendo mierdas como Genysis y Dark Fate…
Uno se arrepiente de que esta trilogia no se haya hecho…


Nov 11, 2019, 7:25 pm Reply

y mucho menos que se follo a sarah connor xdxdxd mori de risa con esa parte

El Se帽or X

Nov 11, 2019, 8:22 pm Reply

1984, no 85

El Amigo Wilson

Nov 11, 2019, 8:55 pm Reply

Guau, el a帽o pasado fue muy movido.

carlitos puruncajas

Nov 11, 2019, 2:33 pm Reply

Con todos sus errores sigue siendo mejor que Genysis y Dark Fate

carlitos puruncajas

Nov 11, 2019, 2:50 pm Reply

Yo opino que el final queda ambiguo: no pudieron salvar a John Connor (muri贸 por sus heridas) y entonces su rostro fue suturado en el de Marcus Wright para hacerse pasar por John y continuar como s铆mbolo de resistencia (inclusive al descargar todos los archivos de Skynet sab铆a perfectamente que Kyle era importante para viajar al pasado a proteger a Sarah Connor)

Slonderman PLZ

Nov 11, 2019, 8:51 pm Reply

Para m铆 esto es la verdadera Terminator 3, la que me parece menos peor como continuaci贸n


Nov 11, 2019, 2:57 pm Reply

4:00 referencia a Liberty Prime

El Se帽or House

Nov 11, 2019, 2:06 am Reply

3:51 que buena referencia a fallout.

Jeshua Marlon Rosiles

Nov 11, 2019, 5:03 am Reply

Por que tu libro no se vende en mexico隆隆隆 ToT me cuesta mucho impo4tarlo隆隆隆

Capitan Trooper 19-97

Nov 11, 2019, 11:46 am Reply

3:55 Decepticons Rodearlos!

Yesid Velasco

Nov 11, 2019, 7:52 pm Reply

Soy Batman jaja


Nov 11, 2019, 9:57 pm Reply

En los canon de terminator siempre dec铆an que las maquinas usaban a los humanos como ganado para crear sus lubricantes as铆 que no ser铆a raro que necesite muchos y es m谩s que tenga lugares de engorde y de apareamiento

Alejandro Ricardo

Nov 11, 2019, 4:13 am Reply

El v铆deo empieza en 0:31

Alejandro Ricardo

Nov 11, 2019, 4:28 am Reply

Esa peli es una de mis favoritas no s茅 porque a la gente no le gusto

Aaron Z

Nov 11, 2019, 5:46 am Reply

Yo intente verla pero solo la escena de inicio de un disparo de un arma NO LASER la cabez de un terminator me dejo como q cojones????y es de dia????

Revan the lord of the plague

Nov 11, 2019, 12:54 am Reply

Jhon connor fue la paradoja mas suculentamente creada 7u7

JCA Strola

Nov 11, 2019, 6:46 pm Reply

Lo de el reconocimiento de Kail Reese se explica en el momento en que se encuentra con Marcus Reese porque recuerden que 茅l est谩 haciendo labor de inteligencia a煤n sin saberlo. Aunque en todo lo dem谩s no tiene sentido porque fue todo cuesti贸n de suerte

jdani moreno

Nov 11, 2019, 7:19 pm Reply

Pues con sus mierdas, Salvation sigue siendo cien veces mejor que la 3 y Genesys. Al menos esta apostaba (por fin) por una ambientaci贸n nueva de futuro, y no otra casta帽a continuista como 3, Genesys y Dark Fate.


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