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?Back to School Shop Till You DROP ?

[Captions by Mary V. at Y Translator]
>>I want these for my baby.>>Stay focused my dear. Stay focused. She found an outfit for her baby. [Screaming] You would think the way
these kids were screaming that like they were in trouble. I come running out,
I was like, what is wrong? What’s all the screaming? We have grass. And we have sprinklers. This is so fun. Our yard is nearly all put together. Hey, have I been ignoring you kids
a lot lately to help with the yard?>>Yeah.>>Yeah. I felt pretty bad. I’ve had to pretty much abandon
all duties to make sure that um questions were answered by the foreman, and we had everything
here that we needed. Anyway I’m gonna make it up to the kids. I’m gonna take them too
the splash pad and then… Russell’s been asking
for a snow cone all summer, and I’ve kind of dropped the ball
like every single time you’ve asked huh? Last year, we went and got a
snow cone about every week, and we’ve probably gone
once this entire summer. We’re gonna get a snow cone. If we have time, I’d like to take you
back to school shopping for some clothes.>>Oh um mom.>>You’re supposed to get excited!>>Okay. Yey!
>>You’re supposed to… [laughing]>>I’m gonna let Ruby catch the one
smile you can give us today. Whoo! [laughing] So Eve that was really mean of you
to kick Lucy out of her car seat so you could have it for your baby.>>I know. She almost kiped this too. [laughing]>>She says that’s her binky.>>She’s using the carrot for a binky?>>Yeah.>>Did you find a little flip
phone that used to be Shari’s?>>Yes.
>>Show me.>>I’m a mommy and I got–
and I’m trying to get my phone to get some energy.>>Do you think that’s where
energy comes from?>>No. She works on it.>>Yeah, I do work on it.>>Well I’m working on it too.>>Okay. It was so cute. She’s walking holding the baby in one hand
and like being on her phone texting in the other hand
and she’s like, “I’m a mommy”. I’m getting energy by being on my phone. All right, you guys let’s
go get some snow cones.>>And then we’ll go shopping.>>And then we’ll go shopping.>>Whoahoho!>>Mmm.>>Quick break. We were going to go straight
to go back to school shopping. But apparently a lot of sun
and the afternoon of a summer just hits and you get super tired. And Eve and Russell started fighting, and I said, “We’re going home, and you’re going to lie down
in your bed for 20 minutes”, and it’s been an hour,
no one fell asleep, but everyone just kind of
quietly did their own thing. Are you in a better mood now? Are you ready to be nice at the store? I can’t look over there now
’cause now you’re completely naked. She took her swimming suit off. Get your clothes on so that you’re
appropriate for the store. Okay, Google. Do you still want to go with Daddy and I? You– You fell asleep! [laughing] Daddy wants to know
if he can come with us to go back to school shopping with you? You have worked so hard. You were up first thing in the morning
helping with the yard work. Plum pooped you out.>>I don’t want to get
on my shoes, so yeah I’ll stay.>>Okay. Okay, Google. Play. Am I doing it wrong? Oh, there we go.
Okay, here. Lift up your head.
Okay. Go back to sleep. [Music playing] Eve, look how cute this dress is! Oh! So, she’s like “no thanks.” What is she going for?
>>She’s gonna go for the sequins.>>Oh you’re going for the glitter.>>I want this. I think I like it.
I like it too much.>>What we’re going for is
some cozy stuff that you can wear when you get home
from school. Can you go find something cozy
like some sweats or something?>>Can we have this?>>I’ll see if they have your size. “FIERCE GIRL”, it is. Eve, this is yours.>>Evie, this has your name
on it, literally.>>Do you like it? She just wants that one shirt
but it doesn’t have her size. Those are like Abby and Julie sizes. Maybe maybe that one has your size. Let’s go look and see. I’m not really seeing anything I like. And the one thing that Eve
likes, isn’t in her size.>>We just found it.>>Mom, I want this!>>You like that one?
