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? Dog For Apartment – Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments!

Do you live in small house? Dog breeds for apartments can adapt very easily
to living in small spaces. Although dogs are pets and man’s best friends,
different dog breeds have different characteristics. Dog breeds that are best suited for apartments:
are friendly to everyone, have fewer exercise needs, have low tendency to bark and does
not shed. Before we proceed with the list, if you are
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channel. Ok now let’s see list of top 10 best dog breeds
for apartments: Dog breed number ten Brussels Griffon. The Brussels Griffon dog breed is known for
its distinctive head appearance. They were primarily used to hunt rats but
these days they are popular as small, cheerful and curious pets. Brussels Griffon dogs are: confident, curious,
sensitive, alert, friendly and careful. They are friendly to humans, average shedders,
and they have a lot of energy so they require daily exercise. Dog breed number nine Pug. A cute little pug is a pet that is always
playful and friendly to everyone and these facts makes them a popular dog breed for families
with kids. Why are they in ninth place of the list? They do not require a lot of physical activity
and do not bark a lot which makes them good choice for a pet if you are living in the
flat. Pug dogs are: intelligent, stubborn, social,
playful, careful and quiet. Even though they are small and do not have
a large fluffy coat, they have a thick coat and shed a lot. This is the main reason why the Pug dog breed
is only in the ninth place of the list. If you choose them as pet you will not regret
it because they are very peaceful, love to follow the owners and always be in the center
of attention. Dog breed number eight Chihuahua. Chihuahua is a tiny little dog. They are one of the smallest dog breeds in
the world but they have a strong personality. Little Chihuahuas are extremely courageous. They will oppose bigger and much stronger
dogs without a second thought. Chihuahua dogs are: lively, committed, alert,
brave and fast. These dogs adapt well to apartment living,
aren’t too demanding to maintain, love people and family. Dog breed number seven Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier is a beautifully small,
sturdy and muscular dog that is also known by name American Gentleman, why? These are gentle pets who want to please their
owners. Boston Terrier dogs are: lively, gentle, intelligent
and friendly. This dog breed does not bark unless it is
necessary, they do not shed a lot and require daily physical activity. Dog breed number six Chinese Crested. The Chinese Crested Dog was created to be
a perfect companion who will love people and easily adapt to anyone. Chinese Crested dogs are: lively, kind, careful,
playful and happy. These dogs are friendly to everyone, shed
very low, have no tendency to bark, and do not require much physical activity. All these characteristics make them one of
the best dog breeds for apartments and indoor living. Dog breed number five Coton de Tulear. Coton de Tulear dog is a small and smart pet
known for its cotton-like coat. They come from Madagascar and they are best
suited for indoor living. Therefore, they can be an excellent choice
for apartment and house pets. Coton de Tulear dogs are: lively, intelligent,
kind, playful and vocal. They are good for beginners, friendly to everyone,
do not shed and do not belong to energetic dogs although they adore playing and can be
a great choice for children. Dog breed number four Cavalier King Charles
Spaniel. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very popular
small dog breed. In addition to being beautiful, they are also
friendly to everyone, great for beginners and great for living in an apartment. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are: fearless,
social, playful, kind and patient. Although they have a thick coat, they belong
to the average shedders. The last feature is barking. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog will bark
only to alert you to an event. So this breed can certainly be a good choice
for you. And now follow the top 3 best dog breeds for
apartments, ready? Best dog breed for apartments number three
English Bulldog. The English Bulldog is a muscular dog breed
that can easily adapt to life in the city or village. They have no problem with a schedule like
sleeping, eating, and again sleeping. Sometimes they can be inactive, but it is
certainly good to include them in activities like games, walking and running. English Bulldog dogs are: stubborn, willful,
friendly and social. They are friendly to everyone, aren’t noisy,
and with only a few brushing a week you won’t have too much trouble shedding. Best dog breed for apartments number two Bichon
Frise. If you want a pet that will always be cheerful,
beautiful and friendly then little Bichon Frise is the perfect choice for you. They will be always happy except when left
alone. Bichon Frise dogs are: playful, sensitive,
gentle, loyal and happy. With all good characteristics, they can adapt
well to living in small spaces like apartments, are great for beginners, adore everyone, don’t
bark and don’t shed a lot. The only problem or advantage, depending on
your preferences, is that they require daily physical activity. In just a few seconds you will see the best
dog for apartment living, ready? And the best dog breed for apartment living
is Basenji. Basenji is a really special dog breed and
it is known as a breed that does not bark at all. However, they produce sounds that is similar
to yodeling. Also, gene analysis shows that the Basenji
dog breed is the oldest in the world. A less known fact is that Basenji dogs are
great for living in small spaces like apartments, why? Basenji dogs are: curious, energetic, intelligent,
kind, careful and playful. They do not shed, are friendly to everyone,
do not bark and have great characteristics for beginners. The only problem that isn’t really a problem
is energy. These dogs require daily physical activity. So it’s hard to point out the best dog for
apartment. Each dog breed in the list can easily adapt
to living in apartments and small spaces but still possesses some unique characteristics
and it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you and your family. To help the future owners I invite you to
leave a suggestion as a comment. Wanna see more? In the description I have prepared for you
links to: the top 10 most aggressive, dangerous, beautiful, intelligent and popular dog breeds
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