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? Walkthrough Of A Serviced Apartment In Manchester City Centre

We’re at a recent serviced accommodation project.
I just wanted to give you a bit of a walk around really, show you what’s involved in
a serviced accommodation project, what type of things to maybe consider in terms of furniture
packs and stuff as well. This is a one bedroom apartment. Manchester City centre, so fantastic
location. I’ll try and give you a bit of an idea, so I’ll let Josh the camera man give you a bit of
feel for what the room is currently. This is a bedroom.
It’s only a one bedroom property, so it doesn’t need to be anything too crazy in terms of
sizes. You don’t have to go to three bedrooms, things like that. One bedroom’s perfect, two
bedroom’s very good as well. You can see here, in terms of furniture packs, what’s included.
You’ve got, not just a bed, but fully furnished in the respect that someone can just turn
up with a bag and then they’re ready to go effectively.
Blinds have just recently been installed. There’s still some soft furnishings and stuff that
need to be added, so pictures, mirrors, things like that. But otherwise, it’s pretty good,
it’s pretty ready to go, really. So it just gives you a bit of a feel for what’s involved
in serviced accommodation. Next room. We’re going to show you a bit of
an idea about views as well. Bathroom. So, quite nice standard, quite
good quality in terms of the fixtures and fittings, styling the tiling and stuff as
well. We’re trying to compete here with four star plus hotels. And then, into the main
communal area, the main lounge area. Nice looking decent kind of space. You’ve got very
simple kitchen, dining room area. Everything that the client is going to need from the
serviced accommodation point of view. So, as we said before, you can literally turn
up with your suitcase and it’s ready to go. So, it’s a very effective model for companies
specifically for their client base. We’ll do some other videos as well talking
about serviced accommodation, what’s involved in these types of projects. On this particular
kind of site, location’s very important. What I’ll try and show is outside a bit of an idea
as to where it is in Manchester. Not all the properties need to be like this, but location’s
fantastic on this one. So where we currently are now is overlooking Manchester city centre.
You can just see the level of development that’s currently happening. It’s already happened
as well, so you’ve got lots of new build developments happened over the last couple of years. Even
now, most of the buildings most of the vacant plots of land still have cranes on them. There’s
lots of new developments happening. Everything from residential units to commercial office
space, retail, restaurants. It’s a fantastic spot.
Serviced accommodation specifically, corporate let specifically, you need to be in the heart
of the town. It’s very important to be … It doesn’t have to have this fantastic view,
but it’s very important to have a property that’s in close proximity to all of these
elements, really. That’s it. Just a very quick insight into
what’s included in the serviced accommodation. Need to make sure, in terms of kitchens and
stuff, it’s fully usable. So not just having a kitchen there, but pots, pans, cutlery,
everything that somebody’s going to need to literally turn up and be able to use it as
a livable space. That’s it. Any questions on serviced accommodation, please feel free
to get in touch, always happy to help. All the best.

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