>>Yeah. It’s my size.>>You know what that reminds me of? My elementary school because
a tiger was our little mascot. It was our mascot. Eve is still at the age where she
let’s me buy things and she’ll wear them. Even if she doesn’t love them. So I want to take advantage of that as
much as possible because I know I only have like, maybe another year
of that before she just refuses to wear things that I buy. I only have one kid I can
dress exactly the way I want.>>Chancho! Let me borrow your sweats. No, just let me borrow you a sweats! What movie is that from?>>Is it too much to ask for for sweats? Maybe this would go
with the tiger shirt she picked. Would that go with the tiger
shirt with the gold tiger?>>[laughing] These are hideous.>>I actually think they’re really cute. Are these hideous? Or are they cute? I think they’re cute. While I’m back here trying to find
clothes for Eve, she’s in the baby section trying
to find clothes for her baby doll.>>I want these for my baby. I do want them.>>You brought her in your baby carrier? [Gasps]>>Oh no.>>Oh no.>>I always wanted those.>>You know what? We need to
only get the things that we need. So far we’ve just found a bunch
of things that we want. Oh, here’s a sweat outfit. Would you wear this Eve?
This is cute.>>I found something really cute! Whoahoho!>>Help me. Help me!>>I just think it’s cute!>>Okay. Okay. All right, I’m not saying no, but… But I want to look at something practical
because it’s going to get cold. That’s what we–
do you like this? Would you wear this?>>Yeah? Okay, we’re gonna try it on,
let’s find the– Let’s find the pants that would fit you
and let’s try it on, okay? Eve, I found a dress you like. It has unicorns on it.
>>I like it. Okay, all right. We’re finding a dressing room.
Let’s go.>>I wanna go check them on! Ahhhh! Ahhhh. Got too much stuff. I know what’s the first
one I’m gonna wear! Yey, Daddy!>>Let me see. We got the wrong size for you, kid!>>She’s a size– She’s a size 4 and she’s like
growing out of it and she’d be growing into a size 5. These are size 4 but they’re like
they’re fitting her like they’re huge. She found an outfit for her baby. But nothing for her. Are you up to going to one more store?>>Well there is –!
>>Sure.>>So, is this the one
you wanna get her? This one’s only three dollars
and it has dinosaurs on it.>>She loves it.>>Okay. We’ll get her that one.>>And this one and this one. This is too much money. But at least I can get shoes! Do you know what a treat it
is to go shopping with you?>>It’s an amazing treat
because you’re with me.>>Oh, I know. Wait a minute. You set me up. As I spit. Did the camera even pick up on that? There’s two stores on the way out
and I’m really hoping they have something that fits Eve that’s cozy
and warm like a sweat suit outfit or something that she can wrap up
in when she is done playing for the day. So… Wish us luck. Umm, this is perfect. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Something soft. Something cozy.>>Mom! This could [inaudible]!>>No! This is not what I’m looking for. This is not practical for fall. Stay focused my dear. Stay focused. We’ve got the gray with pink dots
and then we have the pink with gold dots.>>Oppa gangnam style!>>Um, those are so cute.>>Eve, do you like these?>>Yeah.>>I think we need these in our lives. Don’t we all need a little more shine?>>What about socks?>>Do they have adult size,
gold jumpsuits?>>No, um, I want.
>>Metallic jumpsuits? Stay focused! Oh my goodness. Ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Evie! You have to come see this! Oh, my word this is perfect. Um, yes c’mere.
Let me see. We have a winner you guys! They’re a little big,
but they’re not like too big. I think it’s perfect. Okay, I’m actually
getting a little concerned. She’s been wearing 4T
for about 18 months. Do you think she’s growing? Has she stopped growing?
>>Wee! Is it ’cause you don’t eat very good? These are huge.>>Yeah, they [inaudible] normal.
>>Those are too big.>>When you wear these,
you have to say, “oppa gangnam style!”>>Oppa gangnam style? I don’t really like it. After we’re done [inaudible] on my
clothes, can be do my baby’s clothes?>>Your baby has enough clothes. No more clothes for your baby.>>No! Try them on for my baby.>>Nope. Nope. The only one who needs clothes is you. You guys make sure that you’re
subscribed and that you click the bell for notifications because we are
going to do a back to school like, red carpet style like, you know in our hallway.
>>Fashion show.>>Fashion show! That’s the word I’m looking for. There are a few items that I’ve ordered
online for Eve that I can’t wait for her to try on and wear as well to school. So thank you guys for going
back to school shopping with us. This is such a fun time
of the year and I beat it to death! Because I love it so much. Okay, we’ll see you later.

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